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Minutes for January 24, 2011

Minutes for January 24, 2011

The Presiding Officer, Mr. Nicholas Meditz, called the meeting to order at precisely 4:05 pm.

Mr. Meditz said there would be two guest speakers, Dr. Judy Gaines and Mrs. Julie Felix.

Mrs. Felix thanked SGA for the opportunity to speak. She said she planned to speak related to what is going on in terms of academic advising. She said her department sent out survey on academic advising and received about 500 responses, compared to 100 the year before. She added that they received a lot of important feedback. Looked at negative to see what they can improve.  Found issues of faculty advising including inconsistency and trouble contacting advisors. She added they received many senior responses. To help issues created academic advising syllabus to guide new students. Given during SOAR to incoming freshmen. Plan to send survey to faculty related to advising. Had first University wide faculty advising workshop this past fall. All training occurs independently in each college. Continuing to create “who is your advisor” list to alleviate confusion, especially to underclassmen and transfer students. Looking at various advising models, to award and recognize strong faculty advising. Looking for student feedback, above all. Invited students to visit her office to discuss advising input.

Mrs. Felix yielded herself to questions.

Mr. Meditz yielded time to Dr. Judith Gaines.

Dr. Gaines discussed the state’s budget being significantly less next year. Informed body that ten years ago, OPERS changed definition of student. Spring and fall enrollment constituted them as a student through the summer. Suggestion has been made to change policy, students not enrolled in at least one three hour class in the summer not eligible for employment.

Mr. Nuzzi asked if you had to be registered for summer or if spring would be okay.

Dr. Gaines responded that is not sufficient.

Mr. Nuzzi said it would have negative impact for himself.

Ms. Vlad asked if there was a way to merit students who have been attending university to be an exception.

Dr. Gaines said the University is now under tremendous pressure to retain students and have them graduate in time.

Mr. Okular asked if a student would have to be enrolled in one class in each summer semester or just one semester.

Dr. Gaines said just one.

Ms. Justice said it may have negative effect on departments who would lose their working student.

Ms. Gessler said all income would go back to tuition for summer class.

Ms. Okular said it’s in best interest to work on campus.

Mr. Mesik noted long term impact on department. Most work for 7.40 to 7.80 per hour. Many departments would have to find alternative employees and pay them more. By cutting a minimum wage job, many departments will incur this cost. Not bad from some perspectives, but students are a pretty good bargain.

Mr. R. Meditz said plan would work only if departments offer more classes.

Dr. Gaines said plan is a movement to make more.

Mr. McIntyre says he works in the library and cutting some students would have them replaced by students not as productive.

Mr. Biel asked if there was a different rate for summer classes.

Mr. R. Meditz says there is no bulk rate.

Mr. Wesley says he sees no positive impact.

Mr. R Meditz asked if would affect federal work study students.

Dr. Gaines said it probably would not.

Ms. Justice said if a student comes and takes sixteen credit hours, they will not have to take the max credit hours.

Ms. Stafford says a lot of departments would not replace a student worker.

Dr. Gaines said the decision is up to the department.

Mr. Okular asked about rewarding a student for taking the maximum hours.

Mr. Davenport asked if this would affect students on stipends.

Dr. Gaines said it would not impact graduate students but it would for undergraduate students.

Mr. Davenport said it would get sticky with study abroad students.

Mr. Meditz apologized for having to stop discussion.

Dr. Gaines said her extension is 1467 if students would like to talk.

Mr. Meditz sent around card for Dr. Lepak and Zac Robins.

Mr. Meditz yielded time to Ms. Stafford to take roll call. [Attendance list attached]

Mr. Meditz yielded time to Mr. Davenport.

Mr. Davenport clarified email about vice chairs, including duties and responsibilities.

Mr. Meditz asked if there were any questions.

Mr. Meditz yielded to Executive Vice President’s report.

Mr. Meditz yielded to VP Financial Affairs Report.

Mr. McIntyre delivered report.

Mr. McIntyre yielded himself to questions.


Mr. Meditz yielded to Student Life report.

Ms. Sarich yielded herself to questions.

No questions.

Mr. Meditz yielded to Academic Affairs.

Mr. Mesik said Ms. DiBernardi may have had car trouble. Said there is an outline in email that went over discussion of first year experience meeting. Will be reaching for tangible goal to present to senate.

Mr. Meditz moved to Financial Appropriations committee report.

Mr. Okular yielded himself to questions.

Mr. yielded to Mr. Nuzzi.

Mr. Nuzzi said that Up til’ Dawn came to SGA asking them to help out.

Mr. Davenport said that over break he emailed his committee for feedback on email system throughout campus.

Mr. Meditz moved to unfinished business. No unfinished business

Mr. Meditz moved to new business.


Mr. Meditz said Ms. Pavlichich new representative.

Mr. Vrabel said there is he read something about firing students in parking department.

Mr. Davenport said the parking services were not able to retain them for the break and the students who would have worked were out five weeks of pay.

Mr. Meditz asked for more new business.

Ms. Stafford said there are reps with 3 or more absences who are subject to removal.

Mr. Meditz motioned for discussion.

Mr. Meditz yielded time to Mr. Beil to speak.

Mr. Meditz moved to remove Mr. Beil.

Motion fails. No abstentions.

Mr. Meditz moved to remove Ms. Hallapy.

Mr. Beil motions.

Mr. Vrabel seconds.

Motion passes. No abstentions.

Mr. Meditz asked for any new business.

Mr. Meditz moved to gallery remarks.


Mr. Meditz introduced Jenna as the new Jambar reporter.


Dr. Cooper said he is channeling Dr. Manning, and that by tradition, all the work you need to do has to transpire right before Spring Break.

Dr. DePoy said that is great advice.


Ms. Sarich invited students to Up til’ Dawn.

Mr. Everly encouraged everyone to keep Zac Robins and family in thoughts.

Mr. Nuzzi said he is rooting for the Packers.

Mr. Adamson said he agrees about the Packers.

Mr. Anderson said that when the bookstore sends out an email six times it doesn’t make it more effective.

Mr. Beil said thanks for the second chance. Go Packers.

Mr. Wesley said no one likes winners.

Mr. Okular said well wishes to Dr. Lepak.

Mr. Davenport says welcome back.

Ms. Gessler said keep Dr. Lepak and Zac Robins in your prayers and thanked all who came out to Meet the Reps Night.

Ms. Stafford congratulated Mr. Wesley.

Mr. Mesik said he hopes to get more done in spring semester. Channeling advisors, good to keep this in the back of your mind.

Mr. McIntyre said thank you for Meet the Reps night.

Mr. R. Meditz said hope everyone had a good break.

Mr. Meditz said to keep Zac Robbins and Dr. Lepak in your prayers. Will show everyone t-shirt design in the coming week.

Mr. Meditz yielded to announcements.

Mr. Meditz motioned to adjourn.

Mr. Battiest motioned.

Mr. Beil seconds.

Mr. Meditz adjourned the meeting at 4:53pm.

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