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Student Government Donates to Rookery Radio

On April 15, SGA President Zachary Brown and Executive Vice President Abbie Twyford presented a check for $750 to Dr. Adam Earnheardt of YSU’s Communications Department at the YSU Annual Awards Banquet. This gift from SGA’s surplus office budget is destined to aid in the start-up of YSU’s new student Internet radio station for the benefit of the student body.

The complete text of the resolution passed on the April 12, 2010 SGA meeting is provided below.

SR S 2010-03

Brown, Twyford, Meditz

Resolution to make a $750.00 Contribution to Rookery Radio as a Gift to the Student Body on Behalf of the YSU Student Government Association

WHEREAS, positive strides have been made to begin a student internet radio for Youngstown State University, to be known as “Rookery Radio;” and

WHEREAS, the business model developed for Rookery Radio shows great potential for student learning, employment, and development across all majors and disciplines; and

WHEREAS, Rookery Radio will provide a valuable resource for Youngstown State University as well as an excellent external link to the surrounding community; and

WHEREAS, the Youngstown State University Student Government Association has a surplus of funds in its office budget and finds that Rookery Radio would be a valuable investment of such funds;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Youngstown State University Student Government Association donate $750.00 of their surplus office budget to Rookery Radio for the purpose of initial start-up – including, but not limited to – the purchase of equipment, advertisement, and other related resources; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that faculty advisor to Rookery Radio, Dr. Adam Earnheardt, be presented with a copy of this resolution and said gift at the Annual YSU Awards Banquet to be held on April 15th, 2010.

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