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Minutes for March 31, 2014

SGA Minutes 3/31/14

Catie called the meeting to order at 4:01 pm.


Guest Speaker:

Brittany Montgomery – Graduate Assistant, Student Activities

                The CSP is looking for SI Leaders and Peer Tutors.

If anyone would like to participate in the Say Yes Campaign video, email Brittany Montgomery (

There is a Student Activities survey online on the SGA Facebook page.


Nicole took the role.  There are 41 voting members present at the start of meeting.


The minutes from the previous meeting and agenda were approved with no objections.


Executive Business:

President’s Report:

There was an incident at an off campus apartment on Ohio Ave. on Friday, March 21st.  Police responded to the situation in a timely manner, however no YSU Alert was sent out.  Catie contacted Chief Beshara early last week to find out more regarding this situation and found out that Beshara himself did not find out about the incident until Saturday morning.  At that time, he made the decision NOT to send out an YSU Alert because a considerable amount of time had passed since the incident and there was no ongoing threat.  The YSU supervisor on duty at the time of the incident should have issued/ordered a “Timely Warning”.  “Timely Warnings” are triggered by crimes that have already occurred but can represent an ongoing threat. [This would be an email, NOT a text message]  YSU Police has ordered an internal investigation into the supervisor’s actions that evening to discover why a “Timely Warning” was not issued.


SGA has been given the OK to repaint the penguin fire hydrants around campus.  YSU Grounds will be providing paint and materials needed for this initiative.  However, we need to wait until the weather gets warmer to do so.  The University Affairs committee will have more to discuss about this.


During the SOAR Orientation for Fall 2014 freshmen, Student Government Association participates in three sessions throughout the day (Welcome Session, Get Connected Session and Resource Fair).   Catie has had many incoming students approach me at SOAR orientations to tell her that they come from high schools that SGA has visited within the last year.  This is a testament to how well high school visits are going so thank you Alyssa and the Ad Hoc Committee!


Catie and Michael met with Mr. Gary Swegan to talk about enrollment and where YSU stands for Fall 2014 semester.  According to YSU enrollment statistics:

  • Top Feeder High Schools (2013): Boardman, 134; Austintown Fitch, 88; Poland, 81; Hubbard, 73; Canfield, 64; Struthers, 64.
  • 95%+ of YSU freshman come from a median distance of 8 miles from campus.
  • 25% of Fall 2014 students came from just SIX high schools (listed above)

He is very impressed by our SGA high school visit initiative with more information to come.  He will be meeting with Alyssa later this month to discuss our efforts in further detail.


A student approached Catie last week, wanting SGA to speak with YSU Campus Rec about a policy for active servicemen and women to get a discount pass or free pass to the rec.  This student says that the YMCA gives them two free weeks.  This student thinks that a policy like this is something that a “Veteran Friendly” campus like YSU should provide.

Hagan:  Is this a free membership or a one-time thing?

                Malsch:  Is this an YSU student?

                Orr:  I’ll email the Joy Byers to find out.


SGA Elections are April 1st and 2nd online through your YSU Portal. Good Luck to all candidates!  Don’t forget to spread the word about our Constitutional Amendment change (this WILL be on the ballot!).


                Executive Vice President’s Report:

SGA Last Lecture Series speaker this semester will be Attorney Ron Slipski.  It will be held on Tuesday, April 8th at 3:30pm in the Cushwa Auditorium.  The Facebook event is now up!  Please invite your groups, organizations and peers to attend this event.


Joe and Michael began working on the Student Tab in the YSU Portal.  They are moving forward with trying to make it look nicer and get the bugs worked out.  He will meet with Bob Tupaj when it is ready to get it live.


Michael met with John Young and Dave Kitt regarding the pay-to-print stations at Kilcawley Center info desk.  The colleges get money from lab fees to pay for printing.  Kilcawley pays for its own supplies based on the money they charge to use the printers.  He is drafting a proposal to try to get Kilcawley some money from the lab fees fund to help pay for printing.


The next meeting for Academic Senate will be on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 in Debartolo Lecture Hall.  The Academic Programs Committee has approved 25 updates.  The Senate Executive Committee Meeting discussed a new law that would implement an increase in faculty workload.  The Academic Standards Committee Meeting discussed the Excused Absence Policy Update.  Michael met with the unions and they are on board for this.  This will be brought up in the new contract negotiations.


