Kilcawley Center, 1 University Plaza, Youngstown, OH 44505


September 10, 2018 Minutes


Order of Business

  1. Call to Order
  2. Guest Speakers
    1. Dr. Brandt Payne, Director of Athletic Bands
      1. Spoke about
        1. Marching band and how they operate
        2. Be proud of YSU
        3. If you work hard it will payoff
        4. Professors rooting for students
        5. Power of education, a really full tool box from a great institution like YSU
        6. Food drive
  3. Roll Call
    1. Absent: Dominic DiFrancesco, Dominic Lattanzio
  4. Approval of the Minutes & Agenda
    1. First Motion: Moataz Abdelrasoul
    2. Second Motion: Samuel Kulifay
  5. Executive Business
    1. President & Executive Vice President’s Report
      1. Welcoming of new representatives and senate members
      2. Caroline Smith: 11 academic senate have been appointed
        1. Amended the definition 1 credit hour for online courses
        2. YSU passed accreditation, got the “Met” recommendation
          1. Room for improvement
      3. Ernie Barkett: student engagement
        1. 2016 report 13% of students showed up to vote
        2. Partnering with National League of Women Voters of Greater Youngstown
          1. Passing around sign up to help with registering students to vote
        3. Extending absentee voting to the university
          1. Can’t solicit in the dorms or housing complexes
          2. Will keep Body update on it
        4. Food Pantry
          1. Caroline Smith: Moved to Larricia Lounge

New hours: Monday and Wednesday: 9 to 12, Tuesday and Thursday: 3 to 5 (open upon request)

Want to increase advertisement for the pantry for student to use

Can advertise on T.V.

Adding on faculty member’s syllabi

Got grant for 5,000 to purchase fridge for perishable foods

Adding Food Pantry Member to constitution secure the existence of the Food Pantry

          1. Ernie Barkett: History of Food Pantry
        1. Honors Reps
          1. Adding reps because honors college has been officially named a college and wants reps in SGA
        2. Family Spaces
          1. Caroline Smith: there have been complaints for small children not having a space for them to not disturb anybody
          2. Will be a big open space in the basement in Maag Library
          3. Family space for families with children
          4. Need people to help for volunteers and donation drive for toys and etc.
        3. Ernie Barkett: sending out interest in University Committees for sign up
    1. Vice President for Financial Affairs’ Report
      1. Justin Shaughnessy: committee makes recommendations for student organization event/travel
        1. Total appropriation (budget) is $156,506
        2. Further information on the budget in agenda under section Vice President of Financial Affairs Report
        3. Already funded 27 events for 21 unique student organizations
    2. Vice President for Student Life’s Report
      1. Carson Markley: Committee is the event planning portion of SGA
        1. Started organizing for homecoming
        2. During the summer, created giveaways for students
        3. Other plans for the year see Vice President of Student Life Report
    3. Vice President of Academic Affairs
      1. Caroline Smith: summed up report, see Vice President of Academic Affairs Report
    4. Vice President for Assessment and Enrichment
      1. Saidah Yusuf: “Any problems the student have we take action on it.”
        1. See Vice President of Assessment & Enrichment Report for more information
  1. Unfinished Business
    1. Motion to open up discussion: Mark Slavens
      1. Second Motion: Moataz Abdelrasoul
    2. Motion to close discussion: Mark Slavens
      1. Second Motion: Carson Markley
  2. New Business
      1. Motion to open up discussion: Samuel Kulifay
        1. Second Motion: Mark Slavens
    1. Roberts Rules of Order
      1. Motion to open up discussion: Moataz Abdelrasoul
        1. Second: Anna Maria Jadue
      2. Procedure of Robert’s Rule of Order
    2. Attendance and Volunteering Policy
      1. Noor, Chief of Staff, in charge of volunteer and attendance
    3. Appointment of Chairs
      1. Open the floor to:
        1. Saidah Yusuf: Nominate Dominic Lattanzio
          1. Dominic Lattanzio appointed as Chair of Assessment and Enrichment
      2. Student Life
        1. Carson Markley: Nominate Tess Emerson
          1. Tess Emerson appointed as Chair of Student Life
      3. Financial Affairs
        1. Justin Shaughnessy: Nominate Alexis Meyers
          1. Alexis Meyers appointed as Chair of Financial Affairs
      4. Academic Affairs
        1. Moataz Abdelrasoul: Nominate Dan Bancroft
          1. Daniel Bancroft appointed as Chair of Academic Affairs
    4. A Bill (SB F 2018-02)
      1. Section 1: Spoke about organization
      2. Section 2: Isabel Stoeber spoke on behalf of YSEA and MEA
      3. Section 3: Shaun, President spoke about what they need the funds for (refer to bill)
      4. Section 4: Beta Alpha Psi spoke about organization
      5. Motion to open discussion: Moataz Abdelrasoul
        1. First Motion: Mark Slavens
        2. Second Motion: Anna Maria Jadue
          1. Justin Shaughnessy: Section 4, what it means, since their event is a fundraiser we pay for the cost of the tickets to have students come and take for free so that they can go to the event
      6. Motion to Close: Moataz Abdelrasoul
        1. First Motion: Daniel Bancroft
        2. Second Motion: Mark Slavens
      7. Constitution
      8. Vote on Bill 2018 as a whole
        1. First Motion: Mark Slavens
        2. Second Motion: Caroline Smith
        3. In favor: 35
        4. Opposed: 0
        5. Abstentions: 1 (Isabel Stoeber)
      9. Amendment to Summer 2 appropriations
        1. Justin Shaughnessy: reading off Bill Amendment, see last page of agenda
          1. Can only appropriate 15, appropriated 13
        2. Motion to open up discussion: Moataz Abdelrasoul
          1. First Motion: Samuel Kulifay
          2. Second Motion: Saidah Yusuf
        3. Motion to Close: Samuel Kulifay
          1. First Motion: Daniel Bancroft
          2. Second Motion: Mark Slavens
        4. Look to vote on amendment: Moataz Abdelrasoul
          1. First Motion: Samuel Kulifay
          2. Second Motion: Daniel Kulifay

