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Minutes for March 30, 2015

Minutes for SGA Meeting

March 30, 2015

President Slavens is absent. Vice President Briggs called the meeting to order at 4:02 pm. Theresa took roll call. There are 36 voting members present at the start of the meeting. The minutes from the previous meeting and agenda were approved with no objections. Guest Speaker Sam Anderson: Ad Hoc Student committee has finished creating the student handbook. A final copy will go out in the fall semester of 2015. It tells students how to form a student organization, gives recruiting ideas, provides ideas for events and more, and has a full contact sheet. It is very student friendly.Executive Business President’s Report There is more accessible content for students on the new eBulletin. When it comes to plus/ minus grades we need to ask why is it beneficial and what would it change? We should think about the opportunities and feasibility? If it happens it would be grandfathered in, however using multiple systems isn’t possible. We’ll be sending out surveys to faculty and students. Executive Vice President’s Report: An email that was sent out about 4-Year plans confirmed that they’re done. How can we make this available to students? Email to Ken Schindler about plus/ minus grades and what would it take to get it done. He said it would take about 150 hours of labor to finish. It would be a sizable difference, although not impossible. Associate Vice President for Student Success Search Committee will eventually be narrowed down to 3 finalists. Once chosen we will have skype and phone call interviews with them. Vice President for Financial Affairs Report With the passage of SB S 2015_06 we have appropriated to 116 events and 81 Student Organizations. In regards to remaining funds we have used 85% of our general appropriations budget and 75% of our Chartwell’s budget. Committee Chair Reports Chair of Student Life Report PAYO: Clean up Wick Park on Monday, April 13th. We’re looking to fill 2 hour time slots. White ribbons are being passed out during Poverty Awareness Week and pinned during the meeting. More details to come. We want to do a Coffee hour for the spring semester. We also want another Rookery day; contacting/scheduling should be easier this time around. It would be towards the end of the semester so we can go outside (April/May). We could give away iced tea/lemonade, play cornhole (rent from Intramurals), etc. Elections are coming up. Graphics/signage can be used for advertising; big posters for Kilcawley, and smaller sheets for other areas around campus. They will be announced on Student digest, MyYSU Announcement, and Social media. There has been a lack of response from the elections board commissioners; we have emailed Dr. Cooper and are waiting on a response. We’re trying to book 2 debates instead of 1 since we’ve run out of time for questions in previous elections. We will be choosing those dates and verifying ASAP. We discussed the possibility of having Rookery record the session live on the radio, also maybe record and live stream it to the YouTube channel. Chair of Academic Affairs Report We had a Plus/ Minus Discussion and what it could mean. Other colleges have concrete grading scale that makes 92% as an A. Since this is being seriously considered we have to think about possibilities through tech (Ken Schindler), and money constraints. If passed this would have to be grandfathered in with a whole new system. Digital Curriculum Sheets would mean that a Four year plan would be finalized by chairs of the departments. We’ll talk to Kevin Ball for more details. Last Lecture: Frank Sole accepted. We’re looking at the week of April 13th, not the Monday. We’re also looking at Williamson for rooms available, if there are none, than Cushwa is our second option, or Debartlo for a third option. Graphic Work has been put into motion as well as getting in touch with Chartwells for refreshments after the lecture. Advertising for the event will be done through a Facebook event page as well as posters placed on campus. Chair of University Affairs Report There will be a Town Hall Meeting Test meeting on Tuesday, April 21 at 3 PM. This will help us plan better for next year. It will be SGA Executive Board, Advisors, Student Trustees, Food Focus (Tom Totterdale, Kayla Micco) for a questionnaire panel. It will include student reps on the next panels to make sure each college is represented. We will invite Committee of Leaders to attend. There will be a Jambar article to advertise. On the week of April 6 there will be an electronic survey asking for questions to be answered at the Town Hall Meeting. On the week of April 13 we will have a table set up asking for written questions. Each panel member will briefly present on assigned questions from what was accumulated. This will be in Kilcawley in the James Gallery. Structure of Town Hall Meetings: There will be presentations from the panel, open questions and discussion, and general comments and concerns from reps and students. The Town Hall planning assignments includes– room, survey, and fliers. Food incentive maybe pizza and/or Chick-fil-a. Mayor McNally said the Diocese campus may change or expand. This means we may be able to move the traffic light from Elm to