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Minutes for February 6, 2012

SGA Meeting Minutes   2-6-2011

Elyse Gessler called the meeting to order at 4:00

Mr. Vrabel took role.

Ms. Gessler approved the minutes from last meeting

Ms. Gessler moved to Executive business

–          Thanked Jess for the leadership conference put together.

–          Expressed disappointment with the labor conference.

Ms. Gessler gave the President’s Report

Mr. McIntyre gave the Vice President’s report

Mr. Okular gave the Vice President of Financial Affairs

Ms. Benchwick gave the chair report for Student Life Committee report

–          Meet the reps night

–          Old and New SGA Mixer

–          May Day in the future

Ms. Benchwick concluded her Report

Ms. Pavlichich gave the chair report for Academic Affairs Committee

–          Discontinuing the effort for a plan book because of expense

–          Dr. Earnhardt chosen as a last lecturer for  this semester March 27th 3:30 pm

Ms. Pavlichich concluded her report

Mr. White gave the Chair report for University Affairs Committee

–          Still compiling discount list for the discount card

–          Still working for the campus University Email

–          Discussed the Student Success Committee attended by Mr. Travis Battiest

Mr. White concluded his report.

Ms. Carney gave the Chair report for Financial Appropriations Committee

–          Multiple organizations’ representatives spoke on behalf of their event of which they are receiving funding.

Ms. Carney concluded her report

Ms. Gessler moved to Unfinished Business

Ms. Gessler moved to new Business

Vote on SB F 2012-1

Mr. McIntyre Motion to Divide the Question

–          Motion Passed

–          Section 1 Passed 8 Abstentions

–          Section 2 Passed

–          Section 3 Passed

–          Section 4 Passed 4 Abstentions

–          Section 5 Passed 8 Abstentions

–          Section 6 Passed 1 Abstention

–          Section 7 Passed 1 Abstention

–          Section 8 Passed 1 Abstention

–          Section 9 Passed 1 Abstention

–          Section 10 Passed 2 Abstention

–          Section 11 Passed

–          Section 12 Passed

–          Section 13 Passed

Gallery Remarks

Advisor Remarks

–          Ms. Karen Becker was introduced as an advisor

Members Remarks


Ms. Gessler adjourned the meeting at 4:37

Members not in attendance:
Cutrona, Alessandro (Excused)
Dr. DePoy, Brian (Advisor)
Meditz, Ryan (Student Trustee)
Vlad, Melania

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