For: 35

Against: 0

Abstentions: 1 (Jessica Neral)

    1. Honors College Reps
      1. Ernie Barkett: 3 reps added to the body who will represent Honor College
        1. From now on representatives need to decide if they’ll represent college or honors
        2. Motion to open up discussion: David Gessler
          1. First Motion: Mark Slavens
          2. Second Motion: Caroline Smith

Samuel Kulifay: great idea, we don’t have anything to lose, have more motivated members to get more done.

Mykalea Wagner: many members on the body are already honors, can’t major in Honors like other colleges.

David Gessler: agrees with previous statement, doesn’t know if people will see it as that.

Carson Markley: against, gives unfair advantage to other representatives because you can choose based on where you’ll have a better chance at winning.

Ernie Barkett: we already have graduate representatives and they’re not technically a college, don’t have specific major

Mark Slavens: looked at constitution and by laws, no exact definition to what a college is. Agrees that there are enough people who are honors on body.

Caroline Smith: likes the idea of expanding the body, the more people we can get the better. Being able to run as honors or a college is the same idea as being a double major and being able to run for either.

Justin Shaughnessy: You can’t major in honors so it’s different.

Anna Maria Jadue: Agree that it would be positive to expand the student body but against because many students are honors. Can we have a rule where the positions would be reserved for when no one on the body is part of honors?

Ernie Barkett: Always for bringing more people to the table to bring more ideas, especially honors student because they’re very motivated and get work done. I can see the need, want, and positivity of having honors representatives

David Gessler: immersed in the honors college but don’t see how necessary it would be to have honors representative.

Justin Shaughnessy: maybe two years from now, we might have students who are honors but not immersed so honors representatives would be needed to represent.

Mkyaela Wagner: knowing the number of students in honors college (1,000+) changes perspective. Especially with growing numbers it might be something to reconsider.

        1. Motion to close discussion: Samuel Kulifay
          1. First Motion: Patrick Beatty
          2. Second Motion: Carson Markley
    1. Energy Curtailment Issues
      1. Motion to table for old business: Moataz Abdelrasoul
        1. First Motion: Mark Slavens
        2. Second Motion: Samuel Kulifay
    2. Restructuring of Academic Affairs
      1. Motion to table for old business: Moataz Abdelrasoul
        1. First Motion: Mark Slavens
        2. Second Motion: Samuel Kulifay
  1. Announcements
  2. Gallery Remarks
  3. Advisors’ Remarks
  4. Members’ Remarks
  5. Adjournment
    1. Motion to Adjourn: Carson Markley
      1. First Motion: Anna Maria Jadue
      2. Second Motion: Patrick Beatty

President and Executive Vice President’s Report

  • Welcome New Members!
    • Committees have been assigned
    • 11 Academic Senators have been appointed
  • Academic Senate Meeting
    • Amended definition of one credit hour for online courses
    • Passed accreditation (HLC)
      • “Met” requirements in every category except one
  • Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Signup
    • Constitution Day Registration Drive September 25th
    • Partnering with League of Women Voters
    • Absentee Ballot Drive to residential students
      • Waiting for response from Kate Fitzgerald
  • Food Pantry
    • Moved to new location in Larricia Lounge
    • Hours
      • Monday and Wednesday: 9-12pm
      • Tuesday and Thursday: 3-5pm
      • Open Upon Request
    • Increase Advertisement
      • Mass email, tv slide shows, syllabus, word of mouth, etc…
    • NEA Grant
      • Will be purchasing refrigerator/freezer, shelving, and other items during semester
  • Honors College Representatives
    • Thoughts
    • Met with Amy and Jake
    • Follow “Initiative” process in by-laws
    • Requires support of majority of body
  • Family Areas
    • Space confirmed in Maag Library
    • Need toys, floor padding, seating, desks, etc…
    • Like to help? Will be forming group to pursue this

