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Minutes for October 28, 2013

SGA Minutes 10/28/2013


Carney called the meeting to order at 4:02 pm.

Pavlichich took the roll.

Minutes and agenda approved with no objections.


President’s Report:

Michael and Catie met with the Provost, Dr. Ikram Khawaja.  He discussed enrollment and retention.

Regarding the bulletin boards in each academic building,

o   WCBA (Williamson): paperless, trying to get a slide on TV

o   HHS (Cushwa): trying to get a slide on TV

o   BCOE (Beeghly): bulletin boards available

o   CAC (Bliss): bulletin boards available

o   CAC (Maag): trying to get a slide on TV

o   CLASS (DeBartolo): We had a showcase, but they took it away. Still trying to figure out what to do.

o   STEM (Ward Beecher): 5th or 6th floor bulletin board

o   STEM (Moser): no available boards, but could possibly share.

o   STEM (Lincoln): can use any available board, but no guarantee that it can be permanent.

Dr. Dunn’s installation is Friday, November 1 at 1:00 pm in Beeghly Center.  It is important that all representatives attempt to attend.

Kilcawley Center is running a Toys for Tots event.  For more information, email Melissa Wasser.  For more information, see the flyer in the SGA office.

Student Affairs Leadership and Support Association has invited SGA to a meet and greet luncheon on Friday November 15 from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.  For more information, see the invitation in the SGA office.

Koury asked if we can include bulletin boards in the residence halls.  Catie will look into this.

Executive Vice President’s Report:

Last Lecture Series will take place in the auditorium in Williamson.  It is Tuesday, November 19 at 3:30 pm.  We are working with graphic services to create the signs and we are getting light refreshments from Chartwells.


            Meet the Reps events are going on this week.

Slavens is working with another committee member to draft an excused absence policy in Academic Senate.           


Vice President for Financial Affairs Report:

The committee discussed improvements they can make to their committee.  For the Chartwells budget, we have $3,414.00 remaining in our budget.  Prior to today’s appropriation, we have 29.05% of our budget remaining.  We have funded 39 different organizations with a mean appropriation of $845.49.  $32,974.05 has been appropriated with $12,146.95 remaining in our budget.


Committee Chairs Reports:

Chair of Student Life Report

      The SGA coffee giveaway that was held during homecoming week was a huge success.  The committee got a lot of positive feedback about it and the students really seemed to love it.  Caroline mentioned doing this giveaway every semester to promote SGA.


      The SGA tailgate HUGE success.  It went longer than planned and everyone in attendance had a great time!  In the past couple years that Caroline has been on SGA, she hasn’t seen such a great turnout of people. After the parade, many people came over to the SGA tent and ate food with hardly any food leftover. We had a lot of international students come on over and the representatives in attendance got to talk with them.


Service Project for the fall will be a coat drive.  Jen Reghetti thought of the awesome idea and has been in contact with the Mahoning Valley Rescue Mission and One Warm Coat. At the meeting, the committee discussed how if we were to go through One Warm Coat they will send us promotional things.  The committee discussed how they wanted to make this coat drive a community thing and maybe put out boxes around the area to hopefully collect more. The start date for this drive will be November 4th and Caroline was going to be in contact with Erin from student activities for a deadline. At our next committee meeting, the committee will further discuss the finalizing details of the project.  It was brought up that maybe in the future they could challenge our organizations on campus for whoever rose the most would get money for their next event.  The committee all liked this idea and Caroline was going to be in contact with financial affairs.


Kendal’s book drive will be in the spring where the committee wants to get organizations involved.


The committee is considering an SGA gift exchange/ Christmas party.  Caroline came up with this idea to celebrate the end of the semester and the holiday season.  The committee decided to have it on Friday December 6th from 7 to 9pm at V2. Caroline was going to call V2 to make arrangements.  An idea that was tossed around was to wear your ugly sweater. If you want to be part of the exchange a signup will be passed around a body meeting early to mid-November.


Chair of Academic Affairs Report

Last Lecture Series will be held on Tuesday, November 19 at 3:30 pm.  The event will be held in the large lecture hall in Williamson.  Mrs. Leeper from graphic services will be designing our advertising material.


Meet the Representatives will be taking place the week of October 28.  There is a question sheet for the students to fill out that can give us accurate feedback on campus and student life as well as concerns.


