Reps by Committee

Student Government Association Representatives are divided into committees, each having a specific focus on how to best represent and benefit students. The committees are as follows, please click the links to see which reps are on each committee.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee’s fundamental purpose is to promote SGA related events, initiative, and workings to the student body at Youngstown State University. They may also assist the student organizations at YSU with marketing related initiatives.

Financial Affairs Committee

The Financial Affairs committee’s fundamental purpose is to act as a source of financial aid and guidance for registered student organizations and student lead university programs on campus. The committee reviews applications submitted by student organizations and deliberates on the amount of funding needed for the event and SGA’s ability to provide said funding. With a budget that has nearly QUADRUPLED from previous years we can now provide more opportunity than ever before. Not only will the committee continue to fund event appropriations for student organizations and startup costs to new student organizations, it will also fund student-led university programs for event appropriations.

Student Life Committee

It will continue to be priority for Student Life to provide the annual events for the students such as coffee tables and tailgates for the students, but with a updated additions and greater representation from the committee as well as the general body.  It will also be of importance to achieve a higher participation by the entire student body through the improvements of advertisement and social media in advance (possibly at prior events hosted by SGA).  Ultimately, Student Life has the duty of providing support and commitment to the numerous student organizations on campus through the collaboration other events, therefore new approaches will be taken to achieve in doing so- such as Student Spotlight with Student Activities, and “SGA Serves” the initiative proposed by Executive members.  In due time, myself and the Student Life committee as well, hope to achieve a better relationship with a more proactive approach with as many students and their organizations as possible.  After all, the relationships and connections among the students themselves set the foundation for the environment and possibilities that surrounds them.

Assessment & Enrichment Committee

The assessment & enrichment committee of Student Government at Youngstown State University is a multifaceted group of students. Tackling tasks from student safety to student discounts, being a liaison for the student body to the community, faculty, and staff, and ensuring student wellness both financially and academically. The main goals for the committee are to enhance the transparency of the student government body and its workings, promote and advertise our students’ successes, and develop a strategic plan to make Youngstown State a more commuter friendly campus.