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Minutes for November 7, 2011

SGA Meeting Minutes 11-7-2011

Elyse Gessler called the meeting to order at 4:01

Mr. Vrabel took role.

Ms. Gessler approved the minutes from last meeting

Ms. Gessler moved to Executive business

Ms. Gessler gave the President’s Report

–          Talked about FOE and possible Phone-a-Thon

Mr. McIntyre gave the Vice President’s report

–          Showed the body the advertising for the Last Lecture Series

Mr. Okular gave the Vice President of Financial Affairs

–          Total Appropriations money unused amounts to $21,700

Ms. Benchwick gave the chair report for Student Life Committee report

–          United Way Weeklong Event the week of Nov 14th

–          Asking for volunteers all week

Ms. Benchwick concluded her Report

Ms. Pavlichich gave the chair report for Academic Affairs Committee

–          Registers Office Star Fish early alert system to prevent withdrawals

–          Last Lecture Series

–          Ohio Link Library Sub-committee

Ms. Pavlichich concluded her report

Mr. White gave the Chair report for University Affairs Committee

–          Backing off reforming Academic Advising until next semester

–          YSU email transferring to Events Calendar style system (limiting emails)

Mr. White concluded his report.

Ms. Carney gave the Chair report for Financial Appropriations Committee

–          Ms. Carney asked for member to speak on behalf of their appropriations

Ms. Carney concluded her report

Ms. Gessler moved to Unfinished Business

Ms. Gessler moved to new Business

–          Body Voted on SBF 2011-7

–          Passed Unanimously

Gallery Remarks

Advisor Remarks

–          Bring Ideas to brainstorm with advisors

Members Remarks


Ms. Gessler adjourned the meeting at 4:23

Members not in attendance:
Ellis, Katherine (excused)
Gessler, Patrick (excused)
Hardy, Deanna (excused)
Justice, Lily (excused)
Rogers, Molly (excused)

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