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Minutes for March 2, 2015

Minutes for SGA Meeting March 2, 2015

President Slavens is absent. Vice President Briggs called the meeting to order at 4:02 pm. Theresa took roll call. There are 34 voting members present at the start of the meeting. The minutes from the previous meeting and agenda were approved with no objections.Executive Business Executive Vice President’s Report In Academic Standards we discussed the Academic Dismissal Policy. There is a possibility of moving to 120 minimum. We had a meeting with Dr. Abraham and discussed increased international focus CIPA. A name change proposal was brought up, possibly involving moving international students. FYE course/ options: the Gen Ed committee will start discussing this. Provost Abraham was not in great favor of this, although, he was in favor of expanding the orientation process. It is important for a system (like Degree Works or similar) to be put into place. This is something important that needs to be done soon; the provost agrees. An email went out about Last Lecture. Please vote, the polls will stay open for a few more days. VP for Financial Affairs Report With the passage of SB S 2015_04 we have appropriated to 107 events and 74 total organizations. We have used 81% of our general appropriations budget and 71% of our Chartwell’s budget. Some interesting numbers regarding events funded are: Social Events- 30, Conference Attendance- 30, Guest Speakers- 8, Sports Competition- 17, Academic Competition- 10, and Philanthropy/Service- 12. For more information please come to Ashley Orr. Committee Chair Reports Chair of Student Life There will be a Rookery Radio event in Kilcawley Center on Monday, March 16th from 10am- 1pm. Music and coffee have been confirmed for the event. A volunteer sign-up sheet will be passed around. Hopefully on the week of April 27th we can have a Student Spotlight for SGA students. We’re waiting for confirmation from Chad Warrick; we will then plan when and how to decorate. A meeting of Leaders was on Thursday, February 26, 2015. The guest speaker was Erik Glasgow from Urban Gaming Club. He discussed some ideas, mentioning that there isn’t enough structure between student organizations, student leaders can improve life on campus, and he also voiced concerns about misconceptions of SGA. PAYO is now in a google document with a list of organizations to contact. Chair of Academic Affairs A new name change has been presented, basically a rebranding. We discussed the possibilities of changing CLASS to CIPA (College of International and Public Affairs). This would redefine the mission of the college and include the international students. This change is similar to the name change of Creative Arts and Communication. The Provost agrees to the changes to include more international students. Last Lecture survey will run for a week, please vote! FYE (First Year Experience) courses would be an hour long. We could also have a better orientation process rather than being talked at for a few hours. There may be an app for this, Jim Tressel has an app in mind. Degree Works Software is a great idea, but so far there is no way to implicate it. It’s easier to visualize degree audits. It improves graduate retention rates. Chair of University Affairs There is a safety app that can track phone through a wireless network on campus, tracks Penguin Shuttles, and gives suggestions for “safest walking paths” and crosswalks indicated. Degree Works is created from Ellucian, the same company as Banner, but it allows audits; however it’s expensive. Sean has a meeting with Dave Ewing about salting and plowing on campus. There’s only so much that can be done, we can’t stop the weather. Other than small air fresheners not much can be done about the sewage/ drainage pipe under the entrance that was there prior to Cushwa. There was talk of have “Town Hall” meetings maybe twice a semester for better transparency. The executive board would attend and at least on representative from each college. It would be similar to meet the reps, only less intimidating. There could be an anonymous suggestion box with readings during the meetings. There would also be appropriate advertising and updates. There is an editorial in the Jambar expressing concern. A YSU lawyer said they are comfortable mandating that the new hires go through sensitivity of SafeZone training. Hydrant painting on campus core is starting on April 13th. Chair of Financial Affairs There are 11 organizations up for appropriations on today’s bill. Representatives are present from: Engineers Without Borders, Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honorary, Sigma Chi Fraternity, Club Ultimate Frisbee, Student Recreation Advisory Committee, American Marketing Association: YSU Penguin Chapter, YSU College Democrats, Non Traditional Student Association ,and YSU Geography Club. Unfinished Business By-laws Motion to open floor on discussion on the bylaws: Edgell first, Wolfe second. Tancabel: I went through and read the bylaws and made changes to the numbering; I found that we have a problem because we removed a line from the online voting procedure and did not remove it from the paper ballot. So even though we probably won’t use paper ballot elections, they should both be parallel with each other. Also when we voted on the bylaws last time we included “accountability” for the elections board saying that any member of the YSU student body would be able to bring any charges to the elections board. Shehadi: I think as representatives we need to have a discussion about changing the bylaws in the midst of an election. I think if