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Minutes for February 17, 2015

Minutes for SGA Meeting February 16, 2015

President Slavens called the meeting to order at 4:03pm. Theresa took roll call. There are 39 voting members present at the start of the meeting. The minutes from the previous meeting and agenda were approved with no objections. Guest Speaker: Jack Fahey, Student Affairs on SGA SGA is important to the University. SGA is very powerful for all students at the university. All of the power is set in place but someone on the body has to be strong enough to use that power for the students. We have to build on each other’s strengths. The advisors are part of the glue and part of the continuity and getting things done in an appropriate way.Executive Business President’s Report The state senate president is trying to move forward with a 5% letter decrease. Nothing is official yet but we will keep you updated. The Ohio Day of Action is on Wednesday, February 25th; for more information and registration visit I will be attending so please email me, as well. Degree Works is a program YSU is looking to purchase as a banner add on. It does lots of good things, but, we don’t have lots of money for it. In the Gen Ed Meeting there was a passage of Arts/STEM course and also talks of FYE (first year experience) course. There is a new safety app called “911 Cellular”. It could replace the mass notification system that YSU currently has. It would also bring new features. During the 2020 Strategic Plan Refocus President Tressel talked about what can be done in the future. Executive Vice President’s Report In the Senate Meeting additional Gen Ed classification altered SPA to include interdisciplinary courses. The scheduling guidelines were revised, and a vote of no confidence against Provost Abraham was rejected. Last Lecture nominations close a week from today. VP for Financial Affairs Report With the passage of SB S 2015_03 we have appropriated to 97 events and 67 total organizations. We have used 75% of our general appropriations budget and 70% of our Chartwell’s budget. Some interesting numbers regarding events funded are: Social Events- 27, Conference Attendance- 26, Guest Speakers- 8, Sports Competition- 16, Academic Competition- 10, and Philanthropy/Service- 10. Committee Chair Reports Chair of Student Life We’re waiting for confirmation from Erin about the Rookery Radio meeting. Alyssa and Gabi met with Kenny Reyes on Tuesday, February 3rd at 10am. They are definitely interested in providing music. We’re looking into reserving a table outside of Dunkin but we still need to confirm a date; we’re shooting for March 17th, we’ll have shamrock cookies and coffee. We also have one more date in mind for later in the semester. We can advertise SGA on Rookery Radio after committee meetings; we’re adding a link to Rookery Radio on the SGA website. Service Project: Poverty Awareness in Youngstown (PAYO) we can assist in their drives/collections within those two weeks of focus. Week 1 is from April 6-10 and it focuses on awareness and collection drives. Week 2 is from April 13-17 and it is National Volunteer Week. We’re hoping to clean up the downtown area, work with Grow Youngstown, and get free cleanings from dental hygiene students. During our meetings with student organizations it was discussed that they want their own YSU emails. Chair of Academic Affairs Last Lecture nominations will be closed by the next committee meeting. We will be advertising by the next four weeks; posters will be up two weeks in advance. Current nominations are Dr. Thelma Silver, Frank Sole, and Mrs. Lucy Repko. Please be sure to nominate anyone you have in mind. SASI has been getting positive feedback. Chair of University Affairs The sewage in front of Cushwa always smells, we want to know if this a problem of the city or the university. We will talk to the water treatment plant. The university is looking into Ward Beecher’s foul smell as well. Chair of Financial Affairs There are 8 organizations up for appropriations on today’s bill. Representatives are present from: Adventure Rec Club of YSU, Student Art Association, YSU American Marketing Association, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, INC, YSU Equestrian Team, STEM Leadership Society, and Association for Women in Mathematics. Unfinished Business By-laws Motion to open floor on discussion on the bylaws: Tancabel first, Orr second. Briggs: The reason the language was introduced was because of the time frame; we’re leaving the decision of the time frame up to the elections board. There were also some minor language changes, and changes in petitions due dates dealing with scheduling. There were minor procedure changes such as the discussion of platforms; the language has changed.  The online electoral process has been altered. The rules surrounding Kilcawley center have been changed, seeing as it is a student center, it seems a bit harsh to take away Kilcawley from the students running in the election. Grievances and preliminary results- election board member. More minor language changes for clarity. Changes have been made/added to the campaign guidelines.  The Student Life Committee is charged with the planning of any events. Rules about posting on boards with appropriate permission has been added. Forms will available on the website for grievances, and there will be a 24 hour finalization period. Any questions? Okular: I’m not sure advisors are the right way to go about it. Maybe make advisors overseers instead of having them on the board. Politsky: What exactly was changed? Briggs: The very first thing, the elections board will set the time line. So then we’ll move on. The proposal is 4 students and 3 advisors. It’s explained in the handout. If a student is removed it is treated as a vacancy. Slavens: I did research on other universities and what they do for elections. The one with the closest system to ours is Toledo University and they have advisors on the board. Shehadi: One thing I saw under section 2. I think the change is allowing the advisors to have complete authority. Right now the system is 3 advisors and the president of SGA make the elections board. Under this system the advisors have input but no authority. I don’t know why we have to let them select students and give them authority. It’s not their place to be running our election. Briggs: What it does is give them a minority voice and allow them to handle grievances. This way you have advisors as part of the conversation, but, this way the students win. This guarantees that students have control and power. Slavens: I talked to people from the board last year. When they met last year they were calling last year’s SGA president because they didn’t know what to do. Having advisors on the board would help that. Shehadi: It says they can change what they see fit. There’s nothing written that changes that. It’s very dangerous to change the bylaws when we see an issue. Orr: I think the scope of grievances will be reduced. I think it’s best to turn to someone who will be impartial, someone who has the authority, rather than strictly students. They have to be familiar with university policy. Slavens: Taking away votes was an issue you brought up and it raised attention. The advisors were adamantly against taking away votes for punishment. Politsky: I had a hard time reading because of the colors; it’s not conventional to me. Slavens: The email was sent out over the weekend explaining the colors. We sent them out ahead of time so that you can look over them and be familiar with the changes. Mraz: I feel like we really want to talk about the content. I feel like the election board is, a lot of the time, just peoples’ friends. Philips: Last year I know it was a hard time finding people for the board; maybe if we broadcasted it or reached out to people and organizations. Slavens: I think we have 8 so far. Shehadi: I think advertising better is a good solution to this problem, not changing the bylaws. Slavens: It’s only a solution to one of the problems though. Andriko: No matter what you say, if it’s all students there will always be a bias. But with a more mature board that may not happen. Motion to amend ratio student/advisor: Andriko first, Yazvac second. Voting: hand vote- 23 YES PASSES- Student/ Advisor Ratio Amended Motion to close discussion: Philips first, Briggs second. Motion to previous question: Evans first, Briggs second. Motion to divide question: Evans first, Briggs second.   Voting on Article VII: Elections All sections pass EXCEPT Section 1, Membership and Vacancies. (Attached is the document that was voted on) New Business A Bill (SB S 2015-03) (Voting members had left before voting had occurred) Motion to vote on bill as a whole: Evans first, Leonard second. For SB S 2015-03 there were 24 YES          0 NO                      4 ABSTENTIONS Gallery Remarks There are no gallery remarks. Advisor’s Remarks There are no advisor remarks. Member’s Remarks You need to push for what you want. Candidate petitions are coming out this week, most likely before spring break. Go to Chipotle tomorrow night for a fundraiser. There will be 4-7 Senators in Kilcawley. For more information see Earnie Barkett. Tomorrow is the first open forum for Dean of Graduate Studies, please attend. Announcements Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Tancabel first, MacGregor second. Meeting adjourned at 5:26pm.