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Minutes for September 27, 2010

The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. Nicholas Meditz) called the meeting to order at approximately (4:05 pm).

Quorum was reached with 33 out of 34 voting members present.

Mr. Meditz called to the floor Dr. Adam Earnhardt.

Dr. Earnhardt introduced Dana Donatelli, who has been an active member in Rookery Radio. He spoke of the Pepsi Refresh Project Grant that Rookery Radio is pursuing. He asked the students of SGA to get the word out about the Refresh Grant. He explained the regulations for voting for Rookery Radio and suggested they vote in the first few days to carry the voting momentum throughout October. He explained there is also a way to vote through Facebook. He also thanked SGA for their gift to Rookery Radio. He gave SGA an update on how Rookery Radio is currently functioning.

Ms. Donatelli spoke on the current staff for Rookery Radio.

Dr. Earnhardt said it planned to launch in late January.

Mr. Meditz asked what the $50,000 grant would cause students to see new in Rookery Radio.

Dr. Earnhardt said the grant would be able to pay people to work for Rookery Radio. There would be better equipment and a production studio, as well as to create a better broadcast and stream. There would also be ability to take calls.

Mr. Battiest suggested for Rookery Radio to contact Streetsborough Student run Radio.

Dr. Earnhardt said there are lots of high schools that now broadcast. He encouraged the students to listen to Kent State partnering radio stations. He also told students that there are endless possibilities for student shows. He said the Dean of Performing Arts was curious about student lounge space.

Mr. Meditz mentioned efforts of Abbie Twyford and Zack Brown in moving to create two lounges last year. He said he must meet with Mr. Grilli about money available for lounge space in Bliss Hall and noted that the current lounge space is inadequate.

Mr. Meditz yielded time to questions.

Dr. Earnhardt gave plug for Rookery Radio.

Mr. Meditz asked if Rookery Radio gave tours in Youngstown Business Incubator.

Dr. Earnhardt responded they will eventually but currently construction prevents it.

Mr. Meditz noted that Mrs. Harris is not here at present time but will speak later if able to attend. He also noted that there is a non-violence week coming up and this was the subject matter of her presentation.

Mr. R. Meditz said that this non-violence week has been set for the first week of October.

Ms. Stafford took the roll call. [See attendance list attached].

Mr. Meditz asked for approval of the minutes. No objections.

Mr. Meditz moved into Executive Business.



Mr. Meditz moved to the Academic Affairs Committee Report.

Ms. Dibernardi noted her committee’s further work and research into advising on campus and that students are concerned about which advisor to go to. Agreed that YSU 101 course would be solution to this problem. She added that Dr. Anderson is currently working on issue of late registration. The DARS program is being worked on to be more accessible. She said that for the last lecture series Dr. Florak and Dr. Khwajha are being approached for the Fall Semester and Dr. Fahey for Spring Semester.

Mr. Meditz yielded to questions. No questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to Student Life Committee Report.

Ms. Gessler updated the body on the Meet the Representatives Night. She asked students to be accessible and mingle with peers. She also noted that the tailgate is coming up and that a concern is that the game is at 1:00pm and the committee needs to know what to do about food at such an early time, seeing that the lot opens at 8am. She asked for feedback from students on what type of food to serve. She said the committee is also working on the t-shirt design will bring back quote and design once complete.

Mr. Meditz yielded to questions. No questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to University Affairs Committee Report.

Mr. Nuzzi said accessibility and disability notice will be sent out to students to gain feedback on situations they encounter. He added that committee wants to set up an appointment to speak with students with disabilities. He suggested that bigger more visible boards be created. He noted there was trouble with technology spam issue. He spoke of Wi-Fi problems in Bliss and said he will speak to Stephanie Smith and talk to network services about issue. He said that in regards to the smoke-free environment issue, committee wants to meet with original committee that set up designated smoking areas. He noted that signs are currently being put up for DeBartolo Hall that display locations where individuals cannot smoke as well as campus maps. He added that there was a broken sign on Arlington that is now working fine. He added that with Wick-Pollock cleanup there is a problem with the date and the landlord is not ready for cleanup until November.

Mr. Meditz yielded to questions. No questions.

Mr. Meditz yielded to Financial Appropriations Committee Report.

Mr. Okular said committee met with five different organizations.

Mr. Okular yielded time to organizations to speak on behalf of their events.

Mr. Adamson asked what psychedelic art is in regards to the Philosophy Club event.

Mr. Robbins from the Philosophy Club explained the event and the keynote speaker.

Ms. Richardson asked Mr. Robbins to repeat the dates, times, and costs of the event.

Mr. Robbins said last year they lost money and last year tickets were subsidized.

Ms. Richardson asked to repeat location.

Mr. Robbins explained the location was the Unitarian Church because of discount, not because of religious affiliation.

Ms. Richardson asked if students will be told the time of the event.

Mr. Robbins said they will when it becomes available.

Mr. Nuzzi asked if organization will try and keep cost of ticket at $15 per ticket.

Mr. Robbins said that was exactly the reason why they are asking for the money.

Mr. Meditz said body will need a 2/3 vote to increase money for the Philosophy Club.

Mr. Wesley wanted to know how much money the organization was currently recommended.