we vote to change our bylaws in the middle of an election, we are setting a very dangerous precedent for the future. It’s not appropriate for the body to be changing bylaws concerning the elections while we have an election going on. My first question would be, does this take affect this year? Tancabel: Because this has to do with official results, this isn’t going to matter until April after the final polls are closed and the vote counts are certified. This is just for paper ballot, what we’re under now is assuming that the electoral process will be online, so if it is, then what we have is going to be there. But this is only affecting paper ballot as of now. The online procedure takes precedence over the paper procedure. Briggs: As to your second comment, we’re not changing the bylaws; we’re discussing voting on changing them. I do understand the timeline issue. I do think that circumstantially speaking there’s not much harm that could come from this; especially since this body voted to remove an identical section as pertaining to the alternative voting method. Andriko: As a point of clarification, this change is the exact same change we voted on two weeks ago it’s just in regards to a paper ballot? Briggs: Yes. Motion to close floor: Yazvac first, Andriko second. Voting to change process. There are 32 voting members. YES: 23 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 9 PASSES New Business Briggs: Paul Sracic is advocating for a potential name change of CLASS to the College of International and Public Affairs. It would be a new hub for international students; it would be the new identity that the college takes on. Philips: Is the English department getting moved? Briggs: These discussions are really premature; I don’t think there’s been any discussion about moving programs. Davis: Is there some type of presentation from Dr. Sracic? Briggs: Yes there was early this week, so we can more formally look at that too. But the gist of it is basically what was presented here. Catlos: Earlier this month some of the CLASS representatives and I had a meeting with Dr. Kesnter and we discussed this; basically it’s just a marketing change to get rid of stigmas. From my understanding there really isn’t going to be any program changes, all of the programs that are currently in CLASS are going to remain there. Gordon: Would such a change encourage programs that aren’t necessarily international? Briggs: You can kind of market any program in CLASS to be, in some regard, cultural. It’s the College of International and Public Affairs, so it’s a pretty big umbrella. So just remember that these discussions are preliminary. I know some programs have voiced concern that they feel like they don’t fit under that umbrella which makes them candidates to maybe be moved. But this is far from college restructuring. Wolfe: If you are in that college I would suggest talking to the dean or to a chair in the college, to me it seems like a positive move. Again, it’s more of a marketing thing; I don’t think it would be detrimental to the university. Mraz: Is this similar to the CCAC name change? Briggs: I think this name change has a bit more substance because this would be moving the office for international students out of Jones and into DeBartolo. In terms of programs it seems to be more cosmetic. Politsky: It was my understanding that CISP would go under the new quality diversity bubble run by Dr. Imler. Is she included on any of these talks if there are thoughts of moving CISP to Academic Affairs rather than this new division? Briggs: I don’t think it would be moved to Academic Affairs. I don’t think anything changes on an administrative level. I just think where the office is located changes. Politsky: Okay, because I also heard that the office was going to be moved into the newly renamed focus hall where the cultural affairs office would be. So that would create multiple changes. So I’m just wondering if Dr. Imler was included on any of this. Briggs: To my knowledge, no. The conversation that I’m privy to was a conversation had between Paul Sracic and Provost Abraham. Shehadi: I was at the presentation given and there is a bit more substance than changing the name of the school, but I think the administrative change was to take the department and put it under the dean of CLASS/CIPA. If it’s possible can we invite Dr. Sracic or someone to give a brief presentation before the next body meeting? Motion to table discussion: Meditz first, Edgell second. SB S 2015-04 Motion to open discussion on SB S 2015-04: Philips first, Meditz second. Motion to close discussion on SB S 2015-04: Edgell first, Andriko second. Motion to divide the question: Andriko first, Philips second. VOTING Gallery Remarks Thank you for the opportunity and for your time. Advisor’s Remarks Driscoll: The elections board has been identified; the language on the ballot is going out. The email will go out when the poll is open. If you want to save the date for Monday, August 17th for extended orientation, please keep it in mind; we’re looking for great student leaders. Penguin Productions save the date for April 25th. Swegan: No remarks. Becker: Best professional you had a decent turnout, thanks to all who helped. I’ve been put on the FYE agenda. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts please let me know. Cooper: It’s time for Spring Break. Member’s Remarks On Wednesday any documents online will be 100% official. Wednesday March 11th, Board meeting in Tod Hall. April 24th is YSU Scape day Free pancakes tomorrow from 7-9pm Announcements Motion to adjourn the meeting: Philips first, Tancabel second. Meeting adjourned at 4:56pm.