Hazel but nothing is for certain yet. Chair of Financial Affairs Report There are 9 organizations up for appropriations on today’s bill. Representatives are present from: YSU Hockey, Student Physical Therapy Association, Society for Human Resource Management, M.I.C. Masters, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Penguin Trombone Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, NPHC (National Pan Hellenic Council), and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Unfinished Business There is no unfinished business. New Business SB S 2015-06 Motion to open floor to discussion on SB S 2015-06: MacGregor first, Davis second. Motion to close floor on discussion: Meditz first, Mraz second. Motion to divide the question: Meditz first, Gessler second. Section 1: YSU Hockey is appropriated the sum of $1000.00 to defray the cost of their ACHA League Fee which is due on May 1st, 2015. This event will be held in Youngstown. Eight (8) students are expected to be involved. YES: 34 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 2 Section 2: Student Physical Therapy Association is appropriated the sum of $500.00 to defray the cost registration for the Ohio Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference (OPTA) which will begin on April 9th, 2015. Thirty (30) student presenters are expected to attend. YES: 36 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 0 Section 3: Society for Human Resource Management is appropriated the sum of $142.00 from the Chartwell’s budget to defray the cost of catering for their First Annual HR Games which will be held on April 8th, 2015. This event will be held in WCBA room 2205. Thirty Five (35) students and alumni are expected to attend. YES: 35 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 1 Section 4: M.I.C. Masters is appropriated the sum of $521.78 to defray the cost of registration for their106th Annual Eastern Communication Association Convention which will begin April 23rd, 2015. This event will be held in Philadelphia, PA. Three (3) students are expected to attend. YES: 36 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 0 Section 5: The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is appropriated the sum of $600.00 to defray the cost of registration for the ScholarCon 2015 which will begin on June 25th, 2015. This event will be held in Orlando, Florida. Five (5) students are expected to attend. YES: 34 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 2 Section 6: Penguin Trombone Society is appropriated the sum of $500.00 to defray the cost of the clinician fees for the YSU Trombone Day which will be held on April 11th, 2015. This event will be held in Bliss Hall. One hundred (100) students are expected to participate. YES: 35 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 1 Section 7: American Society of Mechanical Engineers is appropriated the sum of $600.00 to defray the cost of their conference registration fee for the ASME Student Professional Development Conference to begin on April 17th, 2015. This event will be held in Philadelphia, PA. Fifteen-Twenty (15-20) students are expected to attend. YES: 34 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 2 Section 8: NPHC (National Pan Hellenic Council) is appropriated the sum of $350.00 (200.00 of which is from the Chartwell’s budget) to defray the cost of food, security, and printing for their NPHC Yard Show which will be held on April 29th 2015. This event will be held on the Basketball Court outside of KC. Five (5) student organizations and one hundred (100) YSU student are expected to attend. YES: 36 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 0 Section 9: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is appropriated the sum of $100.00 to defray the cost of campus security for their Annual Formal event which will be held on May 2nd, 2015. This event will be held in the DeBartolo Stadium Club. Sixty (60) YSU students and guests are expected to attend. YES: 35 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 1 PASSES Motion to open floor to discussion on emails: Shehadi first, Philips second. Greathouse: Why didn’t people get the email about the mandatory meetings? I had no idea until I got here today; I could’ve gone today but I didn’t know, and I can’t go tomorrow. Briggs: So, for clarification, we’re discussing the emails sent from the elections board that was supposed to inform people running for office of the mandatory rules meeting. Gordon: I also did not receive the email. I think if it truly affects a lot of us we can make a statement about it or try to make an appeal to the elections board. Briggs: I want to clarify something. I am not in communication with the elections board, as a conflict of interest. I can’t shed any light on this, hopefully others can. Davis: I emailed the commissioner about it and he has yet to get back to me. I told him I couldn’t make the meetings either and I asked if maybe he could send a follow up email? But I don’t know if he did; I also know that some of the emails were wrong. Shehadi: I know that our advisors advise the elections board so I was wondering if they could shed some light on the situation. Has there been any communication with the elections board? I know that quite a few people didn’t