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Minutes for February 7, 2011

Minutes for February 7, 2011

The Executive Vice President Mr. Steve Mesik called the meeting to order at approximately 4:10pm.

Mr. Mesik said that Dr. Stringer will be rescheduled do to her presentation another day in light of today’s events.

Mr. Mesik moved for approval of last meeting’s minutes.

Minutes Approved unanimously.

Mr. Mesik moved to Executive Business.


Mr. Mesik announced the appointment of the new vice chairs.

Mr. Mesik said the resolution to be sent to Governor Kasich is attached to the minutes. He said that what we would be voting on would ask the governor to be more conservative with educational budget cuts.

Mr. Mesik said President Anderson is set to speak on March 9, addressing any questions.

Mr. Mesik moved to VP for Financial Affairs Report.

Mr. McIntyre delivered report.

Mr. Mesik moved to committee reports.


Mr. Mesik moved to the Student Life Report.

Ms. Sarich delivered report, detailing upcoming student life events.

Mr. Mesik moved to Academic Affairs report.

Ms. Stahl said her committee addressed ongoing progress with YSU 101 and Last Lecture Series. Asked Jack Fahey to participate as speaker.

Mr. Mesik moved to University Affairs Report.

Mr. Nuzzi said AVI vendors had not returned their phone calls. Writing a letter to Dr. Anderson that addresses smoking issues on campus. Will be doing volunteer work between the Youngstown community and University. Trying to get SGA more involved with Youngstown community. Also discussed Wick-Park cleanup on February 26.

Mr. Davenport confirmed meeting at southeast corner of the park.

Mr. Nuzzi added that DeAndre Radcliffe talked about SAAB.

Mr. Radcliffe said a movie-discussion will be held for the next three months.

Mr. Mesik moved to the Financial Affairs report.

Mr. Okular delivered report.

Mr. Okular yielded time to organizations applying for funds to speak briefly.

Mr. Mesik moved to Unfinished Business. No Unfinished Business.

Mr. Mesik moved to New Business.


Mr. Mesik moved to open discussion on SBS 2011-1.

Ms. Gessler motions. Mr. McIntyre seconds.

Mr. Adamson asked if for clarification of Section 3 of the Bill.

Mr. Okular said they now have additional students.

Mr. Mesik motioned to close.

Mr. Vrabel motions. Mr. Okular seconds.

Mr. Mesik motioned to vote on SBS 2011-1.

Mr. Okular motioned. Mr. White seconds.

Bill passes (voice vote). [Abstentions: McIntyre, Beil, Okular, Vrabel, Sarich, Vlad, Ms. Gessler].

Mr. Mesik moved to open discussion on SRS 2010-2.

Mr. Davenport suggested item number two from resolution be taken out because it seems it was left in from drafting process.

Mr. Mesik said it would be a good idea to move “not sure about this item” from section two.

Mr. Battiest said that the first part of item two should be removed, citing irrelevance.

Mr. Mesik asked for clarification of section to be removed.

Mr. Davenport moved to remove all of section two, citing irrelevance and redundancy. He added this is easy information for someone to find out.

Mr. Mesik said we are not yet voting, but putting together what we want to vote on.

Mr. Mesik added that under circumstances, we should be able to vote today.

Ms. Justice asked if Governor Kasich will receive resolution today.

Ms. Vlad wanted to clarify that by voting today, the resolution will get to Kasich faster.

Mr. Davenport added that this is symbolic timing.

Mr. Okular said we do not meet for two more weeks.

Mr. McIntyre said Mr. Meditz brought a copy of the resolution to the meeting with the Governor.

Mr. Mesik said Mr. Meditz was bringing a copy to Dr. Anderson as well.

Ms. Justice said that Governor Kasich promised to give any resources to YSU that they may need due to the tragic circumstances on campus.

Mr. Davenport said he [Kasich] would not receive it for another week.

Mr. Nuzzi asked for clarification on what resolution is about.

