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Minutes for February 21, 2011

Minutes for February 21, 2011

The Presiding Office, Mr. Nicholas Meditz, called the meeting to order at 4:06pm.

Mr. Meditz introduced Dr. Sharon Stringer as the guest speaker.

Dr. Stringer said she was here for the first of many visits, to improve the academic programs on campus. The office of assessment continually works on this process and tries to energize and improve each individual major. In March two mentors from the higher learning commission will be visiting campus. As soon as date is set it will be shared with SGA. A transformative educational experience is extremely powerful. As students you have the right to tell the committee what is going on. Office is in Todd Hall. Wanted to give advance notice that Hilary Furman will be leading workshops that pertain to surveying done a year ago based on how engaged students are in their educations. Students are welcome to this.

Mr. Davenport asked if data info will be included so it can be forwarded to all the reps.

Mr. Meditz asked if there were any more questions.

Ms. Stafford took roll call [see attendance list attached].

Mr. Meditz introduced new representatives.

Mr. Meditz said the t-shirts should be ready sometime this week or will give them out Monday at the committee meeting.

Mr. Meditz moved to Executive Vice President’s report.

Mr. Mesik met with the Academic Affairs committee and established some first year experience goals and outcomes. Gained a lot of input on the proposal we are putting together. The chair of the general education committee is putting together a proposal for knowledge domains. Will be bringing report to SGA within the next week and will be able to ask questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to Vice President for Financial Affairs Report.

Mr. McIntyre delivered Financial Affairs Report. Added that there are only two more times committee will be meeting for the remainder of the semester.

Mr. Meditz moved to committee reports.


Mr. Battiest delivered Student Life Report. Reminded body of Goo Goo Dolls event.

Ms. DiBernardi delivered Academic Affairs Report. Jack Fahey proposed as next speaker for the last lecture series. Further information on YSU 101.

Mr. Meditz moved to University Affairs Report.

Mr. Nuzzi informed body of the Wick-Pollock Cleanup this coming Saturday.

Mr. R. Meditz asked if any supplies were needed.

Mr. Davenport said just clothes you can get dirty in.

Mr. Meditz moved to the Financial Affairs Committee report.

Mr. Okular delivered report. Stated that committee appropriated for one organization. Yielded time to organizations to speak on behalf of their events.

Mr. Meditz moved to Unfinished Business.

No Unfinished Business.

Mr. Meditz moved to New Business.


Ms. Stafford moved to remove Mr. Williams from the body.

Mr. Meditz moved to open discussion. Mr. Davenport motions. Ms. Gessler seconds.

Ms. Stahl said that he had some prior commitments and cannot fulfill his position.

Mr. R. Meditz moved to close discussion.

Mr. Meditz moved to vote on removal of Mr. Williams.

Motion passes. [Voice vote].All in favor. Zero abstentions.

Mr. Meditz motioned to discuss SBS 2011-02.

Bill passes. [Voice vote].All in favor. Zero abstentions.

Mr. Meditz moved to Gallery remarks.

Mr. Meditz moved to Advisor Remarks.

Mr. Meditz moved to Member Remarks.

Mr. Meditz motioned to adjourn. Ms. Vrabel motions Mr. Gessler seconds.

Adjourned at 4:34pm.




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