VP for Financial Affairs Report:

$3,998.00 has been appropriated from the Chartwell’s budget with $1,066.00 remaining.  $43,412.01 has been appropriated from the general budget with $2,693.99 remaining.  If the bill passes in its entirety, there will be $2,217.94 remaining in the general budget and $210.00 remaining in the Chartwell’s budget.



Committee Chair Reports:

Chair of Student Life Report

A SGA service project was briefly talked about and the committee is considering working with university affairs and touching up the Pete Fire Hydrants.


A SGA end of the year retreat was tentatively scheduled for April 25th from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm in either Kilcawley Center or the stadium club.  This will include all old and new members.


Ian and Robert from Sigma Chi talked about their event Aquacade on May 3rd from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm in Beeghly.  Contact Ian Friend for more information at 330-568-0423.  Solo event is $4 per each event and team registration is $2 per team member per event.


Chair of Academic Affairs Report

The committee members were assigned to talk to their department chairs to find out how their department does class scheduling.  The math department schedules around the ‘STEM’ program, specifically Engineering.  For Creative Arts and Communication majors, classes are more of ‘build-your-own’ due to variety in majors.  Foreign language is creating a new system for scheduling.  If anyone has any concerns about scheduling in their department, email Sean Meditz (


The committee discussed +/- grades.  Some of the members of Academic Affairs Committee in Academic senate say that they feel bad giving a student who has a ‘90’ an A while someone that has a ‘96’ has an A.  This is being postponed till next year; however, we will be asking students how they feel about this in the future.  Again, this committee’s overall all consensus is that will hurt the students more than help.


Chair of University Affairs Report

Regarding the repainting of the Penguin Fire Hydrants, the committee thought of making hashtag so it’s a more catchy of a campaign.  They will have students use hashtag to post pictures of hydrants that need redone.   This will also increase student involvement.


The committee took a field trip to see the SGA Garden space that will be cleaned up.  They will need to mulch, weed, plant flowers, and paint benches.


Eat’n Park offers a 10% student discount in Austintown and Warren.


Politsky:  April 26 and April 27 are tentatively set for fire hydrant painting.

Ad Hoc Report

Boardman, Canfield, and East were visited recently.  If you are going to Springfield or Howland, watch your email because there may be a change.  Alyssa encourages people to visit at least one school, especially if you haven’t visited one yet.


Chair of Financial Affairs Report

There are five organizations up for appropriations on today’s bill.  There were representatives present from:  Minority Education Association, Alpha Epsilon Delta, YSU Ultimate, Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematical Honorary, and Penguin Review.


Unfinished Business:

There is no unfinished business.


New Business:

A Bill (SB S 2014-04)

Motion to open the floor for discussion on new business:  Yazvac first, Phillips second.

Motion to amend section four (10 members to 12 members):  Mraz first, Tancabel second.

Motion to open the floor for discussion on SB S 2014-04:  Bosela first, Greathouse second.

Motion to divide the question:  Malsch first, Edgell second.

Section 1: Minority Education Association is appropriated the sum of $256.00 to defray the cost of food and security for the Open Mind Open Mic which will be April 8th, 2014. This event will be held in the Ohio Room. Fifty (50) students are expected to attend.

YES:  40               NO:  0                   ABSTENTIONS: 1

                Section passes.


Section 2: Alpha Epsilon Delta is appropriated the sum of $400.00 to defray the cost of catering for the YSU Health Professional Alumni Dinner which will be April 23rd, 2014. This event will be held in the Ohio Room. Fifty (50) people are expected to attend.

YES:  41               NO:  0                   ABSTENTIONS:  0

                Section passes.


Section 3: YSU Ultimate is appropriated the sum of $300.00 to cover the cost of the entry fee for the Ohio D-1 Conference Championships which will be April 12th and 13th, 2014. This event will be held in Versailles, Ohio. Seventeen to twenty (17-20) members are expected to attend.

YES:  41               NO:  0                   ABSTENTIONS:  0

                Section passes.


Section 4: Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematical Honorary is appropriated the sum of $76.05 to defray the cost of hotel expenses for the MAA Regional Conference which will be April 4th and 5th, 2014. This event will be held in Toledo, Ohio. Ten (10) members are expected to attend.

