Kilcawley Center, 1 University Plaza, Youngstown, OH 44505


Minutes for March 17, 2014

SGA Minutes 3/17/14

Catie called the meeting to order at 4:01 pm.

Nicole took the role.  There are 36 voting members present at the start of meeting.

The minutes from the previous meeting and agenda were approved with no objections.

Executive Business:

President’s Report:

Thank you to the Student Life committee and everyone who helped with the coffee give-away this morning.


The water fountains have not been installed yet but will be in the next few weeks.


The semester is half way over.  Ask yourself if there is anything you want to accomplish (body or committee) this semester.  We can discuss this during new business.


                Executive Vice President’s Report:

The Last Lecture speaker this semester will be Atty. Slipski.  He has accepted and the committee will be working on advertising material.


The student tab is underway and Michael is working with Joe Mikolay on this.


VP for Financial Affairs Report:

$3,998.00 has been appropriated from the Chartwell’s budget with $1, 0664.00 remaining.  $43,412.01 has been appropriated from the general budget with $2,693.99 remaining.  The committee received an increase to the budget of $985.00.


                Committee Chair Reports:

Chair of Student Life Report

There is no committee report.


Chair of Academic Affairs Report

Last Lecture Series will be held on April 8 at 3:30 pm in Cushwa.


Chair of University Affairs Report

There is no committee report.  Luke is looking into the repainting of the penguin fire hydrants.


Chair of Financial Affairs Report

There is no committee report.


Ad Hoc Report

Thank you to the people who attended the Fitch High School visit.  There is a sign-up sheet that is being passed around for Boardman, East, and Canfield.


Unfinished Business:

There is no unfinished business.


New Business:

Motion to open the floor for discussion on restrooms:  Banks first, Mraz second.

Banks:  During the coffee give-away, some people brought up the state of the restrooms on campus such as a lack of tables and hand dryers.

Wasser:  Is this campus wide or just in Kilcawley Center?

                Banks:  Campus-wide.

                Mraz:  I noticed that a lot of hooks are missing.  Can we find out why?

                Malsch:  This is a concern but all of Kilcawley Center in general needs updated.

Wasser:  In a recent board meeting, Kilcawley Center was not on the list of future campus areas to be updated.  We need to talk to John Hyden in facilities to get this issue addressed.

Yazvac:  There is a coat rack in one of the bathrooms and it is effective.

Standohar:  Would each college need to address this for other buildings?

Carney:  Should we pass this to a committee or talk to the deans?

Politsky:  We should talk to the deans because they are the building managers.

Orr:  Does every college have a student leadership council?  Answer:  No.  Can we have a meeting about this with these councils that do exist?

Carney:  Look at the restrooms this week and report back to us.

Motion to close the floor for discussion on restrooms:  Malsch first, Bosela second.


Motion to open the floor for discussion for printers in Kilcawley:  Mraz first, Tamulonis second.

Mraz:  Why do we have to pay to use the printers at the Info Desk instead of using our prints?

Standohar:  The Info Desk was told that they are not a college so they do not get the same funding.  They have to pay for their own printer and inks.

Mraz:  Who provides for the printers in Maag?

Tamulonis:  In the library, the biggest issue is hours.  Maybe if we talk to the deans about more accessible printers/labs.

Olmi:  Would it be that hard to put in a printer in Kilcawley that accepts the campus prints?

Slavens:  I will look into this.

Banks:  There is a need for this.

Malsch:  We tried to talk to the BCOE about this but we don’t have the finances for this.

Motion to close the floor for discussion for printers in Kilcawley:  Andriko first, Bosela second.


Motion to open the floor for discussion for qualities for the new president:  Wasser first, Mraz second.

Wasser:  What qualities are you looking for in the new president?

Pavlichich:  Someone who understands what Youngstown is and what we are going through and need.

Malsch:  A strong sense of commitment. Someone who has a purpose to be here and someone who has a connection.

Orr:  Are you doing a provost search as well?  Answer:  yes.  Then the provost needs to be able to communicate well and be active on campus.  They need to understand that the purpose is to educate students.

Gocala:  Be personable.

Kridler:  Willing to get involved and listen.  The president needs to focus on students.

Mraz:  Knowing their intentions with the university and their purpose for wanting to work here.

Edgell:  They need to be a good business-person.

Mraz:  Someone the faculty and staff can easily talk to.

Meditz:  They do need a great business background instead of an academic background.

GALLERY:  We are here to get educated and that needs to be a priority. 

GALLERY:  Dunn was present a lot and I want a president personable like this.

GALLERY:  This is a public university and enrollment/funds are a huge deal so we need a jack of all trades.  Someone who can do fundraising and business but academics as well.

Malsch:  Someone who can get people excited.  Future students, current students, and faculty/staff need to be excited to be at YSU.

Gocala:  Someone who can lay the groundwork for a perfect institution.  Someone who can give us a sense of hope.

Olmi:  Someone who takes more of an investment in SGA.

Motion to close the floor for discussion for qualities for the new president:  Orr first, Leonard second.


Motion to close the floor for new business:  Yazvac first, Phillips second.


Gallery Remarks:

GALLERY:  It is important to ask the new president how bad do you want to be here.

GALLERY:  I love the discussion about updating Kilcawley Center.


Advisors’ Remarks:

Driscoll:  Congratulations to all that have been nominated for awards.

Cooper:  It’s not just the restrooms that need to be addressed, it is all of campus.

Depoy:  Talk to the deans when addressing issues.  I want a president who can be a great cheerleader for YSU.


Members’ Remarks:

Shehadi:  The application for student trustee is available.  Ask either Eric or Melissa if you have questions.  We all need to be involved in these searches (president and provost).

Wasser:  Student trustee position is open to both undergraduate students and graduate students as long as you will be a student for the entire two year term.



                There are no announcements.


Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Tancabel first, Phillips second.


Meeting adjourned at 4:49 pm.