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Minutes for September 26, 2011

Elyse Gessler opened the meeting at 4:01

Introduced Tom Totterdale from YSU Dining Service

–          Spoke of the lack of communication between students and dining services over the summer b/c of renovation issue

–          Students concerned about lack of dining options at the KC Food Court

–          Set up meetings with resident student on their new options with dining services

–          Dining Hall Open forum meeting 8pm-9pm at Christman Monday Sept 19th

–          Residence hall meeting with Sodexo Reps with Students coming within the next few weeks

–          Ask for questions

–          Renegotiation of contracts caused the changes in Sodexo

–          Mike Brand metioned spring days where HS students come and there are long waits

  • Options for speedier lines

–          Corner Café concerns brought up by Melania Vlad for Meshel and Bliss Halls’ students

–          Flexibility is what students are looking for with meal swipes

–          Lily Justice asked about the Swipe options at KC

–          Pete Place now one meal swipe, new rotations as well.  120 more people this year.

Mr. Vrabel took role at 4:22

Minutes from last week were approved without objection

Ms. Gessler opened Executive Business

Ms. Gessler thanked the SGA members for their participation in welcome week Activities

Ms. Gessler spoke about the freshman applications

Ms. Gessler spoke about The OSGA conference which was attended by Ms. Gessler, Mr. McIntyre and Mr. Battiest

–          An OSGA rep will be coming to speak with the body next month

Ms. Gessler spoke on constituency logs

–          Service hours volunteering around campus.

–          Ms. Rodgers asked if the exec could send out an email with activities once in a while

Mr. McIntyre gave The Vice President’s report

Mr. McIntyre spoke on the academic senate meeting

Mr. McIntyre spoke on the Foundations of Excellence as a first Year experience program for freshman

Mr. Okular gave his vp finace report

–          $500 to Young Republicans

Advisors Remarks

“I know I’m happily married because she tells me I am.” – Dr. Chet Cooper

Member Remarks

Ms. Gessler Adjured the meeting at 4:49 PM

Individuals not in attendance:
Boye, Kayla
Everly, Jarod
Gessler, Patrick
Martin, Jesse
Meditz, Ryan
Scheidemantel, Sarah
Wilson, Warren

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