Ms. Gessler wanted to know how much money the organization was appropriated last year.

Mr. Meditz asked body to take into consideration abstinence from voting while being a part of organizations.

Dr. Cooper said that 4 or 5 people may have conflict, and that the voting may be affected overall. He suggested dividing the bill to avoid this issue.

Mr. Meditz moved to Unfinished Business.


Mr. Davenport said his committee is in contact with network services with Wi-Fi issue in Bliss and DeBartolo smoking area signage should be complete this week. He also said November 6 is the tentative date for Wick Pollock cleanup.

Mr. R. Meditz asked if demolition of Wick-Pollock will have effect on cleanup in the gardens.

Mr. Davenport said it should not but there may be new plants in the spring.

Mr. Meditz said SGA is still in need of second SGA advisor, asked for suggestions from body. He also noted that many still need representative pictures taken. He read list of names that still needed pictures taken.

Mr. Meditz asked if there was more unfinished business. No more unfinished business.

Mr. Meditz moved to New Business.


Mr. Meditz moved to open discussion on SB F 2010-03.

Mr. McIntyre motions. Ms. Gessler seconds.

Mr. Meditz described the process of dividing the question.  Mr. Meditz moved to divide question.

Ms. Vlad motions. Mr. Davenport seconds.

Dr. Cooper suggested that one should not vote if any affiliation with organization. Dr. Cooper described the process of abstaining from voting.

Mr. Meditz opened discussion on bill.

Mr. Adamson asked where extra money for Philosophy Club would go.

Mr. Robbins noted errors in cost listings.

Mr. Adamson asked if organization wanted extra money for food.

Mr. Robbins said extra money would go to food because he could not ask for this money from advisor.

Mr. McIntyre described why the committee made a new recommendation than the one from last year.

Ms. Vlad asked if was for a particular cause or for the continuance of the club.

Mr. Robbins said it was to bring in top notch speakers and that they are costly.

Mr. Davenport said that speakers engage students in academic discourse and that a speech on ethics benefits everyone.

Ms. Gessler said students should keep in mind the amount of students that go to the events of this organization.

Mr. Davenport asked turnout for last Fridays’ event.

Mr. Robbins responded 50-65.

Mr. Meditz moved to close discussion.

Ms. Gessler motions. Mr. Davenport seconds.

Mr. Meditz moved to vote on each section separately.

Mr. Okular motions to divide question. Mr. Everly seconds.

Mr. Meditz asked for approval of Section 1 of SB F 2010-03

Section 1 passes. [Mr. Beil, Mr. Okular, Mr. McIntyre abstain.]

Mr. Meditz asked for approval of Section 2 of SB F 2010-03.

Section 2 passes. [Dibernardi, Vlad, Horvath, Gessler abstain.]

Mr. Meditz asked for approval of Section 3 of SB F 2010-03.

Section 3 passes.

Mr. Meditz asked for approval of Section 4 of SB F 2010-03.

Ms. Stahl motions to amend Section 4 to read sum of $700. Mr. Jarvis seconds.

Mr. Adamson asked if it would be appropriate to go halfway between $550 and $700 to get $625 for new amount.

Ms. Gessler said the cost needs to accommodate more people and that amount is only $50 more than last year.

Mr. Davenport said that group has “steam” and shouldn’t take flame away.

Mr. McIntyre said that many organizations are asking for money and financial appropriations committee wants to accommodate all of them. He said he feels asking for more money is a slap in the face to the decision of the committee.

Mr. Jarvis noted that general body is suggesting more money, and not a slap in the face from organization.

Mr. Davenport asked how much organization originally asked for.

Mr. McIntyre said the organization usually asks to fully fund event.

Mr. Nuzzi asked if more money was raised this year or last year.

Mr. Robbins said he would be appreciative of whatever they get but that the organization has grown and don’t want to charge students.

Mr. Nuzzi asked if get money will guarantee $15 price for students.

Mr. Robbins said it will guarantee this price.

Ms. Lipp asked how this year’s budget compares to last year’s budget.

Mr. McIntyre said the same amount is in place as last year.

Mr. Meditz motioned to close discussion.

Mr. Mesik asked Ms. Stahl to specify how additional moneys will be divided in amendment.

Ms. Stahl said amendment will yield an additional$150 for food.

Mr. Jarvis seconds the amendment.

Mr. Meditz asked to amend the bill to read $350 cost of venue and remaining $350 for cost of food for event.

Mr. Meditz asks for approval of Section 4 of SB F 2010-03 as amended.

[Vote of 15 in favor, 13 not in favor. Two abstentions.]

Amendment to Section 4 of SB F 2010-03 passes.

Mr. Meditz asks for approval of Section 5 of SBF 2010-03.

Section 5 Passes.

All Sections of SB F 2010-03 pass.

Mr.Meditz yields time to Mrs. Yulanda Harris to speak about non-violence week.

Mr. Meditz moved to Gallery Remarks.


No Gallery Remarks.

Mr. Meditz closed Gallery Remarks.

Mr. Meditz moved into Member and Advisors’ Remarks.


Mr. Meditz moved to adjournment.

Mr. Battiest motioned. Ms. Gessler seconds.

Mr. Meditz adjourned the meeting at (5:20pm).