YES:  35               NO:  0                   ABSTENTIONS:   6

                Section passes.


Section 5: Penguin Review is appropriated the sum of $300.00 to defray the cost of food for the Penguin Review 2014 Reading which will be May 7th, 2014. This event will be held at Youngstown State University. Seventy-five or more (75+) people are expected to attend.

YES: 40                                NO:  0                                  ABSTENTIONS:  1

                Section passes.

Kayla Richey:  Chief Beshara wants to create a student security group to meet and discuss concerns.

There is unanimous support for this.

This should be a monthly meeting and it can be changed later as the committee becomes more established.

Motion to close the floor for discussion on security committee:  Andriko first, Gocala second.


Motion to open the floor for discussion on study lounges:  Gessler first, Leonard second.

Individuals in Bliss have brought up the lack of a lounge in Bliss Hall. 

                We have not heard anything yet from Facilities.

Leonard:  There is a lounge on the second floor that can accommodate 20-30 people but people tend to congregate in the lobby.

Orr:  There is an absence of tables and benches in Bliss.

Meditz:  Does Dean DePoy have any comments on this?

DePoy:  There is no water supply for dining in the lobby.  There is a need for a general seating area throughout the building.  There are students in the building just about 24 hours a day and there should be something done to assist this.  However, there are fiscal challenges that we are discussing. 

Orr:  Who can we contact to find out if there is an overstock of desks?

Carney:  The University Affairs committee will look into this.

DePoy:  My ideal is to have matching, new furniture due to a great amount of foot traffic.  I also want some sort of food provider in the building. 

                Motion to close the floor for discussion on study lounges:  Edgell first, Davis second.


Motion to open the floor on discussion regarding the SGA Debates:  Lamping first, no second.

Carney:  This is overruled because the elections committee is not here.


Motion to open the floor on discussion regarding elections:  Lamping first, Malsch second.  One opposition.  A majority of the body does not approve this; therefore, there will be no discussion.


Motion to open the floor on discussion of bathroom sinks:  Koury first, Tancabel second.

Koury:  The water temperature doesn’t work in many bathrooms in Ward Beecher.

Orr:  There has been an increase in concerns that are being brought up with facilities.  Maybe University Affairs should take a survey of campus to find out the concerns and rank them to be addressed.

Carney:  Koury, will you call?

Sacco:  I think facilities is aware of the problems but they lack the funding to address them.  They are greatly understaffed.

Meditz:  Add in the coat hangers in bathrooms when Koury calls.

Shehadi:  It is good that SGA is addressing these issues but we lack the funding to do these.  We have greater needs than the funding we have.  There are greater needs in regards to maintenance. 

Motion to close the floor on discussion of bathroom sinks:  Malsch first, Bosela second.


Motion to close the floor on new business:  Bosela first, Phillips second.




Gallery Remarks:

There are no gallery remarks.


Advisors’ Remarks:

Driscoll:  Elections will occur through the Portal.  Please be respectful throughout the process.  Another forum was not scheduled because not all parties could be present.  Live on Lincoln will occur on May 1.  There will be more details as they become available.

DePoy:  There was good discussion today about facilities.  There may be discussion about what is planned and maybe SGA can find out what processes are being addressed and done to make a dent in the list of priorities.


Members’ Remarks:

                Bosela:  Please vote and make informed decisions.

Shehadi:  The Youngstown Neighborhood Development Commission is having a discussion on April 16 at 6:00 pm.  Melissa and Eric attended the Student Trustee conference and he applauds SGA for having a great relationship with the trustees.

Tancabel:  Can we get statistics on elections this year?

Orr:  There is a $60 fee in our student fees specifically for use of the rec.  An individual can purchase a guest pass for $10 a day if they are accompanying an YSU student.  The rec center does not currently have the resources to accommodate opening up to the public or non-YSU student veterans.

Gocala:  The Biology Club is having a bowling event.  Contact Max for more details.

Politsky:  Gary Swegan put together an enrollment management council.  They met today and we will hear more updates from them.

Carney:  We are living proof that we care about SGA and this university.  Keep working for the rest of the semester and we can be a positive force on campus.



Driscoll:  There will be a fill the hill event for Women’s Softball on Wednesday April 9 at 3:00 pm.


Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Yazvac first, Mraz second.


Meeting adjourned at 5:02 pm.