Office of the President

“I am beyond honored to serve the Youngstown State University student body as the Student Government Association president. Youngstown State has given me so much as a student. Just a few years ago, I decided to come to YSU because of the proximity and the low cost. As a student, now four years in, I am certain I made the right choice. YSU is growing and expanding faster than ever before. We have become a small university with a loud voice. I promise to ensure the continuation of this growth and expansion. I promise to fight for initiatives that best reflect the diverse visions, backgrounds, and experiences of our students at Youngstown State University. And I promise to make certain that all students at Youngstown State University feel heard, respected, and proud to be a penguin.”

With penguin pride,
Justin Andrew Shaughnessy,
President, Student Government Association

(330) 941-3382

Gianna Battaglia,

Chief of Staff

(330) 941-1727