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Minutes for October 14, 2013

SGA Minutes 10/14/13

Carney called the meeting to order at 4:01 pm.

Pavlichich took the roll.

Minutes and agenda were approved with no objections.


President’s Report:

Catie welcomed Theresa Leonard (creative arts and communications) and Amanda Sacco (graduate studies) to the body.

This week is homecoming week.  Student Life will have more about this in their committee report.  Thank you to everyone who attended the SGA coffee giveaway this morning.


Catie and Michael met with each of the deans.  Michael will have more about this in his report.


Catie is in the process of getting a bulletin board, show case, or powerpoint slide set up in all of the academic buildings to show the representatives for that college.


The Ohio Student Government Association has sent us an initiative to support House Bill 111 which would permit Boards of Trustees across the state to decide for their selves whether or not student trustees would be able to vote on matters before the board.  We have given our support of this initiative.


Dr. Dunn’s Installation Ceremony will take place on Friday, November 1st at 1:00pm in Beeghly Center.  All are recommended to attend.


Executive Vice President’s Report:

Dr. Cooper has accepted his nomination to be that Last Lecture Series speaker for Fall 2013.  We are tentatively looking at Tuesday, November 19 at 3:30 pm.  More details will be announced as they are finalized.


Michael sent out another email with a survey for times for meet the representative events in the colleges.  He will compile times and send out an email verifying everyone’s availability.


During the last Academic Senate meeting, the faculty thought that a big issue was moving to division 2 for sports.  Dr. Dunn didn’t feel that there was support for this and said that it wouldn’t actually save that much money.  They also discussed classes being cut was up to department chairs but were told that the department chairs should know best.

During the Academic Standards committee meeting, the excused absence policy was discussed.  They are currently writing this.  They discussed some examples of what will be considered good reasons.  In this policy, teachers won’t be able to penalize you but it is still student’s responsibility to make up work and alternate assignment must be given.  This is not meant to be a fix all, just a way to alleviate most of the problems.  The discussion on textbook royalties has been postponed to next meeting.  The semester scheduling guidelines are used so that classes aren’t scheduled on top of each other.  Not much that can be changed but they are trying to change it to reflect full time’s contract saying that they can’t have class during the time that their union meetings usually are.  They really just have to get the word out about the guidelines and make sure that they’re being enforced.  They also discussed the ability of professors to use +/- grades but it has been postponed to spring semester.


Catie and Michael met with Dr. Sanders, Dean of Graduate Studies.  He is interested in getting any feedback about the application process and ideas on how to market the Graduate Program better.  He is also interested in us mentioning graduate programs during our outreach to high schools because some students will see that as an opportunity.


Catie and Michael also had meetings with Dean Howell, Dean Mosca, and Dean Licata.  The major issues that the deans brought up were:

  • Why do students need to reenroll after doing college in high school and then apply to YSU? They were already YSU students- needs efficiency
  • High school guidance counselors aren’t on board with YSU
  • Need more full time faculty to keep up with growing programs
  • Feels YSU needs rebranded
  • Get more students into short term or long term study abroad options
  • Try to emphasize the importance of students getting involved in organizations
  • Smoking around campus is an issue
  • Chartwells prices are too high for events catering
  • Need to talk to parents so they realize that something needs to change- even is students are living at home they need more independence once they’re in college- something needs to change once they start college


Vice President of Finance’s Report:

Prior to today’s meeting, we have appropriated $550.00 out of the Chartwell’s budget.  $64.00 was returned, leaving us with $4,514.00 unappropriated.


Prior to today’s meeting, we have appropriated $22,674.05 out of our appropriations budget.  No money has been returned, leaving us with $19,146.95 unappropriated.


Committee Chair Reports:

Chair of Student Life:

The Student Life committee is looking to do a service project for the month of November.  Kendal is looking into a school book drive and Jen is looking into a coat drive.


The committee discussed Relay for Life as to if it is something they want to pursue.  They will make a decision in January.


Jen is looking into the breast cancer walk in October to see if the committee has time to participate.


The committee looked at feedback from the most recent Meet the Reps event.  The general consensus was that Wendy’s was a good place to host the event; however, for the spring semester, they want to adjust the times to hold the event earlier in the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  From the feedback received, the pros were:  rec center, class help, clean bathrooms, and YSU police presence.  The cons and wants include:  wanting free wifi and in more places on campus or close to campus, students stay on campus more, music playing in Wendy’s, activities for commuter students, smoking, shuttle times, classes being taught by GA (criminal justice, math), professors not sticking to the material, want more class discussion, temperature regulation in the buildings, extended library hours (slippery rock -12am and Pitt -2am), didn’t know about advisors until 2nd semester (business and music), more lights in the parking deck (Cushwa), parking, price of food in the food court (KC), and don’t know where anything is (food court and study places).


