Executive Cabinet

Maguire Franko

Executive Vice President

(330) 941-3593

Elsa Khan

Vice President for Student Life

The Student Life Committee’s purpose is to provide support and commitment to the numerous student organizations on campus through the collaboration of events and activities.

(330) 941-1727

Nick Pestor

Vice President for Assessment & Enrichment

(330) 941-1504

Nina Matzye

Vice President for Financial Affairs

The role of the Financial Affairs Committee is to help fund events and organizations which will benefit Youngstown State University and its students.

(330) 941-3382

Alexander Papa

Vice President for Public Relations

The goal of the Public Relations committee is to show the entire community what SGA and YSU students are doing to improve our campus.

(330) 941-1727

Jordan Pintar


I work to ensure that our governing documents are fair and up to date, I enjoy serving in SGA because it gives me the opportunity to give back to all students on campus.

(330) 941-1504