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Minutes for November 5, 2012

SGA Meeting Minutes 11-05-2012

Cory called the meeting to order at 4:01PM

Guest Speaker: Gary Davenport, Organizing Fellow, MVOC

–       North side of campus improvements

–       “Food desert” à No fresh food nearby

–       University Circle, near Cafaro House,  would offer fresh foods on the north side of campus

–       Surveys distributed to SGA body

Caroline took role

Cory approved the minutes from last meeting

Cory moved to Executive Business

Cory gave the President’s Report

– OOHLALA Costume contest is going on through November 17th

– T-shirts are in Cory’s office

– Campus Rec survey about tobacco use à Looking to implement a “smoke free” campus, SGA representatives are needed to assist them in this process

– Food & Nutrition cookbook available for sale

– Financial Appropriations committee met, looking to increase the budget over a 4 year period. Hope to have details finalized by next body meeting

Cory concluded his report

Justen gave the Vice President’s Report

– Thank you to Student Life Committee for SGA Homecoming Tailgate

– SGA tables new schedule is made, will be emailed soon

Justen concluded his report

Catie gave the Vice President of Financial Affairs Report

– 48.62% of budget left

– We have funded 25 organizations

Catie concluded her report

Caroline gave the chair report for Student Life Committee

– Thank you to volunteers of the SGA Homecoming Tailgate and Meet the Reps night

– Remainder of the semester: School supply drive for Campbell Elementary School

à Committee competition, whichever one raises the most will be rewarded

– Issues regarding booking The Stadium Club are being taken care of

Caroline concluded her report

Nicole gave the chair report for Academic Affairs Committee

– Last Lecture Series: Next Tuesday at 5:00 PM

– Planners à Still communicating with the Bookstore

Nicole concluded her report

Alyssa gave the chair report for University Affairs Committee

– Plan to make calls to meet with different community members regarding fresh food

– Still investigating Cushwa smell issue

– Escorting services have not been escorting students from the doors, looking into this issue

Alyssa concluded her report

Charesse gave the chair report for Financial Appropriations Committee

– Representatives of organizations spoke on behalf of their events

Charesse concluded her report

Cory moved to Unfinished Business

–       None

Cory moved to New Business

A.)   A Bill (SB F 2012-4) Appropriations

Motion to open discussion on bill:

1st– Justen

2nd– Multiple

Catie mentioned that $600.00 was an appropriate new amount to give to Project Learning Around The World organization to cover suitcase fee

Motion to close discussion

1st– Elyse

2nd– Justen

A Bill (SB F 2012-4) passed unanimously with 5 abstention

Gallery Remarks

Advisor Remarks

Members Remarks


Motion to adjourn meeting

1st Nikki

2nd Mark

Cory adjourned the meeting at 4:45 PM

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