Mr. Mesik clarified that the resolution is asked Governor Kasich to be more conservative on educational budget cuts if not to cease from cutting funds entirely.

Mr. Davenport said it is in the “WHEREAS” section of the resolution.

Mr. McIntyre asked if there were any other qualms with the resolution.

Mr. Nuzzi clarified how budget cuts will affect quality for YSU students.

Mr. Davenport said that a budget shortfall would put the University’s budget in a more dire state and the University would have to make more cuts.

Mr. Nuzzi said we lose a lot of money when students with GPA’s around 1.0 with federal funding make the University lose money.

Mr. Mesik moved to close discussion.

Mr. Everly motions. Mr. Okular seconds.

Mr. Mesik moved to strike section 2 of SRS 2011-01.

Mr. Everly motions. Mr. Davenport seconds.

Mr. Mesik moved to a vote.

All in favor. No abstentions. Motion carries.

Mr. Mesik moved to vote on SRS 2011-02.

Mr. Everly motions. Mr. Battiest seconds.

Mr. Mesik moved to a placquard vote. [ 24 in favor, 5 opposed, 0 abstentions ]

Mr. Mesik moved to open discussion on new resolution calling for action citing the tragedies that occurred over the weekend at YSU.

Mr. Okular asked if it could be read aloud.

[Mr. Okular read resolution aloud.]

Mr. Mesik moved to open discussion on resolution.

Mr. Davenport asked which members of SGA were authors.

Mr. McIntyre said Mr. McIntyre, Mr. Meditz, Mr. R. Meditz, and Mr. Okular helped compose resolution.

Mr. Okular motioned to add an operative clause to recommend that the University erect a memorial.

Mr. Vrabel said it may be a bit early to do that.

Mr. Davenport said we should make a motion to discuss a possibility of, but not recommend the university does it yet.

Mr. McIntyre said this is not the last piece we have to add yet.

Mr. Nuzzi asked if it was YSU property where the incident happened.

Mr. Okular said we failed to set an operative clause to send copy to certain community individuals.

Mr. Mesik motioned to add clause.

Mr. Davenport motions. Ms. Vlad seconds.

Mr. Mesik moved to vote on the resolution. [All in favor. 0 abstentions]

Motion Carries.

Mr. Mesik motioned to close discussion.

Mr. Davenport motions. Ms. Gessler seconds.

Mr. Mesik motioned to vote on resolution.

All in favor [0 opposed, 0 abstentions].

Mr. Mesik said he will pass around a letter that Nick received from another SGA.

Ms. Gessler asked body to please write t-shirt size on back.

Mr. Davenport expressed his thoughts for all of the victims involved. We now have the national media paying attention to us. Many walk by there daily. This is our backyard. Tonight Patrick Baskam will cut memorial ribbons tonight and possible candlelight march through the neighborhood. Asked for all volunteers.

Ms. Vlad said that many disparaging comments made towards the University. Urged to please defend ourselves against these comments. Choose this time to ban together and not turn against our city and school.

Mr. Vrabel asked if anyone needed clarification of the tragedy that happened.

Mr. Davenport recapped the tragedy citing the details.

Mr. Nuzzi asked if shooters were YSU students.

Mr. Anderson, Mr. Gessler, Ms. Stahl, and Ms. Mehalco asked for a point of personal privilege.

Mr. Davenport said in his leadership position we must lead the forefront of preventing this type of behavior. Also added that there is grief counseling going on right now. Said that as leaders we must meet this challenge.

Mr. Mesik said there isn’t much he could say that would not already echo others. Mr. Mesik asked for a moment of silence.

[Moment of silence].

Mr. Mesik moved to close.

Mr. Davenport motions. Ms. Gessler seconds.

Mr. Mesik moved to Gallery Remarks.

Mr. Mesik moved to Advisors’ Remarks.

Mr. Mesik moved to Members’ Remarks.

Mr. Mesik adjourned the meeting at 5:16pm.

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