receive an email. Driscoll: I’ve been in contact with Donald; he’s the elections board commissioner. He was provided with a database based on the email addresses people entered when they applied online to be considered as candidates. It’s possible there may have been typos, but the addresses used were the ones given on the applications. I’m not sure why some worked and some didn’t. Davis: I know he sent it from his personal account; maybe if he sent it from his YSU account it would make a difference? Driscoll: Sending it from a YSU account would absolutely make a difference. Briggs: The meeting tomorrow is from 11-12:30 in the Hynes room. Tancabel: If you can’t make the meeting then there should be a way for you to at least meet with one of them. There are five of them and they should all be as fluent in the elections procedure. Talking to them one on one should be just as good as going to the meeting. If they tell you that you can’t run because you can’t attend the meeting then other actions should be taken. Edgell: Last year I couldn’t meet with them so I made a separate appointment and everything was fine. Driscoll: Donald did tell me this morning that he would be willing to meet with people one on one. He didn’t realize that there had been a problem with the email. MacGregor: He sent the email at 6:27 Friday night so it really wasn’t convenient. Today we had Y-Experience and I know tomorrow several of us are very busy. So it was just inconvenient. I had to miss class today to go to the meeting this morning. But he did say he was going to send another email this evening. Meditz: There are people on the email list that just didn’t get it. Andrews: I checked all of my folders and I just didn’t get it, not even in my spam accounts. Briggs: I think the elections board should understand the contingencies especially with the amount of people who did not receive the email. They should understand but I cannot guarantee it. Gessler: Since so many people didn’t get the email and so many people can’t make either meeting times, would it be more efficient if we could all meet at the same time with him instead of individually? Driscoll: I’m going to reach out to him and ask him to contact each of you from his YSU account. That should help with the first hurdle. I’ll have him email me since I know you all have received emails from me; I can forward it to you all. But I think Gabi made a great point. If we could identify a few other times to meet with him it would be best to facilitate that as soon as possible. Philips: What actions can be taken if he continues not returning emails? Briggs: I don’t know that there is much that can be done. It’s a self-regulating body so they just need to be able to do the job. Wolfe: How long do the meetings last? Last year they weren’t that long and the information was really dry. Orr: He read some passages regarding rules, went over a few things, asked if there were any questions. We were out in about 25-30 minutes. Chretien: I was going to wait until after class to go, so when I showed up no one was there. Shehadi: I haven’t heard from the board when the voting is. I ask the advisors if there is a plan for the actual election. Briggs: They don’t know when the election is. Driscoll: That’s also something I communicated with Donald about today; he said he had communicated to the elections board asking them to agree upon the two days next week that that will take place. Andriko: Is there anything to be done to contact members not on the body who are running if his email doesn’t reach them? Driscoll: I’ll have him resend on his YSU account then I will follow up on that list to be sure. Mraz: This is an ongoing process, I feel like there is nothing more to do. Motion to close the floor: Meditz first, Philips second. Gallery Remarks There are no gallery remarks. Advisors’ Remarks Driscoll: Congratulations to all students who have been nominated and received awards. April 30th is the Student Awards Banquet, so please be sure to join us for that event. We’ve got lots of events coming up in April. Volunteer Fair is this Thursday from 11am-1pm. Volunteer week is that of April 13th. Becker: The concert Friday was out of this world; it was one of the greatest events I’ve seen in a long time. If you hear about him coming back take the time to go see him. He signed away his winning contract in order to do fundraising concerts like this one. Swegan: Last meeting we had two weeks to go; we were just getting ready to have four early SOAR programs. We’ve had those now; we’re done with early SOAR and we brought in the largest number of people we’ve ever had. We’re opening a new program in May. Things are looking good. Cooper: ABSENT Members’ Remarks Attend the debates, they’re important! Go Vote! Can we get a university wide email notifying people about the debate tomorrow? Pollock room at 6:30 tonight, call in to see about Kasich vetoing the bill. Volunteer fair is Thursday. BWW coupons let’s focus on SGA’s mission statement and the agenda’s. Let’s get things done in the future! Career Fair tomorrow April 16th at Suzie’s Dogs and Drafts, partnering with PAYO 2 speakers for PAYO next week, April 8 and April 10th Announcements Motion to adjourn the meeting: Andriko first, Greathouse second. Meeting adjourned at 4:55 pm.