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Minutes for November 23, 2009

The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. Zachary BROWN) called the meeting to order at precisely (4:03pm)

Mr. O’NEIL took roll call. [See: Attendance list is attached.]

Mr. BROWN summarized the meeting’s agenda and without objection the agenda and previous meeting’s minutes were approved.

Mr. Brown Moved into Executive Business


Mr. Brown gave his presidents reports

Mr. Brown Yielded to VP for Financial Affairs Ms. Stafford

Ms. Stafford gave her report

Advised that we are at 53% of our budget for the year


Mr Brown Yielded to Student life

Mr Brkic gave reports for Student Life

No questions

Mr. Brown Yielded to Academic Affairs

Ms. Koneval gave committee report

Yield to questions

Mr. Brkic asked about Student academic progress curriculum sheets

Mr. Brown yielded to University Affairs

Mr. Daugherty gave committee report

Mr. Daugherty yielded to questions

Mr. Brown yielded to Financial Affairs

Mr. McIntyre gave report then yielded to

Dana Guitar Association: 30secs

Moon Buggy Society: 30Secs

UNA-USA-YSU: 30secs

Youngstown Percussion Collective: no one present

Society of Automotive Engineers: 30Secs

Ms. Twyford gave her oral report

Se asked students to think about definition of an Urban Research Institute

Mr. Brown closed discussion on Executive Reports and moved into Unfinished Business


Mr. Brown asked for motion to bring the Budget and Appropriations Restructuralization Committee to discussion

Mr. Brown advised members of the changes made to the Budget and Appropriations Restructuralization Committee

Mr. Brown brought up presidential climate commitment

Ms. Boyd advised about YESS(Youngstown environmental sustainability society??)

Ms. Boyd informed the body that she found a website that can calculate the GhG emissions for free

Mr. Brown yielded to Mr. Mesik and Mr. Daugherty to talk about Gmail project

Mr. Daugherty advised that mike kreschenko Gary Davenport, himself and Mr. Mesik will be meeting to get this project moving.

Mr. Davenport advised that they want to open dialogue with the students as to their desires for email system on campus

Mr. Davenport brought up climate commitment

Advised that while it won’t cost the university any money, members are concerned that there could be problems with long term commitments and meeting them

Advised that he want to bring this to sustainability committee and look at Things University has already completed to use as proof that university is making progress

Mr. Davenport advised that while the cost of the Audit would be negligible but there will be significant foot work to be done to get such a commitment achieved

Mr. Brown Closed Unfinished business


Mr. Brown Motioned for SB F 2009-07(Appropriation for Student Organizations)

Mr. Meditz 1st Ms. D’Orio 2nd

Ken Moved to close discussion Ms. D’Orio 2nd

Mr. Brown Moved to vote, all in favor, no opposition, no abstentions

Mr. Brown entertained motion to discus SR F 2009-04

Ms. Twyford 1st

Mr. Dan DeMaiolo wanted clarification on how this could be included in tuition increase

Mr. Brown advised that he has been talking to board and the optimal way to implement this would be to tag it along with Tuition Increase

Mr. Brkic advised that Pitt students are assessed a fee of 178$ in student fee fund

Mr. Dan DeMaiolo said that it was played off wrong and we should have had a student forum

Mr. Brown Advised that SGA is not trying to pickpocket students

Mr. Derek DeMaiolo asked how SGA will fill the new committee if the Bill passes

Mr. Dan DeMaiolo asked why some of this large budget wouldn’t be directed towards Penguin Productions or Student affairs

Mr. Brown advised that this $300k would be able to be utilized fully by SGA

Ms. Twyford talked about the three options and that if it went to student referendum it would take till 2011 for for it to be enacted

Ms. Koneval talked about how the jump from 30k-300k would not harm our ability to function

Ms. D’Orio talked about utilizing that extra money as a Scholarship to show our responsibility with any extra end of year funds

Ms. D’Orio motioned to close Ms. D’Orio 2nd

Ms. Twyford moved for roll call vote

Mr. O’Neil took a roll call vote

Vote passed 21 in favor 0 opposed 0 abstentions

Mr. Brown expressed his joy at the unanimous passage of the Budget and Appropriations Restructuralization Committee by exclaiming that he will send out an E-Mail

Mr. Brown moved onto Advisors and Member Remarks


Mr. Brown yielded to the Members for their remarks

Dr. Manning gave his words of encouragement

Dr. Cooper gave his words of encouragement


No announcments


Gary Davenport was pleased as punch to be working with SGA


Multiple motions and affirmations for adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 5:09pm


Staff Last Name First Name 23-Nov
STEM Berdis Anthony 0
Williamson College of Business Alderfer Ben 0
Health and Human Services Bollas Michael 1
Freshman Rep Boyd Tabitha 1
Graduate Studies Brkic John 1
President Brown Zach 1
STEM Cullen Marissa Excused
CLASS Daugherty Jack 1
STEM DeMaiolo Derek 1
Trustee DeMaiolo Dan 1
STEM D’Orio Madeline 1
Education Frank Emily 1
Freshman Rep Gessler Elyse 1
Health and Human Services Johnson Roy 1
CLASS Koneval Joni 1
STEM Lipp Lindsay 1
Education Mankey Charles 1
CLASS McIntyre Justin 1
Freshman Rep Meditz Ryan 1
Secretary of Technology Mesick Steve 1
Fine and Performing Arts Notareschi Genna Excused
CLASS O’Neil Donovan 1
Williamson College of Business Oyler Ken 1
Education Peterson Nicole 1
Graduate Studies Sovesky Robert 1
VP for Financial Affairs Stafford Sarah 1
STEM Sujka Brittany 1
Executive Vice President Twyford Abbie 1

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