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Minutes for February 25, 2013

SGA Meeting Minutes 02-25-2013

Cory called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM           

Caroline took role

Cory approved the minutes from last meeting

Cory moved to Executive Business

Cory gave the President’s Report

– Farewell rally for Dr. Anderson: April 30th in Chestnut Room

– Cory, Catie, and Caroline met with campus police about potential campus-wide “Guardly” emergency application for smart phones

– Final meeting for Student Success Committee will be March 7th

– Spoke with Jack Fahey last week: Our Budget Proposal has been pushed back still awaiting a response from him this evening

– Need volunteers to work early SOARS

– Sodexo terminating contract with YSU, a new dinning service will be here in the Fall

Cory concluded his report

Justen gave the Vice President’s Report

– Laptop/Tablet Proposal passed around to body members for suggestions to add

– Elections board has been selected

– SGA table complications and desired improvements, will be in Cushwa this Wednesday

Justen concluded his report

Catie gave the Vice President of Financial Affairs Report

– If bill passes today, our budget will be $0.00

– Appropriated to 70 events this year, most in SGA history

Catie concluded her report

Caroline gave the chair report for Student Life Committee

– Meet the Reps positive and negative remarks, we will evaluate success at next committee meeting

– SGA high school promotion has been very successful thus far, more visits are being planned

– SGA retreat details are still being discussed and finalized

Caroline concluded her report

Nicole gave the chair report for Academic Affairs Committee

– SGA tables were not as successful as anticipated due to short notice

– Last Lecture Series survey will be sent out for speaker selection

– Looking to promote 4 year guarantee program to various department chairs

Nicole concluded her report

Alyssa gave the chair report for University Affairs Committee

– Visited 3 high schools last week, YSU promotions went well! Still working on visual aids for presentations

– Met with Beatitude House regarding donations

Alyssa concluded her report

Charesse gave the chair report for Financial Appropriations Committee

Representatives of organizations spoke on behalf of their events

Charesse concluded her report

Cory moved to Unfinished Business

– None

Cory moved to New Business

A.)   SB F 2013-3

Motion to open discussion: 1st Travis 2nd Multiple

Motion to close discussion:1st Travis 2nd Multiple

Motion to amend SB F 2013-3 by striking Sections 1, 2, 3, 9, and 10 and appropriately renumbering remaining sections: 1st Travis 2nd Multiple

Vote to amend SB F 2013-3

Amendment passes unanimously

Vote to approve SB F 2013-3

Bill passes unanimously with 6 abstentions

B.)   Academic Senate Laptop/Tablet Resolution

Motion to open discussion: 1st Justen 2nd Multiple

Emily read the proposal aloud to the body

Catie: Is Academic Senate aware of this?

Justen: Yes

Nikki: Suggested rewording of “endorse/written” by SGA

Justen: Agreed with Nikki’s statement

Catie: Email body final draft?

Justen: Yes

Luke: Found grammatical error

Justen: Noted error

Nikki: Looking to confirm that Student Senators approved of this rough draft

Justen: Claims Student Senators are aware of this rough draft

Marissa: Concerned about what will be considered “classroom appropriate”

Justen: Clarified that it is just a suggestion in the works, not a resolution yet

Josh: What is the definition of inappropriate?

Justen: IT committee will establish

Katherine: Keep in mind that personal electronic devices are distracting in classrooms with dim lighting

Justen: Noted lighting issue. Also apologized to Nikki regarding a failed email to Academic Senate, will be resending ASAP

Melissa: Keep in mind that while we are using our personal property, it is YSU’s Wifi

Motion to close discussion: 1st Emily 2nd Catie

Gallery Remarks

Advisor Remarks

Members Remarks


Motion to adjourn meeting: 1st Travis 2nd Catie

Cory adjourned the meeting at 4:52 PM