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Minutes for October 25, 2010

The Presiding Officer Mr. Nicholas Meditz called meeting to order at 4:01 pm.

Mr. Meditz yielded time to Kristen Olmi, Director of Grants and Initiatives of United Way

Ms. Olmi explained workplace campaign United Way runs on campus of YSU. This non-profit campaign runs from professor and faculty donations. For last two years, Ms. Olmi and her team have been trying to find a better way to reach the students. Told students United Way needs their help in being better advocates. Just launched Young Leader Society which provides fundraising, volunteerism, and special events. Asked for student involvement in Young Leader Society.

Ms. Olmi yielded herself to questions from the body.

Ms. Olmi suggested possible student donation on behalf of Student Government.

Mr. Meditz noted that all the money stays in the valley that is donated.

Mr. Wesley wanted to know if there was any affiliation with Mahoning Valley Steering Commission.

Ms. Olmi said one of the associates of United Way may be involved and asked to contact her through email.

Mr. Meditz yielded time to Mr. Nayef Zarrour.

Mr. Zarrour said he is part of a team taking new technology to market, working with YSU and other national universities for a case study to gather more information. Made cloud based operating system, an internet connection to everything done locally. Noted today is the first day study is live at YSU and is offering 20 $250 scholarships to students that complete survey of technology. The company is attempting national press release that will appear in national publications such as the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Meditz added that SGA will be used as a test study, to see what are likes and dislikes of technology, as we represent some of the highest achievers on campus.

Mr. Zarrour added YSU is good demographic of races and age groups. Provided contact information for any questions from students.

Mr. Meditz said program is basically a dashboard inside a webpage.

Mr. Zarrour said this will enable applications directly from internet browser. This will enable access from one central location, like the iPhone for the web.

Mr. Meditz yielded to Ms. Stafford to take roll call [see attendance list attached].

Mr. Meditz moved to approve last week’s meeting minutes. Minutes approved.

Mr. Meditz moved to Executive Business.

Executive Business

Mr. Meditz said Penguin Pre Party, Meet the Reps night were both a success. Noted that Homecoming is this week vs. Northern Iowa, and SGA tailgate is from 9am to 1pm.  Wednesday will be Meet the Reps at the Lemon Grove Café in downtown Youngstown at 5pm. Will be an excellent way for students to meet reps. Hopes that this will be a success like Meet the Reps night. Added that Dr. Cooper, a few other faculty members will be there. Harry Meshel and Bob Hagan also possibly coming to event.

Mr. Meditz moved to VP of Financial Affairs report.

Mr. McIntyre delivered VP of Financial Affairs report.

Mr. McIntyre yielded himself to questions.

Mr. Adamson questioned monetary return on Roots and Shoots Club appropriations.

Mr. McIntyre said that amount is reflected in overall average but not report. Said will have $150 more in next report.

Mr. Meditz asked if there were further questions. No more questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to committee reports.

Committee Reports

Ms. Sarich covered main points of Homecoming Tailgate and reminded students to sign up.

Mr. Meditz moved to Academic Affairs committee report.

Mr. Mesik yielded himself to questions.

Mr. Mesik noted that time and date for last lecture series is finalized and will be working on promotional activities for the event within coming week.

Mr. R Meditz asked what the date of the event is.

Ms. Richardson asked what the dress requirement is.

Mr. Mesik said this could be casual dress as many students are just getting out of class at this time.

Mr. Meditz yielded to University Affairs committee report.

Mr. Davenport said we have Wick-Pollock cleanup flyers.

Mr. Meditz said this is a great opportunity to get involved, and it is fun.

Mr. Meditz yielded to financial appropriations report.

Mr. Okular yielded time to organizations to speak on behalf of their organizations.

Mr. Okular yielded himself to questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to Unfinished Business. No Unfinished Business.

Mr. Meditz moved to New Business.

New Business

Mr. Meditz noted the two advisor seats that need filled. Said there was a good, lengthy conversation among executive committee in regards of what to expect from new advisors. The exec committee selected Dr. Lepak for faculty advisor and Dr. DePoy for administrative advisor. Executive committee appoints but legislative body must approve. This approval will then be sent to President Anderson.

Mr. Meditz moved to approve Lepak. All in favor [voice vote].

Mr. Meditz moved to approve Dr. DePoy. All in favor [voice vote].

Mr. Meditz noted that both new advisors confirmed they will be at Meet the Reps night on Wednesday.

Mr. Meditz moved to discuss SBF 2010-05.

Mr. R. Meditz motions. Ms. Justice seconds.

Ms. Vlad moved to close discussion. Mr. Davenport seconds.

Mr. Meditz moved to vote on SBF 2010-05. All in favor [voice vote]. Justice, Clark abstain.

Mr. Meditz moved to new business.

New Business

Mr. Meditz noted presence of Justen Vrabel to body as replacement rep, asked for welcome from body.

Mr. Meditz asked if there was any new business. No new business.

Mr. Meditz moved to gallery remarks. No gallery remarks.

Mr. Meditz said he valued Dr. Cooper’s input and wanted to make sure he spoke first.

Mr. Meditz moved to advisors remarks.

Advisors’ Remarks

Dr. Cooper noted efficiency in early meeting time. Presented SGA with challenge of United Way donations; said for each student that pledges, he will pledge two extra dollars of his pledge to the United Way. He said he will do the same thing in Academic Senate. Will also challenge students to match his challenge, increasing pledge by two dollars for everyone on body that pledges. Noted that United Way is asking for $104 basic pledge and that two dollars is not a lot; state of economy is bad but not too bad to donate.

Mr. Meditz moved to Members’ Remarks and Announcements.

Members’ Remarks and Announcements

Ms. Vlad thanked SGA for donation to ZTA Pink Ribbon Cheer Classic.

Mr. Meditz added that the award ZTA gave SGA will be displayed in office.

Mr. Anderson congratulated body on turnout at Meet the Reps Night.

Mr. Vrabel introduced himself and said he will help out any way he can.

Mr. Adamson said tailgate is this week and will not say who he is voting for, contact him after.

Mr. Beil said tonight is Bocce Game of Hope at MVR. Local celebrities and politicians will be there and Dr. Anderson is the celebrity bartender.

Mr. Wesley said NVOC hosting Get Out and Vote this weekend.

Ms. Richardson asked status of SGA business cards. Ms. Richardson added she will be legally evicted in three weeks and will be homeless. Asked for possible donations.

Mr. Davenport added that SGA rep list has been revised recently. Will try and speed up process of getting rep. business cards.

Mr. Davenport showed new smoking flyer and promoted Wick Pollock Garden cleanup.

Ms. Gessler thanked all reps for coming out to Meet the Reps night. Tie between Travis and Jarrod in competition of who could speak the most to their constituents. Said she will have nametags for reps at the next event. Also added that her sorority is still collecting Pink Lids.

Mr. Mesik asked Dr. Cooper if he will count for four dollars apiece, being a part of SGA and Academic Senate. Has not yet decided what pledge will be. For each rep that checks mailbox or visit, will add one dollar to pledge for United Way.

Mr. Wesley said it is important to address issue of Ms. Richardson’s eviction.

Mr. Meditz said Mr. Gulas approached us about food eating contest tomorrow, looking for three more people.

Mr. Meditz moved to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 4:47pm.

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