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Minutes for October 10, 2011

Student Government Meeting Minutes 10-10-2011

Elyse Gessler   called the meeting to order at 4:01

Mr. Vrabel took role.

Ms. Gessler introduced the new freshman representatives.

Ms. Gessler approved the minutes from last meeting

Ms. Gessler moved to Executive business

–          Noted her meeting with Kim Bashetti for surveys on Sodexo online

–          T-Shirts were in

–          Keep going to the events football game.

Ms. Gessler concluded her report

Mr. McIntyre gave the Vice President’s report

–          Deficit on the Ohio Link Budget Cut Concerns (journals used by students)

–          Last Lecture series confirmed with Dr. Gage Nov 30th 3:30 Ohio Room

Mr. McIntyre concluded his report

Mr. Okular gave his report as VP for Financial Appropriates

Mr. Okular Concluded his report

Committee Chair Reports

Student Life Committee – Carissa Benchwick

–          Ms. Serich announced Meet the Reps will be at Chrissman Dining Commons Wed 5-7 Oct 12th

–          Homecoming Tailgate Charlie Staples Food

–          Looking for event ideas for United Way

Academic Affairs Committee – Nicole Pavlichich

–          Fallowed up with Dr. Becker for the FOE program, looking for grants

–          Make Web audit more available to students

–          Student Participation in the Outstanding Professor voting

University Affairs Committee- Zach White

–          Paper free online work books for certain colleges

–          Problems with YSU Email Domain



Chair of Financial Appropriations – Catie Carney

–          Explained SB F 2011-05

–          Representatives from the various organizations spoke on their events

Ms. Gessler asked for unfinished business – none

New Business

–          SB F 2011-05 Appropriations

–          Bill Passed Unanimously

Gallery Remarks

–          “Very Organized”

Advisor Remarks

–          “Even though the football team didn’t win, the band was great.” – Dr. Depoy

Members Remarks


Elyse Gessler motioned to Adjourn at 5:28

Members not in attendance:
Benchwick, Carissa (excused)
Bodo, Derek (excused)
Boye, Kayla (excused)
Cutrona, Alessandro
Everly, Jerod (excused)
Martin, Jesse (excused)
Popio, Celeste (excused)
Scheidemantel, Sarah (excused)
Wilson, Warren (excused)

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