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Minutes for October 11, 2010

The Presiding Officer Mr. Nicholas Meditz, called the meeting to order at 4:03 PM.

Mr. Meditz yielded time to Mr. Danny O’Connell from Support Services.

Mr. Danny O’Connell from Support Services spoke on behalf of the M-2 Parking Deck situation. Made note that original plan on campus was to take down the parking deck, but reality was that the amount of parking that would be lost was unacceptable. He said the best option at this point was to do a renovation on existing deck and give it an extended life of 15 years because campus will have enough land to accommodate extra vehicles and eventually build a new deck at that point in time. The Board has authorized Parking Services to move forward with renovation plan–two new parking spots, one next to School of Education and one behind Smith Hall. Said he will give the schedule of renovation once available from engineers and will run temporary parking spots at Covelli Centre while renovations are taking place. Added there are plans to have shuttle from the Centre to campus. Also noted that when new fields are created across the street from the tennis courts, the tennis courts will be redone and the existing tennis courts will become parking in second phase.

Mr. Meditz yielded to questions.

Mr. Davenport said his questions can wait until the end of the meeting.

Mr. Meditz yielded time to Mr. Brian Wells.

Mr. Brian Wells invited all of the SGA body to the Safe Zone Training and gave them an overview of the LGBT students it targets to help and make awareness of. Noted the number of suicides in the area recently. He added that the sessions will help make campus an open and safe environment. Gave breakdown of training sessions. Added that harassment and physical assault is “over the top” for students across the nation. Said students should get invitation by email or can get it from YSUnity website or from Mr. Wells directly.

Mr. Meditz yielded to questions.

Mr. Nuzzi asked the specifics on this issue on campus currently regarding this topic.

Mr. Wells said survey was sent out to current Safe Zone members and many responded that students feel unwelcome. Noted that ¼ get kicked out of their house when they come out and they are in an immediate need for secure housing. Campus incidents may be higher as YSU is in a more conservative area. Told students if they come to Safe Zone Training you do not have to sign the ally pledge, in which you would.

Ms. Stafford took roll call [See attendance list attached].

Mr. Meditz made body aware of the passing of SGA advisor Dr. Marty Manning.

Mr. Meditz asked the body to observe a moment of silence for Dr. Manning.

Mr. Meditz asked for advisor nominations from the body.

Mr. Meditz said by 2011 new lounges will be complete. He said he wanted new lounge for Fine and Performing Arts and is working on this currently.

Mr. Meditz said the SGA reps will each be getting 50 business cards.

Mr. Davenport said students will have business card template to approve contact information shortly.

Mr. Meditz said he met with Mr. Novotny and architects in renovations to Kilcawley and asked for student suggestions.

Mr. Meditz introduced new members Brianna Wise, Kelly Brian, and Demetrius Williams.

Mr. Meditz said he is on strategic planning committee and academic success committee and tomorrow 4pm in Bresnahan Suite they will be holding focus group mediated by Mr. Jack Fahey. He assured Mr. Fahey we could get at least ten people from SGA there at the focus group.

Mr. Meditz asked for students who could attend tomorrow’s focus group to identify themselves.

Mr. Meditz made note of constituency activity log.

Mr. Meditz addressed attendance policy in Standing Rules.

Mr. Mesik said the focus group date is October 12 rather than October 11 as noted on the agenda.

Mr. Mesik said we have one vacancy in the School of Graduate Studies and Research.

Mr. Meditz yielded to VP for Financial Affairs Report.

Mr. McIntyre made body aware of current budget.

Mr. Meditz said that this information is available on website.


Mr. Meditz said each chair will only yield themselves to questions due to concern of time.

Mr. Meditz yielded questions for Student Life Report to Ms. Sarich.

Ms. Sarich said there is a signup sheet for homecoming tailgate from 9am to 1pm on October 30.

Mr. Meditz yielded to questions.

