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Minutes for November 18, 2013

SGA Minutes 11/18/2013

 Carney called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.

Guest Speakers:  Personal Finance

They took an honors course where they had to present on financial literacy.

It is suggested to try to make this class more available for many students in the university to take.  Currently, the only other similar course is upper division in the business college.

Pavlichich took the roll.  There are 36 voting members present at the start of meeting.


Minutes and agenda approved with no objections.


President’s Report:

Catie and Michael met with President Dunn and updated him on SGA projects and he updated us on his agenda.  He really liked the idea of a student tab on the myYSU portal.


Catie and Michael met with Abbie Twyford, the 2008-09 SGA Executive Vice President. 

She is now the Student Activities Coordinator at Eastern Gateway Community College.  She wanted the EGCC Student Senate to team up with YSU SGA on a service project or some kind of collaboration; however, this most likely will not occur until next semester.


Catie and Michael met with Cassandra Twoey (Editor-in-Chief) and Josh Medore (Managing Editor) of the Jambar.  They talked about ways to inform the student body about the services the Jambar offers to students.  We committed to working together more to help the student body.


Catie, Michael, and Alyssa Olmi met with Jack Fahey and Sue Davis from admissions.  Admissions is on board with helping our ad-hoc committee.


Catie asked if there are any graduating seniors this semester so we can get them their SGA cords.

Katherine Ellis is the only graduating senior this semester.


Constituency logs are due on Friday, December 6 at 4:00 pm.  They are due to Nicole Pavlichich so contact her with any questions (


If anyone has pictures of SGA events or student organization events that you are a part of (especially ones SGA has funded!), please email them to Joe Mikolay (



Executive Vice President’s Report:

Last Lecture Series is Tuesday, November 19th at 3:30 pm in the Auditorium in Williamson.


Meet the Reps events have been completed at least once in each college.  We are making improvements to get more responses and to make it easier.


Michael had an informal meeting with Dr. Buckler regarding the curriculum sheets.  Dr. Buckler is still working on getting them together and working on website.  He said the university is putting undergraduate bulletin online and was told he can’t put curriculum sheets online that are different than what is in the bulletin.  He was also told by webmaster that the website needed to be disability friendly so that it could be read to people and PDF’s don’t work with this so basically told him to redo the entire thing.  Dr. Buckler is working through these and asked for our support.  The academic affairs committee will be looking at the preliminary website design to see what should be added or taken away.


The Academic Standards Committee of Academic Senate met.  They discussed the excused absence policy which defines what an excused absence would be (University sponsored event, government required event, documented personal illness, religious observance, death of immediate family).  It will also provide a procedure where the sponsor of event gives students signed letters and takes care of handling any disputes with instructors, instructor informs student what they missed, allow for a makeup, and resolve conflicts with the sponsor, and students must notify the instructor, provide documentation to the instructor for the absence, and be responsible for all material and assignments/tests missed.  They also changed language so that not open admissions but rather open access in the conditional admissions policy.  There will be a committee for conditional admittance to determine conditional admittance or other criteria to gain admittance into the university.  More information will come as it is available.


During the Labor Management Council meeting, the budget was discussed.  It started with $1.9 million of debt and now at $6.5 million (situation dire and needs to be addressed), another law trying to work its way through that would basically put all the universities in the state in academic watch.  They are using the savings plan (energy savings, decrease in operating expenses (both mandatory and voluntary), voluntarily giving up vacation and furlough days).  There are unknowns include state funding amount that we’ll get and Spring enrollment/ retention but they are not necessarily looking for an increase in enrollment, but rather less of a drop in enrollment.  There was a clash between unions and administration over the way that the voluntary furlough day program was released.





Vice President for Financial Affairs Report:

For the Chartwells budget, we have $3,914.00 remaining in our budget.  Prior to today’s appropriation, we have 24.38% of our budget remaining.  We have funded 44 different organizations with a mean appropriation of $793.73.  $34,924.05 has been appropriated with $10,196.95 remaining in our budget.


Committee Chairs Reports:

Chair of Student Life Report

The committee discussed possible locations, dates and times of a SGA get together during the meeting but after further review with student activities we unfortunately will no longer be hosting this social event due to the limitations on our SGA budget.


The committee will hold extended library hours during finals week. SGA will need to staff the hours of 10pm to 12am on MTW (12/09/2013, 12/10/2013, and 12/11/2013).   A signup will be going around next committee meeting.


The fall service project will officially be a coat drive.  SGA was able to team up with the Mahoning Valley Rescue Mission and One warm coat.  Jen Reghetti will be receiving all of our advertising items this week to be able to put out around the community and campus.  Jen will be talking to the deans of colleges to ask permission to set up barrels in those colleges for our coats.  Jen was in contact with Eastwood Mall and Southern Park mall asking their permission to place barrels there as well but she is still waiting to hear back from them.  We will release our information to all local newspapers and news stations- it is their decision if they would like to put it out to the public. We will stop collecting coats on campus during finals week but the barrels will remain up throughout the community (as of right now the malls).  We have permission to use SGA logo, Mahoning Valley Rescue Mission logo and One Warm Coat’s logo.  ComDoc will be printing out flyers for our service project.  Watch twitter and facebook for updates.  If you see it up like it, share it, retweet it. Get the word out there! Caroline mentioned teaming up with Eastern Gateway Community College, she has been in contact with someone from there but nothing is official yet with that. As soon as Jen gets approval from deans our coat drive will begin!


Chair of Academic Affairs Report

Michael introduced the idea of a gift of appreciate for Dr. Cooper from the committee for Last Lecture Series.  Suggestions were given by the body but no final decision was brought forth.


