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Minutes for November 9, 2009

The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. Zachary BROWN) called the meeting to order at precisely (4:02pm)

Mr. O’NEIL took roll call. [See: Attendance list is attached.]

Mr. BROWN summarized the meeting’s agenda and without objection the agenda and previous meeting’s minutes were approved.

Mr. Brown pointed out the SGA has saved over 175 pages alone today by moving to a power point agenda

Mr. Brown requested approval from the body for the last meetings minutes

Mr. Brown Moved into Executive Business


Mr. Brown gave his presidents report

Mr. Brown asked that members understand the SGA appropriations budget as we will be moving farther with it over the next few weeks

Mr. Brown advised that remodeling is going well and will be completed over the Winter Break

Mr. Brown advised students of the Healthcare Panel discussion next week

Mr. Brown talked about Homecoming week and the success of the events

Mr. Brown Yielded to questions

Mr. Brown Yielded to Ms. Stafford for Financial Appropriations

Ms. Stafford said that we are at 60% of our budget being used

Ms. Stafford yielded to Questions

Mr. Brown Yielded to committee reports


Mr. Brown Yielded to Student life

Ms Cullen gave Student Life Report

Ms. Cullen yielded to questions

No questions

Mr. Brown Yielded to Academic Affairs

Ms. Koneval gave Academic Affairs Committee Report

Ms. Koneval Yielded to questions

No Questions

Mr. Brown Yielded to University Affairs

Ms. Peterson gave committee report

Ms. Peterson yielded to questions

No Questions

Ms. Stafford moved to amend the agenda so that we would address New Business before Unfinished Business

The Motion was accepted without objection

Mr. Brown yielded to Financial Affairs

Mr. McIntyre gave Financial Affairs report then yielded to:

Indian International Student Organization-Rep Spoke on Event for 30secs

Campus Crusade for Christ-None Present

YSU Philosophy and Religious Studys Club- Rep Spoke for 30 secs

Dance Ensemble-None Present

Mr. Brown Entertained Motion to Discussion SB F-06

Mr. McIntyre moved Ms. Cullen 2nd

Ms. Twyford asked rep from Philosophy Club to clarify the cost of speekers

Mr. Alderfer moved to close discussion Mr. Meditz  2nd

Placard vote was held all in favor, no abstentions

Mr. Brown closed discussion on Executive Reports and moved into Unfinished Business


Mr. Brown Asked for unfinished business

Mr. Brown Brought up the SGA Appropriations Budget Restructeralization Project

Mr. Brown moved for a 10min recess to read the proposal

No Objections

Entered 10min recess at 4:16 pm

Mr. Brown Moved back into meeting at 4:25 pm

Mr. Brown entertained motion for 5mins of unmoderated discussion

Mr. Oyler moved Mr. Alderfer 2nd

Moved in to 5min Un-moderated discussion at 4:26 pm

Ms Twyford moved to extend by 5mins at 4:31 pm

No Objections

Moved out of Un-Moderated discussion at 4:38 pm

Mr. Brown advised that we will have a resolution available at the next general meeting

Mr. Brown Moved onto the Presidential Climate Commitment

Mr. Brown asked Ms. Boyd about the status of the commitment

Ms. Boyd advised the student body that we are already fulfilling most of the short term goals on the commitment

Mr. O’Neil asked about the possible cost of Green House Gas testing and whether it is prudent to impose the commitment on the next president

Ms. Koneval advised that we should not worry about president sweets signing on the commitment and move ahead knowing that the next president should fall in line with what the campus is interested in

Ms. D’Orio expressed the same concerns as Ms Koneval and believes that we should not let the idea of a new president hold us back from this

Mr. DeMaiolo advised that we are already looking at a president’s commitment to being Green when choosing the next president and this would bode well, but would like ot know costs

Mr. Daugherty advised that we may need ot find outside source for the nature of unbiased approach of GhG testing

Mr. Brown moved to Gmail project

Mr. Mesik said that he has been down for a few days and so deferred to mr. Daugherty for briefing

Mr. Daugherty said that we would need to talk to the campus webmaster to address this issue and make it a possibility

Mr. Daugherty said they have a committee working on finding a solution to the current email system

Mr. Mesik advised us of the current system set-up and what other universities are doing in Ohio

Ms. Twyford advised us that Gary Davenport and Zach Brown are on a panel which is addressing this

Mr. Brown advised that he will pass around a container that reps can place money in for matching United Way funds

Mr. Brown moved into New business


Mr. Brown Opened for New business

Seeing none:

Mr. Brown moved onto Advisors and Member Remarks


Mr. Brown yielded to the Advisors

Dr. Manning gave his words of encouragement

Dr. Cooper gave his words of encouragement

Members gave their remarks on the preceding events



No Members in the Gallery


Multiple motions and affirmations for adjournment


Staff Last Name First Name 9-Nov
STEM Berdis Anthony


Williamson College of Business Alderfer Ben


Health and Human Services Bollas Michael


Freshman Rep Boyd Tabitha


Graduate Studies Brkic John


President Brown Zach


STEM Cullen Marissa


CLASS Daugherty Jack


STEM DeMaiolo Derek


Trustee DeMaiolo Dan


Graduate Studies Doinoff Cassandra


STEM D’Orio Madeline


Education Frank Emily


Freshman Rep Gessler Elyse


Health and Human Services Johnson Roy


CLASS Koneval Joni


STEM Lipp Lindsay


Education Mankey Charles


CLASS McIntyre Justin


Freshman Rep Meditz Ryan


Secretary of Technology Mesick Steve


Fine and Performing Arts Notareschi Genna


CLASS O’Neil Donovan


Williamson College of Business Oyler Ken


Education Peterson Nicole


Education Powlysyn Margo


Graduate Studies Sovesky Robert


VP for Financial Affairs Stafford Sarah


STEM Sujka Brittany


Executive Vice President Twyford Abbie


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