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Minutes for October 27, 2014

Minutes for SGA Meeting

October 27, 2014

President Slavens called the meeting to order at 4:02pm.

Guest Speaker: Jambar, Frank George

We’re looking to engage the student body, the Jambar wants to make itself more “hip”. We’re looking to interaction through Vine, Twitter, and Facebook, without sacrificing quality. We want SGA’s help to represent the students and we want your advice. We want you to reach out to us and talk to us about how we can reach more students. Despite our efforts, our readership isn’t increasing. We’re eager to collaborate with SGA because we both have similar struggles; no matter how we’ve tried in the past, we’re still only reaching the same types of students. We need to identify how to reach those other students. Email us at (

Theresa took roll call. There are 35 voting members present at the start of the meeting.

The minutes from the previous meeting and agenda were approved with no objections.

Executive Business

President’s Report:

The Student Trustee Position applications will be in Slavens office, they are due Friday, November 14th.

The Student One Stop focus group will be Wednesday, October 29 at 2:00 pm in the conference room on the fourth floor of Meshel Hall. We want feedback for the banner system for efficiency.

Meeting with the Jambar- the main thing discussed was a forum for the website so that people can communicate with us. The idea is so people can have a back and forth in a public setting. We’d like it to go in banner, but for now, it’ll be off of our own website. We want students to want to participate. We’ll put the Student Academic Success Initiative (SASI) forward to the student body.

Contract negotiations – the university is trying to keep things within reason. They’ve authorized a strike; that doesn’t necessarily mean there will be one. This won’t be done until fact-finding (another two weeks) and then a ten day notice must be put forward. There is currently no backup plan if a strike starts. We’re attempting to talk people into an agreement. We ask that you talk to your professors and people you see on a daily basis.

The Excused Absence Policy didn’t get into the bulletin, so it’s not official. We have to wait for contracts.


Executive Vice President’s Report:

The SGA Bylaws don’t have amendments in place; we want to clear the grievance process to make it less liable. When everything is ready for voting it will be brought to the body.

We had a meeting with Dr. Palmer-Fernandez- we wanted a holistic view for what’s happening in negotiations. This is a political game so we wanted to get a different outlook, but this is one person’s view. They are prepared to strike; it doesn’t have to come to that.

Academic Standards Committee Meeting- dismissal policy: there isn’t one on the books right now. Dr. Teri Riley will draft language for a policy. Another thing discussed was the excused absence policy; it’s currently not enforceable because it was not put into the bulletin.

Student Academic Success Initiative (SASI): we want this information to go out to more students.


VP for Financial Affairs Report:

With this bill we have appropriated money for 56 events and 44 organizations.  We’ve used 39% from our general budget.  Roughly that translates to about 10% of the budget appropriated per meeting. We’ve also used36% from Chartwell’s budget.

Committee Chair Reports

Chair of Student Life

The Water bottle giveaway was successful; they were all gone by the first hour. Friday hours will be from 11-12, not 12-1. We’re unsure about situation with the Maag water fountain, there’s not enough funding. We’re interested in putting one in Wendy’s, or a satellite location, not within Kilcawley. We talked about looking to fix the one on the second floor; it’s very slow and stops after some time. Next giveaway should include a Tuesday/Thursday. (Nothing finalized)

One Warm Coat was finalized as service project. We talked with Jake about event to kick-off drive. We want to possibly collaborate with another organization.

We’d like SGA to do group volunteering at the Rescue Mission or some type of service housing. Alyssa suggested having an SGA body-wide “bring a donation” competition/event. Bring a canned good to body meeting – some kind of incentive; Due November 24th body meeting.

Chair of Academic Affairs

Academic Senate Standards Committee- we discussed the dismissal proposal and proposal suggestions. Excused absence policy; passed by Senate; it’s not in the bulletin, so not it wouldn’t be enforceable until next fall.

Last Lecture will be November 19th from 3-4pm in DeBartolo 132 (Senate Room). We need advertising, a picture?