Mr. Meditz yielded questions for Academic Affairs Report to Ms. DiBernardi.

Mr. Mesik added to the report that Dr. Khawaja is interested in Last Lecture Series.

Mr. Meditz yielded questions for the University Affairs Committee Report.

Mr. Nuzzi noted that Wick Pollock Garden cleanup will be November 6 at 10 am. He also noted that committee is looking for potential smoking locations on campus.

Mr. Meditz yielded questions for the Financial Affairs Report to Mr. Okular.

Mr. Okular said committee met with six organizations.

Mr. Okular yielded time for each organization to speak.




Mr. Meditz motioned to discuss SBF 2010-04.

Ms. Gessler motioned. Mr. Davenport seconds.

Mr. Jarvis asked where all the representatives from organizations were and why they were not there to speak on behalf of their organizations.

Mr. Mesik said he feels most of YSU took Columbus Day off.

Mr. Davenport asked for point of information regarding the number of members required to be present at body meeting.

Mr. R. Meditz said they are not required to show up at meeting.

Mr. McIntyre added that they always tell the students that the body meetings are optional.

Mr. Everly said a member from AMA spoke to him before meeting making note of their absence.

Mr. Anderson said it would be a good gesture for these people to come to the meetings in case of questions.

Mr. McIntyre said it would be better but schedule conflictions make it difficult for them to come. Said we should make the process as simple as possible for organizations to receive funding.

Mr. Davenport said he has complete faith in committee’s decision and that body should not second guess their decisions.

Mr. Meditz said he is in agreement and the whole point of having a committee is to give them this responsibility.

Mr. R. Meditz moved to close discussion. Mr. Davenport seconds.

Mr. R. Meditz moved to vote on SBF 2010-4. Mr. Okular seconds.

SBF 2010-4 passes.[McIntyre, Okular abstain].

Mr. Meditz asked if there was any new business.

No new business.


Ms. Abbie Twyford said that Safe Zone training is not a bad idea and that it is the job of the student representatives to represent all students and that it would not be a bad idea to attend.


Mr. R. Meditz said the past game was a disappointing loss, hopefully better for HC.

Dr. Cooper noticed that half of his class was missing today. He also noted how his day was sad because his good friend Dr. Manning was not sitting by him today. Said he will miss his sage advice. Said he wishes he could imitate Dr. Manning and that he would say that time is passing and we are also at semester midpoint. Added a saying of Dr. Manning “Go get em.”

Mr. Nuzzi asked if YSU won their game. [“No” from audience].

Mr. Davenport said Dr. Manning left a great example to follow and wanted to reiterate the words of Ms. Twyford encouraging reps to serve all of the students on campus.

Ms. Gessler said we need sign-ups for noon to one slot and that participation will go on constituency logs. Said most frat and sorority members will be on a float and need others to sign up. Added that the Pink Ribbon Cheer Classic is on November 24, the biggest breast cancer fund raiser in area in which they need volunteers, will count on constituency log.

Mr. Mesik said that last Thursday Jambar ran a story on the search for new SGA advisor.

Mr. Davenport stated that despite Dr. Manning’s physical absence, his spirit is still present in guiding us. Wanted to say thank you to Dr. Manning and that he would not want the body to stop working for a moment. Said he wanted to make sure everyone knows that Dr.Manning left big shoes to fill. Was a great friend to everyone on campus and is unfortunate did not know him as long as others and that he took care of everyone in SGA and Student Life.

Mr. Meditz said Dr. Manning will be missed and is at a loss for words. Asked body to wish Happy Birthday to Ms. Jalali. [Body sang birthday song].

Mr. Meditz reminded the body of focus group and homecoming week events. He thanked the body for support of non-violence week. He asked for support of Rookery Radio and also reminded body of date for Wick Pollock cleanup.

Mr. Meditz motioned to adjourn meeting.

Mr. R. Meditz motioned. Ms. Gessler seconds.

Meeting adjourned at 4:47 pm.

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