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Minutes for October 8, 2012

SGA Meeting Minutes 10-08-2012

Cory called the meeting to order at 4:01 PM

Guest speaker: Taryn Nance, Sales Rep

–       Planners through bookstores, discussed possible prices

Caroline took role

Cory approved the minutes from last meeting

Cory moved to Executive Business

Justen gave the Vice President’s Report

–       SGA Tables for college sheets, sign up whenever available

Justen concluded his report

Cory gave the President’s Report

–       Welcome to Caleb Tatebe, New Graduate Studies Rep

–       Congrats to Rebecca Banks, Selected as Presidential Mentor

–       Spoke to Jambar (#YSUSpeak)

–       Nonviolence week

–       Last week’s meeting with Danny from parking

–       Board of Trustees Meeting à Expanded “Western PA Advantage” to regional service area

–       Student Government is not required to stamp materials put up on campus anymore

Cory concluded his report

Catie gave the Vice President of Financial Affairs Report

-Budget was $32,000.00, we appropriated $8,040.83

-Still have 75% of our budget left for the year

Catie concluded her report

Caroline gave the chair report for Student Life Committee

-Homecoming tailgate tent is booked (Lower lot), Food vendors still pending

-Meet the Reps night will be October 29 from 5:30-7:30 at Christman Dining Hall

Caroline concluded her report

Nicole gave the chair report for Academic Affairs Committee

-Last lecture Series is in process of booking The Ohio room

-Advertising à Focus on Jambar

-SGA tables à Need to figure out different days and times for colleges

Nicole concluded her report

Alyssa gave the chair report for University Affairs Committee

-Discussed what the committee did last year

-Parking meeting made their committee meeting brief

Alyssa concluded her report

Charesse gave the chair report for Financial Appropriations Committee

Representatives of organizations spoke on behalf of their events

Charesse concluded her report

Cory moved to Unfinished Business


Cory moved to New Business

A.)   A Bill (SB F 2012-2) Appropriations

Motion to open for discussion: 1st Elyse, 2nd Kendal

Section 1: Passed unanimously

Section 2: Passed unanimously, 4 abstentions

Section 3: Passed unanimously, 7 abstentions

Section 4: Passed unanimously

Section 5: Passed unanimously, 2 abstentions

Section 6: Passed unanimously

Section 7: Passed unanimously, 1 abstention

Section 8: Passed unanimously

Section 9: Passed unanimously

Section 10: Passed unanimously

Section 11: Passed unanimously

Motion to close: 1st Elyse, 2nd Nicole

B.)   Sign up sheet to work the SGA Homecoming parade tent passed around

Gallery Remarks

Advisor Remarks

Members Remarks


            Motion to adjourn meeting: 1st Travis, 2nd Elyse

Cory adjourned the meeting at 4:43 PM

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