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Minutes for November 19, 2012

SGA Meeting Minutes 11-19-2012

Cory called the meeting to order at 4:01 PM

Caroline took role

Cory approved the minutes from last meeting

Cory moved to Executive Business

Cory gave the President’s Report

-Student success committee met last Tuesday, discussed many recommendations

-Continuing promotion of OOHLALA app, hoping to have 20 clubs and 300 active users soon

-Budget restructuralization à Dr. Anderson is on board, Jambar supports

Cory concluded his report

Catie gave the Vice President of Financial Affairs Report

-Appropriated money for 34 organizations thus far

-A little less than $15,000.00 is left for rest of the year

Catie concluded her report

Caroline gave the chair report for Student Life Committee

-Reminder about school supplies drive

Caroline concluded her report

Nicole gave the chair report for Academic Affairs Committee

-Thank you to everyone who attended Last Lecture Series

Nicole concluded her report

Alyssa gave the chair report for University Affairs Committee

-Nothing to report

Alyssa concluded her report

Charesse gave the chair report for Financial Appropriations Committee

Representatives of organizations spoke on behalf of their events

Charesse concluded her report

Cory moved to Unfinished Business


Cory moved to New Business

A.)   A Bill (SB F 2012-5) Appropriations

Motion to open discussion on bill:

1st– Melissa

2nd– Travis

Motion to close discussion:

1st– Nikki

2nd– Catie

A Bill (SB F 2012-5) passed unanimously

B.)   A Resolution SR F 2012-01

Motion to open discussion on resolution:

1st– Emily

2nd– Catie

–       Cory discussed the purpose and importance of restructuralizing the SGA Appropriations Budget

–       Within 4 years, up to $292,000.00 could accumulate for our budget

–       Formation of an Academic Appropriations Committee aside from Financial Appropriations

Motion to close discussion:

1st– Ashley

2nd– Travis

A Resolution SR F 2012-01 passed unanimously

Gallery Remarks

Advisor Remarks

Members Remarks


Motion to adjourn meeting:

1st– Travis

2nd– Justen

Cory adjourned the meeting at 4:42 PM

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