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Minutes for November 22, 2010

Minutes for November 22, 2010

The Presiding Officer Mr. Nicholas Meditz called the meeting to order at approximately 4:03pm.

Ms. Stafford took roll call. [See attendance list attached].

Mr. Meditz moved to Executive Business.


Mr. Meditz reported that he is in the process of talking to Tom Totterdale about extended library hours, refreshments. He also discussed the progress of installing the SGA ATM. Reported that SGA will not have meeting on finals week. Instead, next week will be a joint committee and body meeting because the body has some things to discuss as well as voting on absences. Added that we have new students that have applied that can fill those spots.

Mr. Meditz yielded to the Executive Vice President’s Report.

Mr. Mesik reported that he submitted request for SGA to be at SOAR resource fair. Explained the purpose is for reps to talk to incoming freshmen about what SGA does. Noted the difficulty to find exec representatives to fill time slots at fair. Asked reps if they would be available. Also noted this participation will fill constituency activity.

Mr. Meditz yielded to Vice President for Financial Affair’s Report.

Mr. McIntyre delivered report.

Mr. McIntyre yielded himself to questions. No questions.


Mr. Meditz yielded to University Affairs Report.

Ms. Sarich said the committee is still waiting for update on extended library hours confirmation. Last week committee also sorted exam jam bags.

Ms. Sarich yielded herself to questions. No questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to Academic Affairs report.

Ms. DiBernardi said there will be several guests at Monday’s meeting to speak on behalf of YSU 101 course. There is a large issue with uninformed students and wants to help this. Jack Fahey and Dr. Porter, Dr. Gergitz will be at meeting, hopefully work together to come up with a plan to put YSU 101 into action.

Ms. DiBernardi yielded herself to questions. No questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to University Affairs Report.

Mr. Nuzzi reported that the committee discussed accessibility and disability. Also discussed smoking issue on campus. Future parking at YSU was also discussed. Proposed idea of posting a carpool system online where students can post where they are going in hopes this will help students conserve gas. Discussed issue of coffee being too hot and looking into campus solution. Roots and Shoots possible meeting discussed.

Mr. Davenport added that he will have a report about accessibility round table over break and will distribute it.

Mr. Meditz moved to Financial Appropriations Report.

Mr. Okular reported that the committee met with one organization last week.

Mr. Okular yielded time to organizations to speak.

Mr. Okular yielded himself to questions. No questions.

Mr. Meditz asked for any unfinished business. No unfinished business.

No unfinished business.

Mr. Meditz moved to new business.


Mr. Meditz motioned to discuss SBF 2010-07.

Mr. Gessler, Ms. Lipp second.

Mr. Meditz moved to vote on SBF 2010-07.

SBF 2010-07 passes by voice vote. (Ms. Stahl abstained).

Mr. Meditz moved to Gallery Remarks.


No Gallery Remarks.

Mr. Meditz moved to Advisors Remarks.


Dr. Cooper said he is stunned to be between two audacious gentlemen, could not have picked two better people to compliment his lack of wisdom. Two days of classes left, go to them.

Mr. Meditz moved to Members’ Remarks.


Mr. R. Meditz wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to drive safely.

Ms. Passarelli “Happy Thanksgiving”.

Mr. Everly “Happy Thanksgiving”.

Ms. Lipp said this was the shortest meeting we have ever had.

Mr. Beil “Happy Thanksgiving and don’t spend too much money Friday”.

Mr. Nuzzi said he was wondering if we as SGA are a part of Christmas Dinner.

Mr. Adamson “Happy Thanksgiving, ladies have fun shopping.”

Ms. Jalali “Happy Thanksgiving”.

Mr. Davenport said he will have report on Round Table event, that it was all positive and “Happy Thanksgiving”.

Ms. Gessler “Happy Turkey Day” and asked for Toys for Tots donations. Wants SGA to make a big donation.

Ms. Stafford gave advice for online Black Friday shopping.

Mr. Mesik said stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Invited SGA Reps and Academic Senators to work on First Year Experience Proposal. Excited to see things happen in the near future. November 29 will be Academic Affairs meeting.

Mr. Meditz reminded reps to check email about next week’s meeting details and “Happy Thanksgiving”.

Mr. Meditz motioned to adjourn.

Mr. Everly and Mr. Battiest motioned.

Meeting adjourned at 4:23 pm.

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