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Minutes for November 21, 2011

SGA Meeting Minutes 11-21-2011

Elyse Gessler called the meeting to order at 4:00

Mr. Vrabel took role.

Ms. Gessler approved the minutes from last meeting

Ms. Gessler moved to Executive business

Ms. Gessler gave the President’s Report

–          Ask for a semester report from each committee

Mr. McIntyre gave the Vice President’s report

–          Asked committee members to continue spreading flyers

–          Touched on Last Lecture Series Nov 30th

Mr. Okular gave the Vice President of Financial Affairs

–          Total Appropriated funds around 11,000 dollars

Ms. Benchwick gave the chair report for Student Life Committee report

–          Thank you for the can goods

–          Discouraged by the lack of participation with the can food drive

–          Ideas for next semester, May Day, Meet the Reps Night, Leadership Retreat

Ms. Benchwick concluded her Report

Ms. Pavlichich gave the chair report for Academic Affairs Committee

–          Asked for accurate count of the persons attending Last Lecture Series

–          YSU specific date book

Ms. Pavlichich concluded her report

Mr. White gave the Chair report for University Affairs Committee

Mr. White concluded his report.

Ms. Carney gave the Chair report for Financial Appropriations Committee

–          Asked speakers to explain their events

Ms. Carney concluded her report

Ms. Gessler moved to Unfinished Business

Ms. Gessler moved to new Business

–          Body Voted on SBF 2011-8

–          Passed Unanimously

–          Mr. Vrabel opened discussion on the ways we can connect more with the student body

  • Suggestion boxes in housing complex and individual colleges on vairing specific days
  • Discussed Jambar relations, possible columns
  • Bring friends to meetings

Gallery Remarks

Advisor Remarks

–          Make contact with college student advisory council, town hall meetings – Dr. Depoy

–          “We live in one of the most negative parts of the United States attitude wise” – Dr. Cooper

–          Engage with University Community

  • Do or say something nice to someone you don’t know and report back
  • Felt like I was at Park Vista or something.
  • Pick one of the games/cultural events and have a red out
  • Change the attitudes

Members Remarks

“Best Meeting Ever” – Jessica Sarich


Ms. Gessler adjourned the meeting at 4:55

Members not in attendance:
Benchwick, Carissa (excused)
Cutrona, Alessandro (excused)
Hosseininejad, Justin (excused)
Mesik, Stephen (excused)
Popio, Celeste

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