Chair of University Affairs

We drafted a letter to Mayor McNally and Charles Shasho (city engineer), Deputy Director of Public Works asking for crosswalks and stop signs at Rayen/Hazel and Commerce/Phelps. They will provide statistics and stoplight/stop sign suggestions upon request from city engineer; we’ve invited Mayor McNally and Mr. Shasho to come speak with us.


Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative:  Breaking Chains and Building Hope, Monday, October 27, 6:00-7:30 PM; Tabernacle Baptist Church; open online forum for student feedback up soon.


There is a lack of use for the SGA Twitter account. We want to further promote SGA; should we advertise all events and body meetings, or create an SGA hashtag? We could possibly create an outlet for student complaints, comments, questions, event participation.


Luke Politsky is going to meet with the director of dining services and head chef to think of new ways to approach the Dining Services “Committee”.  Wed. Nov 19th @ (lunchtime?)


We want to get students’ opinions without making them feel like they must commit and attend every meeting. (Possible table where students can stop by and voice their opinions.) Student Activities Digest – late emailing and unsatisfactory format. Update of Google Calendar on SGA site with SGA events (and some of the University events that encompass a large number of students).


Weekend volunteerism events:  YNDC Workday Oct. 25 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM and Oct. 26 Youngstown Soup at the Calvin Center 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Chair of Financial Affairs

There are 10 organizations (11 Sections) up for appropriations on today’s bill. Representatives are present from: Youngstown Jazz Collective, Penguin Review, National Society of Black Engineers, YSU Equestrian Team, Council for Exceptional Children, Alpha Phi Delta, and Youngstown Student Education Association, International Students Association.

Unfinished Business

There is no unfinished business.

New Business

A Bill (SB F 2014-05)

Motion to open floor for discussion on new business: Tancabel first, Briggs second.

Briggs: If we could correct the spelling of DeBartolo in Section 3.

Politsky: In Section 7 there should be commas added.

Gessler: Did they send an email saying they wouldn’t be here?

Orr: They did not. I have a comment regarding attendance; nowhere does it say that attendance is mandatory. It is highly recommended. We have already been in contact multiple times; it is not required by our financial path.

Anderson: Understand that sometimes it’s difficult to come.

Wolfe: I think it’s hard to have people notify other people all the time, so just having one person notify would be good. I think it’s a big amount of money.

Slavens: Nowhere in the rules does it say they have to email us.

Andriko: Under section 3, the proper name is Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts. Also for number 2, why isn’t the money coming from Chartwell’s?

Orr: The organization assessed their own funds and decided what would be a good amount and where the money should come from.

Motion to divide the question: Briggs first, Andriko second.

Motion to amend the bill, remove Section 2: Philips first, Leonard second.

Section 1: Youngstown Jazz Collective is appropriated the sum of $300.00 to defray the costs of food for their Swingin’ with Santa Event on December 1st 2014, $200.00 of which is from the Chartwell’s catering fund. Two hundred (200) students and community members are expected to attend.

YES: 34                                  NO: 0                                     ABSTENTIONS: 1


Section 2: Penguin Review is appropriated the sum of $200.00 to defray the cost of food and expenses for their 50th Anniversary Launch Party which will be held November 20th 2014. This event will be held in the Debartlo Stadium Club. One hundred and fifty (150) students are expected to attend.

YES: 35                                  NO: 0                                     ABSTENTIONS: 0


Section 3: Tau Kappa Epsilon is appropriated the sum of $200.00 to defray the costs of sounds equipment for their Third Annual Rock ‘til Dawn event which will be held November 15th 2014. This event will be held on campus and at Suzie’s Hot Dogs. Four hundred (400) students and community members are expected to attend.

YES: 2                                    NO: 22                                  ABSTENTIONS: 12



Section 4: National Society of Black Engineers is appropriated the sum of $1280.00 to defray the cost of airfare for their travel to the NSBE National Convention which will be held March 25th -29th 2015. This event will be held in Anaheim, CA. Ten (10) members are expected to attend.

