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Minutes for February 8, 2010

The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. Zachary BROWN) called the meeting to order at precisely (4:03pm)

Mr. O’NEIL took roll call. [See: Attendance list is attached.]

Mr. BROWN summarized the meeting’s agenda and without objection the agenda and previous meeting’s minutes approval was postponed due to lack of quorum.

Quorum was reached and minutes were approved at 4:25pm

Mr. Brown Moved into Executive Business


Mr. Brown gave his presidents reports

Mr. Brown yielded time to Ralph Morrone, with Campus Engineers

He gave a briefing on the situation on campus regarding security and utilitys

Ms. Twyford recommended that they change the thermostats

He advised that they were looking to change the way they power dorm rooms

Ms. Boyd asked that they look into Wick Deck 4th floor lighting

Mr. Mesick advised about lighting on other parking lots and decks

Mr. Johnson asked about changing windows to make them more economical

Mr. McIntyre advised that he works in the library and there are many drafty areas which need looked into

Ms. Peterson asked why the temperatures fluctuate in the College of Education

Mr. Daugherty asked if it was true that there is only one electrician on campus

Mr. Morrone advised students that this is true, and he has requested more yearly

Mr. Morrone informed the body that they have to be careful with hiring students due to union requirements,

Ms. Gessler stated that she had a class in the basement of cushwa which required that student wear coats and gloves because it was so cold

Ms. Peterson asked if his office has worked with the sustainability committee

He advised he has worked with them and continues to do so

Mr. Brown Yielded to VP for Financial Affairs, Ms. Stafford

Ms. Stafford Reported that Student government has $12,620.09 Unappropriated

Mr. Brown moved into Committee Reports


Mr. Brown Yielded to University Affairs

Mr. Daugherty gave his report on Gmail and Microsoft Live@EDU on an even playing field

Mr. Daugherty advised that University affairs has given their nod to Live@EDU

Mr. Mesick advised that it seems that tech desk people are already looking at Lve@EDU and belive himself that Gmail does not provide and significant benfit over  Live@EDU

Ms. Twyford gave report on Academic Affairs

Ms. Twyford informed students that since last year YSU created YSU 101 program

Ms. Twyford advised that they are currently working with academic senate to work out the kinks

Ms. Twyford advised that they are still trying to figure out the 1st year experience program

Mr. Brown advised that Mr. Brkic has resigned from SGA

Ms. Cullen advised that Student Life was still facing problems with dinning sevices and wanted to address the need for another meet the reps event

Mr. Brown yielded to Mr. McIntyre

Mr. McIntyre yielded to representatives from:

Sig Tau- Member Spoke for 1 min

Gerontological Society- Member Spoke for 1min

YSU Lacross Club-None Present

Dana Flute Society-None Present

Catholic Student Association-None Present

Interfraternity Council-None Present

YSU Gospal Choir-None Present

Mr. McIntyre yielded to questions

Mr. Brown Advised that he would like the chairs of the different committees to write up a report of where their committees are in their progress, due to nearing end of year so that committees can prioritise

Mr. Brown closed discussion on Committee Reports and moved into Unfinished Business


Mr. Brown Opened Unfinished business

Ms. Twyford talked about “Hoops for Haiti”

Ms. Twyford talked about changing this to a banquit which would be held on campus in Kilcawley Center

Ms. Twyford informed the members about items for an auction which are already available many of which from sports

Ms. Boyd asked about changing the name

Mr. Daugherty advised that some guy from Hatia is coming in to speek to local donors

Mr. Brown Closed Unfinished business


Mr. Brown moved to talk about nominations for chair of Student Life

Ms. Cullen 1st

Ms. Peterson nominated Ms. Gessler

Ms. Gessler accepted

No other nominations

Ms. Cullen moved 1st for closing discussion

Ms. Gessler spoke for 1 min

Mr. Brown moved for vote of acclimation

Mr. Brown moved for SB S 2010-03 to be considered

Mr. Mcintyre made motion

Mr. Alderfer made 2nd

Mr. Daugherty Moved to divide question 1 and 2-7

Moved to vote on SB S 2010-03 was approved

Section 1 was carried with 2 abstentions and remainder in favor

Sections 2-7 was approved with unanimous consent

Mr. Brown moved onto Advisors and Member Remarks


Mr. Brown began the gavel pass, so that students may give their remarks

Dr. Manning advised that elections for SGA are coming up soon

Dr. Cooper gave his words of encouragement





Multiple motions and affirmations for adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 4:49pm

Williamson College of Business Alderfer Ben 1
Health and Human Services Bollas Michael 0
Freshman Rep Boyd Tabitha 1
STEM Berdis Anthony 1
CLASS Boyer David Excused
President Brown Zach 1
Health and Human Services Cornman Mark 0
STEM Cullen Marissa 1
CLASS Daugherty Jack 0
Health and Human Services Davis Ra’shawd 0
STEM DeMaiolo Derek 1
Trustee DeMaiolo Dan 1
STEM D’Orio Madeline 1
Education Frank Emily 1
Freshman Rep Gessler Elyse 1
Health and Human Services Johnson Roy 1
CLASS Jones Katie 1
CLASS Koneval Joni 0
STEM Lipp Lindsay 0
Education Louk Sarah 1
Education Mankey Charles 1
CLASS McIntyre Justin 1
Freshman Rep Meditz Ryan 1
Business Meditz Nick 1
Secretary of Technology Mesick Steve 1
Graduate Studies Montecalvo Gia 1
Health and Human Services Nmekeh Christine Excused
Fine and Performing Arts Notareschi Genna 1
CLASS O’Neil Donovan 1
Education Peterson Nicole 1
Health and Human Services Rauscher Phil 0
Graduate Studies Sovesky Robert Excused
VP for Financial Affairs Stafford Sarah 1
STEM Sujka Brittany 1
Executive Vice President Twyford Abbie 1
Fine and Performing Arts Vietmeier Anna 1
Health and Human Services Volepe Victoria 1

37 Members of SGA

26 Voting Members Present

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