The academic affairs committee will be putting on a “Meet the Reps” day on campus.  Sean, Kristi, Nicole, and Michael all agreed that campus wide advertising along with multimedia will be the best approach to maximize the number of attendees.  Emily presented a concern that these events can be “pestering” to some students.  The board is still deliberating on how to make this even fun but yet informative to the student body.


Chair of University Affairs Report

The committee had two guest speakers:  Ken Schindler (Associate Vice President

and Chief Technology Officer) and Bob Tupaj (Web Manager).  They gave a presentation on how they are going to be replacing entire portal, but is lengthy process.  The current portal was implemented in August of 2006.  Although no current time line in place to replace portal, the 1st step was to upgrade/ replace the email system but the portal needs to be replaced.  Many student concerns were brought up including:  whole new system or just an update to current, new portal system, SGA control of “for students by students” tab, portal designed for internal access, involving student discounts, legal processes with discounts of any type, portal appearance, how the portal is to get things done and website to market, better to replace whole portal than update, slightly wordy and cluttered, single sign on (cannot replace because portal is too outdated), email system, evolving so that major and college specific notifications can be made, and an E-Calendar.


The calendar was just launched 11/4/13 and is linked from YSU home page.  It offers links for sporting events, YSU events, organization events, important dates, etc.  We can request to have organization event added to calendar by clicking on link off home page.  They would like to form a student run focus group to better help with feedback about YSU web entities.  Bob will return when a timeline gets set in place.


Chair of Financial Affairs Report

There are eight organizations asking for appropriations for today’s bill.  Should all sections pass, $2,635.96 will be appropriated.  Sections 1 and 5 were voted on and passed via an electronic vote due to Veteran’s Day.  Members from Men’s Club Volleyball, Catholic Student Association, YSU Bowling Club, YSU Future Physical Therapists Society, Health and Physical Education Majors Club, and Tau Beta Pi were present.  Members from National Panhellenic Council were not present.


Unfinished Business

There is no unfinished business.


New Business

A Bill (SB F 2013-06)

Motion for open floor for discussion: Bosela first, Ellis second.

Motion to close floor for discussion: Bosela first, Orr second.

Motion to divide the question: Bosela first, Pavlichich second.

Section 1: Men’s Club Volleyball is appropriated the sum of $75.00 to defray the cost of the tournament fee for the Slippery Rock Volleyball Tournament which will be November 17th, 2013. This event will be held at Slippery Rock University. The entire team is expected to attend.

Yes: 30                                    No: 0                         Abstentions:  0

Section passed via electronic vote.


Section 2: Catholic Student Association is appropriated the sum of $220.96 to cover the cost of food for the Pancake Study Break which will be during finals week of Fall 2013. This event will be held at the Newman Center. Two hundred to three hundred (200-300) people are expected to attend.

Yes: 37                                    No: 0                         Abstentions:  0

Section passed.


Section 3: YSU Bowling Club is appropriated the sum of $450.00 to cover the cost of the entry fee for the Shippensburg Classic which will be December 7th and 8th, 2013. This event will be held in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The entire team is expected to attend.

Yes: 36                         No: 0                         Abstentions:  1

Section passed.


Section 4: YSU Bowling Club is appropriated the sum of $450.00 to cover the cost of the entry fee for the Buckeye Baker Classic which will be January 25th and 26th, 2014. This event will be held in Columbus, Ohio. The entire team is expected to attend.

Yes: 36                                    No: 0                         Abstentions:  1

Section passed.


Section 5: YSU Future Physical Therapist Society is appropriated the sum of $240.00 to cover the cost of security for the Welcome to the Jungle Kickball Tournament which will be November 17th, 2013. This event will be held in the WATTS center. Two hundred (200) people expected to attend.

Yes: 27                                    No: 0                         Abstentions:  3

Section passed via electronic vote.


Section 6: National Panhellenic Council is appropriated the sum of $500.00 to defray the cost of registration for the Central Fraternal Leadership Conference which will be February 6th through 9th, 2014. This event will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana. Five (5) members are expected to attend.

Yes: 28                                    No: 0                         Abstentions:  9

Section passed.



Section 7: Health and Physical Education Majors Club is appropriated the sum of $300.00 to cover the cost of registration for the OAHPERD Conference which will be December 5th and 6th, 2013. This event will be held at Kalahari Indoor Waterpark in Sandusky, Ohio. Fifteen (15) members are expected to attend.

Yes: 37                                    No: 0                         Abstentions:  0

Section passed.


Section 8: Tau Beta Pi is appropriated the sum of $400.00 to defray the cost of the dinner service for the Tau Beta Pi Initiation Dinner which will be December 2nd, 2013. This event will be held in the Presidential Suite. Seventy (70) people are expected to attend.

Yes: 35                         No: 0                         Abstentions:  2

Section passed.


Motion to close the floor for new business:  Yazvac first, Tancabel second.


Gallery Remarks

There are no gallery remarks.


Advisors’ Remarks

Driscoll:  The Tunnel of Oppression all week in the Presidential Suites from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (8:00 pm on Thursday).


Becker:  Good luck to all students.


DePoy:  Keep going with meet the reps events.  Come to Last Lecture Series tomorrow.


Members’ Remarks

Wasser:  Toys for Tots – see Melissa


Reghetti:  Psi Chi is collecting canned foods – see Jen


Orr:  water bottle refill stations for Kilcawley Center ($300 – $500 per station)


Pavlichich:  turn in constituency logs



            Driscoll:  crash day is Friday


Carney motioned to adjourn the meeting:  Andriko first, Vrabel second.


Meeting adjourned at 4:41 pm.