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Minutes for February 17, 2014

SGA Minutes 2/17/2014

Catie called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.

Guest Speakers:

Jordan Edgell and Ian Tanner

Jordan Edgell: American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Relay for Life Youngstown is April 11-12 from 6:00 pm – 12:00 pm.  The organization would like SGA members to attend the event.  The event will take place in Beeghly Center.


Ian Tanner: Director of Meal Plans

Ian passed out a pamphlet regarding changes in the meal plan system that will take place effective next school year (2014-2015).  Many of the meals have been ‘wasted’ in the past so that not all meal swipes were being utilized.  They have lowered the amount of meal swipes and increased the number of flex dollars which can be used at Chartwell’s owned locations.  Flex dollars roll over from Fall to Spring semesters.  The meal exchanges are being done away with.  There will be an open student forum on Monday February 24 at 4:00 pm in the Ohio Room.

Koury:  Can Pete’s Points be used on campus as well?

                Tanner:  Yes.

Cooper:  When will a sit-down restaurant be put in on campus?

Tanner:  There has been in the past.  If this is how people feel, talk to Chartwell’s to express this concern.


Nicole took the role.  There are 39 voting members present at the start of meeting.


The minutes from the previous meeting and agenda were approved with no objections.


Executive Business:

President’s Report:

The Elections Board for the 2014 SGA Elections is being finalized.  Once the commissioner is chosen, the Board will be in charge of all Election-related matters. For those of you who wish to run for a position for the 2014-2015 academic school year, please be sure to read the By-Laws concerning SGA Elections so that you know and understand the election process.  This year, Student Activities is looking into online voting for SGA elections (similar to Homecoming voting last fall).  Stay tuned for more elections updates!


Michael, Luke, and Catie met with David Ewing from the Grounds Department. They talked about possible services projects on campus for SGA to do. The University Affairs committee has been tossing around some ideas; here is a list of possible projects:

  • SGA garden space: located on campus just outside of Christman Dining. Grounds would provide mulch, etc so we can beautify this area.
  • Repainting Penguin fire-hydrants (looking to get support from other organizations)
  • Weeding, planting flowers on campus (only problem we would run into is weather)

Representatives: if anyone has ideas for a Spring Project (preferably ON campus) let Luke know!


Catie has been receiving a lot of concerns about Beeghly Center and the lack of a student lounge. The only seating for students in this building (besides Athletic lounges for Athletes) is in the front of the building (small tables and chairs). Athletics Department is removing these tables to create more of a “basketball arena” atmosphere in the building.  There are currently 385 Exercise Science majors and another 70 Physical Education majors that use Beeghly Center for classes daily.  In addition, many students take HPES activity classes in this building. The Exercise Science department (Chair, Faculty, Staff, etc) is completely nested here.  Our Exercise Science representatives have been notified and are currently coming up with a plan to address this situation. There will be more information to come.

                Executive Vice President’s Report:

The Academic Affairs committee has figured out the place, time, and date for the Spring 2014 Last Lecture Series.  It will be held in Cushwa auditorium on Tuesday, April 8th at 3:30pm.  Representatives have until Friday, February 21st to nominate a speaker by emailing Sean Meditz ( a paragraph stating why their person should be nominated.


For the student tab in Banner, Michael followed up and found out he needed a form filled out.  He has submitted this and is awaiting more information.


The Academic Standards committee is dealing with problems with the excused absence policy, changes in the summer add day, and +/- grades.


                VP for Financial Affairs Report:

$1,195.00 has been appropriated from the Chartwell’s budget with $3,114.00 remaining.  $42,792.01 has been appropriated from the general budget with $2,328.99 remaining.  69 organizations have been funded with a mean appropriation of $620.17.  $1,763.99 will remain in the general budget should the bill pass in its entirety today.


                VP for University Affairs Report:

Thank you to everyone who attended the dining concern committee meetings.  The three most often heard “complaints” were not enough healthy food options, not enough variety, and too high of a food cost ­­­­­.  Bliss Hall, Beeghly Hall and DeBartolo Hall are satellite possibilities.  Concept and menu development will continue.  Follow YSU Dining on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


                Parliamentarian’s Report:

There is a proposed change to the constitution.  It will be voted on in two weeks.  We are proposing that each college will have a minimum of three representatives regardless of enrollment.  It will be higher based on constituency.





Committee Chair Reports:

Chair of Student Life Report

Meet the reps events will not occur this semester.  On February 27th, the YSU girl’s basketball team has a home game, tip off at 7:05. Student Life and Athletics will be working together to draw students to the game. It will be beach themed; there will be giveaways, food and games. From the previous game, Emily will be holding back some rally towels and t-shirts as part of the giveaways. This event will take place in the student section which is located right next to the band, thinking of making students sit here by giving things away only if in that section. The games and food will be held in the area that hosts the rummage sale. Student life has to come up with promo during timeouts. Emily asked if SGA wants to be on the video board? To advertise, SGA will make quarter sheets and pass them out along with posting about the event on all our social media sites.


Chair of Academic Affairs Report

Kilcawley Center is not available for Last Lecture on March 25th or April 1st.  April 1st is Quest and March 25th is too soon.  Michael is checking in for availability for Cushwa.  The new tentative date is April 8th (3:30pm).  The nomination deadline is the 21st of February (Friday).