Vice President for Financial Affairs’ Report

Financial Affairs Budget


Amount ($)


Total Appropriations Budget






Total General Fund



Total General Fund Used



Proposed (Bill)



Total General Fund Remaining






Total Appropriations Budget Remaining (after Bill)






Total New Student Org. Fund



Total NSOF Used



Proposed (Bill)



Total NSOF Remaining






Total Chartwells In-Kind Budget



Total Chartwells In-Kind Budget Used



Proposed (Bill)



Total Chartwells In-Kind Budget Remaining




Number of event funded (does not include *Bill*)


Number of Organizations Funded (Does not include *Bill*)


Vice President for Student Life’s Report

Issues Discussed

  • Major events throughout the year
  • Give away items report
  • Welcome week event report
  • Homecoming organizing
  • Brainstorming for new event ideas


  • Football toss for homecoming
  • The creation of a “diversity day”
  • Allow student orgs to take over our snapchat.

Outstanding issues

  • An event for butler art museum
  • A piano in Kilcawley
  • Winter give away
  • An advertising strategy for student organizations

Vice President for Academic Affairs Report

I. Welcome to Academic Affairs!

a. Present: Caroline Smith, Moataz Abdelrasoul, Daniel Bancroft, Anthony Bonamase, Derrick Houston

II. Introductions

  1. Welcome to our new committee member and Graduate College Rep, Derrick Houston!

III. Academic Affairs Overview

1. Last Lecture

2. Textbook Affordability

3. Essay Competition

4. Forums, etc.

  1. Committee discussed past events/initiatives, our thoughts on them, and how they can be improved for this school year.
  2. Overall positive opinion towards Last Lecture, political forums, panel discussions, etc.

IV. Ideas for this Year

1.Working more closely with athletics to promote both our events, as well as theirs.

2. Rethinking essay competition to find develop a competition that is appealing to more students

3. Planning political forums/debates (Rep. Tim Ryan & Chris DePizzo)

4. Increasing our efforts to promote textbook affordability, textbook collection at Maag, etc.

5. Promoting uniformity with regard to Blackboard use across campus

6. Addressing students concerns about advising, Uachieve, etc.

7. SGA sponsored student research conference/speaking expo

V. Discussion

Vice President for Assessment & Enrichment Report

  1. Roll Call
    1. Present: Saidah Yusuf, Noor Khalayleh, Dominic Lattanzio, Sarah Elisabeth Odidika, Samuel Kulifay
  2. Old Business
    1. Y Cups: YSU Dining
      1. Began with SGA to YSU Dining
        1. Saidah contacted Korinne and is awaiting a response
      2. Way to cut back on waste
      3. Potential student discount offered
        1. SGA could possibly sponsor, provide cups to students for free
        2. Track cups, 1 per student using banner ID no.
    2. M60 Left Turn Light
      1. Carson has city of Youngstown contact
      2. Review last year’s parking survey for concerns?
        1. Ernie shared results with Saidah
          1. 56% (508) students thought it would be very helpful
          2. Volunteers needed Wed, Sept 26th and Tues, Oct 2nd, during peak hours
  3. New Business
    1. Student Food Pantry and Career Closet merge
      1. Tour/pics
      2. Suggestions
        1. Volunteers may be needed to declutter
  4. Discussion
    1. Ideas for this school year?
      1. YSU Parking- extend accessibility to temporary permit to allow printing after viewing once
        1. Student may not be connected to printer at time of viewing
      2. Concern with M1 speed bump with low vehicles
        1. Dominic will contact YSU parking
      3. Push students to use student complaint form-tabling

SB F 2018-02

September 5th, 2018

A Bill

Make Appropriations for 5 organizations

The following sums are appropriated, out of any money in the Appropriations Fund not otherwise appropriated, for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2019, for the following activities of student organizations:

Section 1: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is appropriated the sum of $2,000 from the general fund to defray the cost of registration for their “Invigorate” event being held on September 28th, 2018 thru September 30th, 2018 in Beaver Falls, PA. Twenty (20) students are expected to attend.

Section 2: Youngstown Student Education Association & Minority Education Association is appropriated the sum of $2,200 from the general fund to defray the cost of presenter fees, boxed lunches, and refreshments for their “Bullying in Schools Workshop” event being held on October 13th, 2018 in the McKay Auditorium. One hundred twenty-five (125) students are expected to attend.

Section 3: Dana Guitar Association of YSU is appropriated the sum of $1,250 from the general fund to defray the cost of masterclass fees for their “Jazz Masterclass” being held on November 11th, 2018 in Bliss Hall, room 2222. One hundred (100) students are expected to attend.

Section 4: Beta Alpha Psi is appropriated the sum of $2,500 from the general fund to defray the cost of fifty (50) student tickets for their “10th Annual Golf Outing” event being held on September 21st, 2018 in Lowellville, OH. Ninety (90) people are expected to attend.