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Minutes for January 13, 2014

SGA Minutes 1/13/2013


Carney called the meeting to order at 4:03 pm.

Guest Speaker:  Caitlyn Hicks, YSU Emerging Leader Program

The Emerging Leaders program is hosting workshops that are open to all YSU students.  If you attend at least one workshop, you are entered into a drawing to attend dinner at the Wick Pollock House with Dr. and Dr. Dunn.

Pavlichich took the roll.  There are ­­40 voting members present at the start of meeting.


Minutes and agenda approved with no objections.


President’s Report:

Catie hopes that everyone enjoyed Winter Break and had a good first day back to school.


T-shirts are in and she thanked Joe for designing them.  She also thanked all leadership retreat participants.


Catie and Alyssa Olmi met with Gary Swegan to talk about enrollment and recruitment.  He discussed his plans for YSU and is interested in the school visits that our ad-hoc committee is doing.


We want to hold an International Coffee Hour as an SGA Sponsored Event.  It will be on Friday, February 21st from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm and SGA will provide food.


Emily Bosela passed out a copy of parliamentary procedure.  If you have any questions, see her.


Welcome Week Rock Capitol Live Karaoke and Organizational Fair is this week.  It will be on Tuesday, January 14th from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm in the Chestnut Room, Kilcawley Center.

Executive Vice President’s Report:

Michael is continuing to work with Dr. Buckler on advising.  Dr. Buckler is now allowed to post curriculum sheets online on the advising website. 


For the Academic Standards Committee of Academic Senate, they have almost finalized the Excused Absence Policy.  They will tackle issue of professors making students use their textbook.  Dr. Cooper clarified that the committee is determining if the professor can receive royalties from the sales of these books in their own class.


For the Labor Management Council Meeting, the budget situation isn’t looking good.  They saved about half of what they thought they would from letting people go.  As of most recent numbers, doesn’t look like we had as good of a retention rate as they expected to have coming from fall semester to spring (Spring 2014 enrollment is expected to be 96-97% of what Fall 2013 enrollment was).  They said there’s no way we will finish the year without being in the red.

            Vrabel:  Was there an improvement in the budget from last year?

            Slavens:  So far, yes.


Vice President for Financial Affairs Report:

The committee sent out a survey to all organizations that have been appropriated to the previous semester.


For the Chartwells’ budget, we have $3,514.00 remaining in our budget.  We have 16.14% of our budget remaining.  We have funded 56 different organizations with a mean appropriation of $685.21.  $38,372.01 has been appropriated with $6,748.99 remaining in our budget.


Committee Chairs Reports:

Chair of Student Life Report

The coat drive collected 193 coats last semester.  Thank you to all who participated.


Chair of Academic Affairs Report

            There is no committee report.


Chair of University Affairs Report

There is no committee report.  Luke and Eric Shehadi went to the Youngstown mayor’s inauguration and the mayor is willing to work with SGA.


Chair of Financial Affairs Report

            There is no committee report.


Unfinished Business

            Vrabel:  What is the status of the water bottle filling stations?

                        Orr:  She is still looking into it.

Carney: In most of the surveys, people want the fountains in Kilcawley and the Rec Center.                     




New Business

International Coffee Hour

            Motion to open the floor for discussion: Andriko first, Bosela second.

            Malsch:  Is it always a Friday?

                        Carney:  Yes.

            Adams:  Where is it?

                        Carney:  YWCA.

            Orr:  Is Catie going to speak?

                        Banks:  It’s very informal.

            Motion to close the floor for discussion:  Orr first, Bosela second.

            Vote to have coffee hour:

                        For: 40             Opposed:  0                 Abstentions:  1



            Motion to open the floor for discussion:  Tancabel first, Phillips second.

Carney:  We want to come up with a question each body meeting during new business.  We would then have the representatives go and, get answers, and report back.

Wasser:  Can we use a poll in the YSU portal like we did for homecoming voting?

Driscoll:  It’s a possibility.

Adams:  Can we use social media?

Edgell:  Asking people face to face is better so we can put our faces out there.

Malsch:  If we ask online, we need an incentive.

Andriko:  Asking face to face gives more in depth answers.

Koury:  It depends on the type of question as to how we ask.

Mraz:  Can we do both online and in person?

Meditz:  We need to do everything to hit all demographics.

Carney:  What is our first question going to be?

Tancabel:  What do you think SGA does?

Vrabel:  Most people don’t know what SGA does.

Lamping:  What should SGA do for you?

Tamulonis:  The question should be general and open ended.

Becker:  How can SGA help you with your New Year’s Resolution?

Olmi:  Include SGA’s mission statement.

Adams and Gocala:  No formal language.

Wasser:  List the committees.

Carney:  We have 7 body meetings left.

Meditz:  Suggested interviews over surveys.

Tamulonis:  How can SGA help you?

Carney:  The question will be What could/should SGA do for you?

Orr:  Email the answers to Catie.

Motion to close the floor for discussion:  Phillips first, Gocala second.


Motion to close the floor on new business:  Reghetti first, Greathouse second.

Gallery Remarks

            Jordan Wolfe:  It is important for SGA to get the input of students.


Advisors’ Remarks


Members’ Remarks




Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Wasser first, Davis second.


Meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.

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