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Minutes for September 13, 2010

Minutes for September 13, 2010

The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. Nicholas Meditz) called the meeting to order at approximately (4:03 pm).

Quorum was reached with 33 out of 34 voting members present.

Mr. Meditz called to the floor Attorney Joshua Hiznay.

Attorney Hiznay spoke on the discounted legal services he provides for YSU students.

Ms. Stafford took the roll call. [See attendance list attached].

Mr. Meditz asked for approval of the minutes. No objections.

Mr. Meditz moved into Executive Business.


Mr. Meditz reported on his idea for SGA to sponsor an ATM on campus. Mr. Meditz met with Mr. Jack Fahey and Dean Licata to discuss the idea of the ATM. Mr. Meditz spoke with Tom Totterdale about issuing a new campus wide survey assessing students’ food preferences.  Mr. Meditz reported on the additional locations available for the student meal plan to be used.

Mr. Meditz reported on replacing the advisor’s seat of Dr. Manning.

Mr. Meditz reported on three resignations of body members and asked students to look to their peers in helping fill the seats.

Mr. Meditz yielded time to the three new freshmen representatives on the body to introduce themselves.

Mr. Meditz yielded himself to questions. No questions.

Mr. Meditz welcomed Dr. Khawaja and Mr. Grilli to the floor.

Mr. Grilli reported on the new strategic vision of the University for 2020.  He reported on the organization of information necessary to get the new revised vision off the ground.

Dr. Khawaja invited students to participate in the strategic vision of the University. He reported on the importance of keeping the project inclusive even in its broad spectrum. He encouraged students to add their opinions in the development of the project in order to insure that it reflects the students’ views.

Mr. Meditz asked if there were any questions for Mr. Grilli and Dr. Khawaja.

Mr. Wesley asked if there is a deadline for the strategic plan.

Dr. Khawaja responded that the deadline is in November.

Mr. R. Meditz discussed the Canfield School’s superintenant Mr. Dante Zambrini’s involvement on the Eastern Gateway project and says he is involved in conversations with the campus project.

Mr. Meditz asked if there was any New Business. No New Business.

Mr. Meditz moved to the Executive Vice President’s report.

Mr. Mesik reported on the normal apparel distributed to representatives each year in the fall.  He said there would be a T-shirt form passed around to get an idea of the sizes and necessary quantities to order.

Mr. Mesik reported on an issue a student had with a professor requiring student attendance to five events. This issue will be brought to the Academic Senate committee. Mr. Mesik added that SGA may have to propose a resolution with the issue.

Ms. Stafford asked if the professor wanted the students to go to places off campus.

Mr. Mesik said that the professor just wanted them to attend events such as football games and the students in the class were concerned that the events were irrelevant to coursework.

Mr. Davenport added to the issue that there is no proof of relevance to coursework.

Mr. Mesik added that the resolution for this would take several months.

Mr. Meditz opened the floor to questions. No questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to committee reports.


Ms. Sarich reported on the Student Life committee report. She reported on the homecoming tailgate event and the t-shirt distribution at the tent. She said the committee discussed a possible meet the reps night and having students sit at their college to answer questions from the constituents of their college.  She talked about the May Day kickoff party next semester and that they want the funds donated for the food. She discussed the possibility of it being in doors due to the occurrence of rain.  She also discussed International Culture night. She noted that a step show was discussed but not in depth.

Mr. Meditz asked if there were any questions.

Ms. Gessler informed the body of the Meet the Reps Night at the Penguin Pre Party and that Penguin Productions will help with advertisement for the event.

Mr. Meditz asked if there were any more questions. No questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to the Academic Affairs committee report.

Mr. Meditz apologized for not loading the report into the electronic agenda.

Ms. DiBernardi discussed the YSU 101 proposal, retention issues, and last lecture series potential speakers. She asked students to email Mr. Mesik with potential speakers. She discussed the importance of standardizing the academic curriculum sheets and noted that some are more complicated than others. She reported on the committee trying to get advisors to be a part of this change in the sheets. The committee is continuing to promote the DARS reporting system. She asked students if they were aware what this was and said they were trying to make it more accessible.


Mr. Meditz asks for questions.  No questions.


Mr. Meditz moved into the University Affairs committee report.