There are no updates on the four year plan initiative.


There was a discussion about the state of study lounges in the academic buildings.  The committee may collaborate with the University Affairs committee to further investigate.  There are also complaints about the library hours specifically on Fridays and Sundays. The committee would like to look into changing the hours of operation to better accommodate students.


Chair of University Affairs Report

Frank George spoke with several students who are not receiving any alerts at all.   Chief of YSU Police said that there was no reported technical fault, so therefore, no problem known to department.   Based on a committee poll, not everyone (on committee) has problems with alerts.   There are approximately 40,000 are signed up for text and email alerts (students, faculty, alumni, parents, etc.) with a majority of current students enrolled.


Regarding the student portal, there are new talks are underway with university officials.  They are looking at possibly organizing website/ portal tabs based more on college and major.   Ken Shindler will be speaking to the University Affairs committee at the next committee meeting.  Their meeting will be in the President’s Suites for the committee meeting on 11/4.


The next dining concerns committee meeting will be in a month.  12 people showed up to the last meeting, including Chartwell’s staff.  The committee is proposing having 2 meetings at different times (i.e. Monday and Thursday) to allow for more people to come.


Max Gocala is forming a group called “People Helping People”.  It will be on a volunteer basis to simply give back to the community we live and learn in.


Joe Mikolay gave an update on the t-shirts because there are a few popular designs.  He is looking to incorporate questions from the half sheets passed around at Body meeting into the website.  He posted a 3 question survey to SGA website to increase engagement.  The results of the survey will be combined with our questions to look at more ways to better student body.


Jude Koury met with Jeanie Herman regarding an extension on the credit/no credit deadline.  There is very little that YSU can do because this is set by the Board of Regents for all Universities.  It is currently the 8th business day to add/ drop and choose credit/no credit and the 14th business day to withdraw with full refund.  Jeanie would like to see the add/drop date pushed back from 8th business day to the 14th business day.


Regarding student discounts, both the Eastwood and Southern Park malls require us to call each individual store for applicable discounts.


Chair of Ad-Hoc Committee

There will be a meeting this Wednesday, October 30 at 4:30 pm for the high school visits.   If anyone is certified to drive the YSU vans, let Alyssa know.  All representatives are expected to attend at least one high school. 


Chair of Financial Affairs Report

There are six organizations asking for appropriations for today’s bill.  Should all sections pass, $2,300.00 will be appropriated.  All organizations up for appropriations on the current bill attended the body meeting.


Unfinished Business

            There is no unfinished business.


New Business

A Bill ( SB F 2013-05)

Motion for open floor for discussion: first Tancabel, Bosela second.

Motion to close floor for discussion: Orr first, Andriko second.

Motion to divide the question: Tancabel first, Edgell second.

Section 1: African Students Union ($600.00)

Yes: 44                         No: 0                Abstentions:  0 

Section passed .

Section 2: Student Affairs Leadership and Support Association ($400.00)

Yes: 44                         No:  0               Abstentions:  0

Section passed.

Section 3: Youngstown Student Education Association ($200.00)

Yes:  42                        No:  0               Abstentions:  2

Section passed.


Section 4: YSU’s SAE Baja Team ($650.00)

Yes:  44                        No:  0               Abstentions:  0 

Section passed.

Section 5: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority ($100.00)

Yes: 44                         No:  0               Abstentions:  0

Section passed.

Section 6: Dana Guitar Association ($400.00)

Yes: 44                         No:  0               Abstentions: 0

Section passed.

Motion to close the floor for discussion:  Yazvac first, Phillips second.


Gallery Remarks

            There were no gallery remarks.


Advisors’ Remarks

Erin Driscoll thanked everyone for homecoming week involvement and said that Fall Fire Fest will now be a campus tradition.


Dr. Cooper acknowledged campus involvement this year.


Dean DePoy acknowledged SGA involvement and drive this year.  He also noted that we should be more than just a representative.



Xi Man Competition on Wednesday 6-9 pm in the Chestnut Room.

Haunted Crime Scene 10-12 Tuesday and Wednesday.

Crash Day (see YSU announcement)


Carney motioned to adjourn the meeting:  Koury first, Mraz second.

Meeting adjourned at 4:42 pm.


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