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Minutes for January 12, 2015

Minutes for SGA Meeting January 12, 2015

President Slavens called the meeting to order at 4:01 pm. Theresa took roll call. There are 36 voting members present at the start of the meeting. The minutes from the previous meeting and agenda were approved with no objections. Guest Speaker: Amanda Sacco The 2015 Penguin Bowl is on Saturday February 7th, 2015 at Kilcawley Center of YSU. It starts at 8am and ends at 5pm. To sign up to volunteer for this event go to ( then please email Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer of the Dep. Of Geological & Environmental Sciences at . For further questions about this event or how to volunteer please see Amanda Sacco or refer to handout. YWCA Dance-a-thon on March 7th, 2015 from 4-9pm. The event includes prizes, themed music, refreshments, raffles, and dance sessions with performances by professional and cultural dance groups. For more information call (330) 746-6361 ext.112. For additional information on this event please refer to handout.Executive Business President’s Report Young Invincibles is a non-profit organization from Washington DC. They want to decrease tuition rate for college students in the US. It was suggested that there may be some type of rally in Columbus to lobby and meet state legislatures; more details to come. There is a scheduled TEDx event happening on January 23rd in Bliss Hall. Volunteers are needed, if you are interested please stop by the SGA main office and let me know. SASI: Dr. Abraham is making the curriculum sheets a priority. He wants it to be a four year plan. Scheduling for a year is being pushed back a year so details can be worked out; it will (hopefully) be implemented next fall. We’re still talking about some type of student survey to get Comments, feedback, and student participation. Executive Vice President’s Report We had a meeting with the President of Academic Advisers. We learned what position advisors take and what exactly they do. We learned about the initiatives they take. They are on board with the things we were proposing. The Heads of Unions met in a short meeting and talked about budget development. They also talked about international studies and students; maybe making a group for faculty to tie closely to CISP. Jeff Davis will talk to us next body meeting. The by-laws for international students’ will be prepared and ready for us to look at and discuss in two weeks at body meeting. We will be working to get empty seats on SGA filled soon. VP for Financial Affairs Report With the passage of this bill we have appropriated money for 76 (77?)events and 54 organizations. We’ve used 55% (56) of our general budget and 56% of our Chartwell’s budget. Last semester we appropriated $27,335.89, this is about 15% of the total requested funds of $184,307.52. Some types of events we’ve funded are Social Events- 22, Conference Attendance- 20, Guest Speakers- 8, Sports Competition- 11, Academic Competition- 7, and Philanthropy Service- 8. Committee Chair Reports Chair of Student Life We have a Homecoming-type week in the spring, we’re thinking about some type of collaboration with Live on Lincoln? Alyssa talked to Rookery Radio about some type of student morale. A community project idea was discussed with Ashley Orr. An idea from Denver, CO conference is providing clean clothes, food, haircut, etc. to the homeless population. It would be a full university-scale project; huge project for committee to take on. We would try to merge with the Honors Program “Shantytown”. Other volunteer opportunities we talked about were Rookery Radio playing in Kilcawley. We’re going to meet with them in the spring. Alyssa is looking into contacting Rookery Radio. Ciara mentioned snowman building contest / passing out hot chocolate. Ernie mentioned some type of tournament. Chair of Academic Affairs Budget Meeting: The state funds 75% to 25%, they might mandate a drop in cost by 5%. Some ways to save is by not filling faculty/staff vacancies (Cutting programs). Goals for next semester are to have internships fairs for other than engineers. There are journals for Honors (Honors review), people can submit a thesis, poems/ personal works. Two years ago we had tons of library research data bases available, now we have too few. We need JSTOR. We need to think if there is anything we can do. We are asking ourselves what can we do here as a committee, and as the Student Government Association as a whole. Already we have one goal completed. Chair of University Affairs We had a meeting with John Hyden and Lt. Varso. There may not be enough foot traffic to fund a light; it may just have to be moved from Elm to Hazel and be replaced with stop signs. John Hyden will speak with Charles Shasho and ask for a new light. YSUPD have no problem moving the light. Sean is setting up a meeting to discuss the support of the relocation of the light. Sean and Ashley met with Ellen Jones and Dean Mosca to get water bottle refill stations in Bliss and Cushwa (ideally we want one in every building). The priority right now is Cushwa, Moser, Veterans’ Affairs, Debartolo, Beeghly Hall, Lincoln (Meshel, Williamson, Ward-Beecher, Tod Hall, Phelps, housing, etc.) The estimated cost is $1200 per station, $900 on sale, 3 or more bulk rate (not including installation fees which have been previously taken care of by Facilities). The library station is pending, contingent on funding. What has been done so far- Goals: expand initiative, recruit