Mr. Nuzzi discussed Wick Pollock cleanup, accessibility and disability issues on campus.  The committee brainstormed what the body can do to help this area. Mr. Nuzzi asked students to inform the committee on anything they see around campus involving the issue. Mr. Nuzzi said the committee spoke on sending the printers to another printing system in order to print front and back and save paper. He spoke of the issue to stick with Microsoft email instead of Gmail and that the upgrade in software was important to be done when students are not here. He brought up the smoke free environment issue, discussing how to make YSU more smoke friendly and possible locations for smokers. He noted there are no signs on campus and planned on going to the Dean and getting solid signs made. He said this will aid issue of littering. The committee must determine which day is best for clean up and they are looking at the possible date of October 9 or 16. He asked students to come and help.


Mr. Meditz asked if there were any questions.


Mr. Mesik said that the campus maps are outdated and does not accurately reflect the new buildings and smoking areas.


Mr. Davenport said the new signs are being done in graphic services and that one dozen state issued signs and a dozen YSU issued signs will be posted. Mr. Davenport asked body to give opinions on best dates for garden cleanup.


Ms. Gessler asked if committee could find solution for Bliss Hall smoke circle.


Mr. Smith added that not all on the committee looked into all current smoking areas on campus. He asked for student input on these areas due to so many pointes on campus.


Ms. Vlad added that Bliss Hall distance issue was brought up and that a meeting with Dr. Smith is scheduled.


Mr. Davenport added that buildings are close to the street.


Mr. Meditz moved to Financial Appropriations report.


Mr. Okular yielded times to campus organizations to speak on behalf of their events.


Mr. Okular yielded himself to questions.


Mr. Adamson asked if there was a reason for only allotting money for two tournaments.

Mr. Okular said they felt they were the closest and most easily accessible and said the only reason for not funding more money was because cost was too great.


Mr. Everly wanted to added that some of the tournaments were in conflict with one another.


Ms. Peterson took a point of personal privilege for class.


Ms. Hallapy took a point of personal privilege for a meeting.


Mr. Mesik reminded the body that traditionally SGA does not subsidize advertising and that SGA sponsored events normally have SGA named as a co-sponsor.


Ms. Vlad took a point of personal privilege for class.


Mr. Meditz moved to Unfinished Business. No Unfinished Business.


Mr. Meditz moved to New Business.



Dr. Cooper reminded body that if you have association with a group that is appropriated money you should abstain from voting. He said the body should consider dividing the question so each section could be voted on individually. He explained how dividing the question works.


Dr. Cooper took a point of personal privilege.


Mr. Wesley asked that he is abstinent from voting due to involvement in an organization.


Mr. Meditz opened discussion on SB F 2010-02.


Mr. Wesley informed the body of the Bridges out of Poverty event he is involved with in section 4 of the bill.


Mr. Meditz said that normally this type of discussion would occur during the financial appropriations committee report when the organizations are allotted time to speak.


Mr. Meditz moved to close discussion.


Mr. Davenport motioned to close discussion.


Ms. Lipp 2nd that motion.


Mr. Meditz moved to a vote on SB F 2010-02. Bill passed unanimously.


Mr. Meditz asked if there was any additional New Business.


Ms. Jalali raised the question of SGA reps getting business cards. She feels this would make reps more visible to their constituents.


Mr. Davenport said he is in support of business cards but body will have to discuss with VP of Finance.


Mr. Meditz moved to Gallery Remarks.




Mr. Young from the Jambar asked about new policy of interviewing only through email.


Mr. Meditz said that email is a more accurate and secure depiction of anything said.


Mr. Young asked if Mr. Meditz is willing to do video interviews.  He asked if this policy will carry to the student organizations.


Mr. Davenport added that the email policy is protective of the accuracy of his information.


Mr. Meditz added that this is just a preventative measure and SGA does not view the Jambar as falsifying information.


Mr. R. Meditz added this is not just targeting the Jambar specifically.


Mr. Meditz closed Gallery Remarks.


Mr. Meditz moved into Member and Advisors’ Remarks.



Dr. Cooper added that this is the fourth week of the semester and that time is moving fast. He advised students to get targets in sight and go for any goals. He apologized for taking phone calls in meeting.


Ms. Sarich announced Up ‘til Dawn event.


Mr. Davenport asked for surveys and asked to speak with CLASS reps after the meeting.


Ms. Gessler asked for students to give ZTA pink lids for yogurt containers.


Mr. Mesik asked for students who did not yet get representative picture taken to do so.


Mr. Meditz said exec schedules will be posted for the body. He also made students aware of the weekend’s football game and reminded students to take representative pictures if not already done so.


Mr. Meditz asked if there were any more announcements. No more announcements.


Mr. Meditz moved to adjournment.


Mr. Battiest motioned.


Ms. Gessler 2nd.

Mr. Meditz adjourned the meeting at (5:12pm).

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