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SR S 2011 Resolution Calling for Action

SR S 2011-02

University Scholars and Student Government Association

Resolution Calling for Action

Understanding, the tremendous tragedy that occurred on Sunday February 6, 2011, that resulted in the death of Youngstown State University senior Jamail Johnson and the wounding of eleven (11) additional innocent bystanders,

Realizing, that the effect of this tragedy extends beyond the family and friends of the victims, but also to the Youngstown State University family, the Mahoning Valley, and many other areas of the nation,

Deploring, all acts of violence towards others, especially the use of violence to resolve avoidable conflicts,

Taking, the lead as individuals in coming together as a community to support and promote peaceful methods to resolve conflict,

1) Pledges support for President Cynthia E. Anderson in her efforts to console families and to promote community advancement in light of this tragedy;

2) Calls for President Anderson to work with  Mayor Jay Williams of the city of Youngstown to acquire the resources to proactively prevent violence in all areas of the city;

3) Further Calls Upon Governor John Kasich of Ohio to recognize the needs of the community of Youngstown;

4) Urges the University and the Board of Trustees, in light of Jamail’s selfless act of heroism, to confer upon him a posthumous degree;

5) Strongly Encourages the participation of the Youngstown State University community to unite in the remembrance of this avoidable tragedy that took place on February 6, 2011.

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