funding and campus support, ensure the stations will be followed upon (filter replacement per 17,000 bottles, ~3 times a year at $70-$100 per filter). We need help with surveying, getting funding, new ideas, proofreading grant proposals, creating community connections, and promotions. There needs to be possible investigations of working/nonworking fountains; contact Facilities about any dysfunctional ones. We will try to have a conversation with John Hyden, who applies for state funds to have him tie the refill stations into this year’s application. Chair of Financial Affairs There are 3 organizations up for appropriations on today’s bill. Representatives are present from: Model United Nations, YSUnity LGBTQIA, and Youngstown State Racquetball Club. Unfinished Business There is no unfinished business. New Business A Bill (SB F 2015-08) Motion to open floor for discussion on new business: Chretien first, Andriko second. Motion to amend bill name from (SB F 2015-08) to (SB S 2015-08): Tancabel first, Briggs second. Motion to close discussion: Andriko first, Philips second. Motion to divide the question: Briggs first, Phillips second. Section 1: Model United Nations is appropriated the sum of $750.00 to defray the cost of the Delegate Fees for the Harvard International Model United Nations on February 11th- 15th, 2015. This event will be held in Boston, MA. Twenty (20) students are expected to attend. YES: 34 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 2 PASSES Section 2: YSUnity LGBTQIA is appropriated the sum of $250.00 to defray the cost of parking, security, and the DJ for their YSUnity Welcome Week Drag Show which will be held on Thursday January 22nd 2015. This event will be held in the Chestnut Room of Kilcawley Center. Two hundred and fifty (250) students are expected to attend. YES: 35 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 1 PASSES Section 3: Youngstown State Racquetball Club is appropriated the sum of $180.00 to defray the cost of travel to their Mid-East Racquetball Conference which will be held on Saturday January 17th 2015. This event will be held at Miami University of Ohio. Twelve (12) students are expected to attend. YES: 36 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 0 PASSES Chretien: In Sam’s AdHoc it was an issue of marketing for SGA. People said they wanted to learn; they wanted updates on social media. I feel we should explore the media a bit more. Slavens: Another idea I’m looking into is that we send out updates to people about our meetings. Olmi: We discussed this in Student Life. Maybe each VP or chair could have the password, that way we could each post about certain events. Slavens: They do have it; it’s more about emphasis of using it. Wolfe: Student organizations don’t know we have a website, on top of that they don’t know what we do. It could help to put out information through our website and media. If we update it multiple times a day it could keep awareness. Miller-Gordon: If we did a type of game or something through the media it could be incentive to get people to check the page. MacGregor: Does it fall to one person’s jurisdiction? Tancabel: The by-laws say it falls to student life. Briggs: I like the idea of multiple committee people involved but it may be too much. We would need a filter, one person to hold that role. Orr: As SGA reps, if you know student organizations that want to advertise, we will do it on our Facebook page. Chretien: We want people more involved with activities on campus, we could say that “this is happening” on social media. Tancabel: Some people didn’t know how many SGA reps were there. Make sure you get your name and face out there as a rep of student government. Edgell: We can utilize the flat screens that most colleges have; we just have to get it done. Politsky: When introducing yourself in class these first few days introduce yourself as an SGA rep. Catlos: When SOAR happens and freshmen split up we could try to send their reps to them. Anderson: How would the reps feel about writing an email introducing themselves to students? Basic info to the students, they know who you are, what you can do, and how to contact you if they need you. Meditz: Should this be for the student life committee? MacGregor: What if we did spotlights for social media… here are your BCOE reps. Motion to close the floor: Andriko first, Yazvac second. Motion to open floor on discussion of eBulletin: Tancabel first, Olmi second. Slavens: Undergraduate student bulletin, trying to update it. Make sure that students know it exists, check the layout and make sure things look in order. Any questions or observations? Briggs: It’s cumbersome. Slavens: As your using it keep in mind if you have any comments make sure to tell them so they can keep it updated. Motion to close floor: Edgell first, Meditz second. Gallery Remarks Happy New Year, happy first day of semester. Advisor’s Remark’s Driscoll: Social media is important. I would love to help make a plan to market SGA. We have welcome back week events happening, cookies provided by SGA. Good luck with semester. Becker: I hope we grow as the semester goes on. Cooper: Swegan: Member’s Remarks Mraz: We’re looking for volunteers; let me know and I’ll get you the information. Sacco: Let me know if there are any questions about what I talked about earlier. Announcements MLK day the school development has a cleaning program…we have the day off, easy hours. Motion to adjourn the meeting: Andriko first, Phillips second. Meeting adjourned at 4:53 pm.