YES: 35                                  NO: 0                                     ABSTENTIONS: 0


Section 5: Health and Physical Education Majors Club is appropriated $300.00 to defray the cost of registration for the Ohio Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation and Dance Conference which will be held December 3rd-5th 2014. This event will be held at Kalahari Resorts and Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio. Twenty four (24) students are expected to attend.

YES: 33                                  NO: 2                                     ABSTENTIONS: 0


Section 6: YSU Equestrian Team is appropriated the sum of $420.00 to cover the cost of their trailer rental fee and their entrance fee for the IHSA Invitational which will be held November 15th 2014. This event will be at the University of Findlay in Ohio. Four (4) members are expected to participate.

YES: 24                                  NO: 0                                     ABSTENTIONS: 10


Section 7: Council for Exceptional Children, Alpha Phi Delta, and Youngstown Student Education Association are appropriated the sum of $150.00 to defray the cost of crafts and church rental fees for their Christmas Ornament Party which will be held November 16th, 2014. This event will be held at St. Nicholas Lower Church in Struthers Ohio with Purple Cat. Three hundred (300) participants are expected to attend.

YES: 32                                  NO: 0                                     ABSTENTIONS: 3


Section 8: International Students Association is appropriated the sum of $150.00 to defray the cost of the venue for their Fall Formal which will be held November 15th, 2014. This event will be held at the YWCA in Youngstown, Ohio. One hundred (100) students are expected to attend.

YES: 35                                  NO: 0                                     ABSTENTIONS: 0


Section 9: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is appropriated the sum of $600.00 to defray the cost of registration/tuition for the Chapter Focus week which will be held May 9th – 16th 2015. This event will be in held in Cedarville, MI. Fifteen (15) attendees are expected.

YES: 8                                    NO: 16                                  ABSTENTIONS: 11


Section 10: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is appropriated the sum of $400.00 to defray the cost of registration/tuition for the Black Campus Ministries 2015 Student Conference which will be held February 20th – 22nd 2015. This event will be in held in Detroit, MI. Thirty (30) attendees are expected.

YES:                                        NO:                                        ABSTENTIONS:

Voting on tabling Section 10, Yes: 25 NO: 10


Motion to open discussion on/ approve resolution: Meditz first, Philips second.

Meditz: The University shouldn’t be holding student’s money; this resolution would be as if you had a debit account. We want to issue these cards to students so as to not waste resources.

Andriko: Can we table this until next meeting so you can send us this information?

Davis: With the cards can we still get some money back?

Meditz: It will be directly deposited on the card.

Gordon: She said you would still have the option to split money. They’re trying to move away from that but for some it’s still not feasible.

Meditz: Because of university policy they’re resending checks to old addresses.

Briggs: We can vote to table to bring this up with the information.

Voting on tabling: PASSES

Gallery Remarks

Make it known to us if we need to be here, also on the forum make an anonymous section.

Advisors’ Remarks

Driscoll: Thursday night is the Halloween party, come in costume for the contest, and then head to Inner Circle.

Becker: We have finished another clothing drive for the Professional Attire clothing drive; we need a home for the clothes. If you see a room in your college, ask someone if you can use it. We need someplace to hang these clothes. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Cooper: I must’ve had four students ask me about the strike. The union and faculty want it to happen and its striking fear into the students. After 15 years, most of it is rumor intended for a different purpose. Michael and Jake have great advice for you, listen to them. Consider everything carefully. You students need to voice your opinions; but I strongly urge you to be civil in your response.


Members’ Remarks

Tancabel: You don’t have to vote if you’re uncomfortable. There are abstentions for a reason; it will not count against you.

Lamping: We’re here to be the voice of the students. I think we forget this a lot, we lose the idea to communicate with people. We’re here for good.


Motion to adjourn the meeting: Leonard first, Philips second.

Meeting adjourned at 5:22 pm.