The committee received a letter that stated:   “The food service this year seems to be a step up in quality from last year. However, in Christman, we are not able to choose what we do or do not want. I see many people throwing away the things that they were forced to take as a meal. It is extremely difficult to eat healthy when you can only receive vegetables when you also take a serving of pasta or potatoes with it. What I would like to see is for students to be able to make the decision of what to put on their plate, and what to leave for others, rather than waste the items that came with that option. Thank you for considering this potential for improvement.”  — Kelsey Kridler


The SGA tailgate for homecoming is Saturday October 19th 11am to 2pm.  Volunteers get a free t-shirt.  We are all set for MVR catering and we have an $800.00 budget for the tailgate.  MVR will deliver the food at 11am.  Caroline is talking to Debbie about hot chocolate and desserts.  Gabby is bringing cooler for drinks.  Caroline is purchasing drinks.  We ordered 3 servings of penne pasta with spaghetti sauce, 1.5 servings of meatballs, 3 servings of chicken strips, 3 potatoes which costs $555.00.

Chair of Academic Affairs:

Dr. Cooper was very honored to accept our invitation to speak in November for the Last Lecture Series.  A specific date and time is to be announced.


For the four year plan, Joe Lamping met with Dr. Buckler and discussed future plans.  Dr. Buckler is still putting curriculum sheets together and is updating the advising website.  He has asked for any suggestions.


The committee discussed the use of +/- grades as discussed in the Academic Standards committee.  As a whole, the committee is against the use.


Chair of University Affairs:

Regarding the smoking initiative, the committee spoke to Joy Polkalba-Byers who told them the committee has yet to reconvene.   One of the big problem areas is Cushwa and the committee wants to follow up with Dean Mosca.  However, the group decided that the issue is not of dire importance at the current moment.


The committee is still looking into student discounts.  Max has been assigned the Southern Park Mall, Paige the Eastwood Mall, and Frank the Shops at Boardman Park.


The committee is looking into the study lounges on campus.  They want to conduct a campus poll of the lounges in each building to determine if one needs to be added or redone.  This includes Beeghly Center which currently has no lounges.


Max Gocala wants to create a committee to do community volunteer work.  He wants to involve local business and organizations.  He wants to start with SGA members, and then expand.  He believes this will paint a better picture of YSU students while helping the surrounding community.


The enrollment committee will have its first meeting on Monday, October 14 at 5:00 pm in the Hynes room.  Contact Alyssa Olmi if you are interested in joining.


Chair of Financial Affairs:

Nine (9) organizations have requested funding for ten (10) events on SB F 2013-04.  If all sections pass, the bill appropriates $6,125.00.  All nine organizations sent a representative except Iota Phi Theta, Men’s Golf Club, and Men’s Club Volleyball (sent an email, are all at practice).


New Business:

Bosela motioned to open the floor for new business, Andriko second.

A Bill (SB F 2013-04)

Greathouse motioned to open the floor for discussion, Malsch second.


Hagan brought to our attention that Iota Phi Theta missed their first committee meeting and rescheduled but then did not attend this body meeting.  She recommended that we reduce the appropriations of organizations who do not attend the body meeting.


Edgell asked if there is a standing rule regarding this, Bosela said no.


Malsch suggested we make a rule about this situation in the future.


George asked how we determine how much money is appropriated to each event.  Mraz explained that they look at several factors including how much was requested, how many people the event affects, and how important the event is to the organization.


Many representatives recommended not funding these events at all.


George asked how we can penalize an organization when there is no rule stating they must come to the body meeting.


Gocala pointed out that we can choose to vote yes or no.


Pavlichich motioned to close the floor for discussion, Yazvac second.

Bosela motioned to divide the question, Tancabel second.

Section 1: Iota Phi Theta ($125.00)

Yes:  12                        No:  26             Abstentions:  1

Section failed.

Section 2: Men’s Golf Club ($800.00)

Yes: 13                         No:  21             Abstentions: 3

Section failed.

Section 3: Youngstown State University Student Chapter of American Dental Hygienists Association ($300.00)

Yes:  37                        No:  0               Abstentions: 0

Section passed.

Section 4: Student Nonprofit Leadership Organization ($400.00)

Yes: 35                         No:  0               Abstentions: 2

Section passed.

Section 5: Student Nonprofit Leadership Organization ($200.00)

Yes: 35                         No:  0               Abstentions: 2

Section passed.



Section 6: Alpha Phi Delta ($1,000.00)

Yes:  37                        No:  0               Abstentions: 0

Section passed.


Section 7: International Students Association ($650.00)

Yes: 36                         No: 0                Abstentions: 1

Section passed.

Section 8: Interfraternity Council($1,500.00)

Yes:  37                        No:  0               Abstentions: 0

Section passed.

Section 9: Men’s Club Volleyball ($150.00)

Yes: 36                         No: 0                Abstentions: 1

Section passed.

Section 10: Dana Guitar Association ($1,000.00)

Yes: 37                         No: 0                Abstentions: 0

Section passed.


Motion to close the floor on new business:  Bosela first, Koury second.


Carney motioned to adjourn the meeting: Yazvac first, Edgell second.


Meeting adjourned at 5:03 pm.


***After the meeting, it was revealed that Men’s Golf Club did contact Charesse prior to the meeting apologizing that they could not attend.  The body revoted and approved the appropriation to Men’s Golf Club.  The votes were 35 yes, 0 no and 1 abstention.  Therefore, section 2 now passes.***

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