Regarding a tab for SGA in Banner, the committee is looking at potentially having a forum for student questions (MORE COMMUNICATION) and a potential Events page.  If you have more Ideas please email Sean Meditz or Michael Slavens.


There were 275 entries from the survey.  The committee may be possibly putting the answers (summary) on SGA webpage.  IF put on the webpage, we may try taking a poll with a simple “yes or no” question to narrow down focus group.  We have tried to extend library hours but for now the library cannot.


Chair of University Affairs Report

The Dining Affairs Committee meetings were Wednesday at 10 and Thursday at 3.  There was 1.5 pages of dining concerns from survey.


Regarding the Wick Pollock Cleanup, Bliss students used it as a hang out spot, so garden has been kept up.  The committee is moving forward onto another idea.


Regarding a Student Government Area, the committee is looking at the area behind the bus stop, right off the bridge (over freeway), near dorms.  Luke is meeting with Dave from grounds to see what his ideas are and the committee wants to get Dr. Dunn involved.  The University Affairs Committee would oversee this.


Chief of Staff’s Report:

International Coffee Hour is this Friday, February 21 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm in the YWCA.


Chair of Financial Affairs Report

There are 6 organizations up for appropriations on today’s bill.  There were representatives present from Sigma Chi Fraternity, Chi Sigma Iota-Eta Chapter, Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematical Honorary, Association for Women in Mathematics, and Grow Youngstown Student Organization.   There were no representatives present from Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


Ad Hoc Committee Report

School visits are in the process!  Over 15 local high schools have been contacted so far.  SGA members are strongly encouraged to attend 1-2 school visits.  Alyssa will have a sign-up sheet available at body and committee meetings.  Confirmed school visits are:

Canfield: Friday February 28th @ 8:00am (assembly)

Springfield: Friday March 28th @ 9:00am

Howland: Wednesday April 9th @ 8:00am (classroom)

Youngstown Christian: Friday April 24th from 2:30-3:00 (assembly)

Struthers: Friday May 16th @ 8:00am (classroom)

East High: March 21st (classroom) time TBA


Unfinished Business

There is no unfinished business.


New Business

Motion to open the floor for new business:  Yazvac first, Phillips second.

Motion to open the floor for discussion on SB S 2014-02:  Bosela first, Andriko second.

Motion to close the floor for discussion on SB S 2014-02:  Mraz first, Koury second.

Motion to divide the question:  Koury first, Bosela second.

Motion to vote:  Greathouse first, Carney second.

A Bill (SB S 2014-02)

Section 1: Sigma Chi Fraternity is appropriated the sum of $275.00 to defray the cost of security for Aquacade which will be May 3rd, 2014. This event will be held in Beeghly Center. Over one hundred (100+) people are expected to attend.

YES: 39                  NO: 0                     ABSTENTIONS: 0


Section 2: Chi Sigma Iota-Eta Chapter is appropriated the sum of $65.00 to defray the cost of the flight for the American Counseling Association 2014 Conference which will be March 27th through 30th, 2014. This event will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii. One (1) member is expected to attend.

YES: 36                  NO: 0                     ABSTENTIONS: 3


Section 3: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is appropriated the sum of $100.00 to cover the cost of the Micromouse competition equipment for the Student Activities Conference which will be April 4th through 3rd, 2014. This event will be held at Rowan University in New Jersey. Twelve to sixteen (12-16) members are expected to attend.

YES: 38                  NO: 0                     ABSTENTIONS: 1


Section 4: Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematical Honorary is appropriated the sum of $300.00 to defray the cost of catering for the PME Annual Awards Banquet which will be April 30th, 2014. This event will be held in the Cafaro Suite. One hundred and fifteen (115) people are expected to attend.

YES: 33                  NO: 0                     ABSTENTIONS: 6


Section 5: Association for Women in Mathematics is appropriated the sum of $400.00 to defray the cost of catering for Sonia Kovalevsky Day which will be March 21st, 2014. This event will be held in Kilcawley Center. Eighty (80) people are expected to attend.

YES: 34                  NO: 0                     ABSTENTIONS: 5


Section 6: Grow Youngstown Student Organization is appropriated the sum of $175.00 to defray the cost of shares for Farm to YSU: Local Foods for Students which will be April 8th & 22nd and May 6th & 20th, 2014. This event will be held near DeBartolo Hall. Thirty-five (35) people are expected to attend.

YES: 39                  NO: 0                     ABSTENTIONS: 0


Motion to close the floor for SB S 2014-02:  Bosela first, Gocala second.


Motion to open the floor for discussion on an amendment change:  Vrabel first, Gocala second.

Tancabel:  Is the three including the constituency?

                Bosela:  It will be both.

                Politsky:  Can we change the language to spell out the number three?

Motion to close the floor for discussion on amendment change:  Shehadi first, Gocala first.

Motion to table voting: Bosela first, Andriko second.


Motion to open the floor on diesel truck discussion:  Vrabel first, Shehadi second.

Vrabel:  Students have been told if they plug in their diesel trucks, they will be fined.       

                Orr:  Has parking services been talked to?

                Vrabel:  Not yet.

                Kridler:  Is it a consumption issue?

                Tamulonis:  Is there a law regarding this?  Is the ticket from parking services or police?

Shehadi:  We pay $115 for a parking pass and access to power for a diesel vehicle should be considered in this.

Motion to close the floor on diesel truck discussion:  Andriko first, Yazvac second.


Parking services would not assist people to get their cars out of the snow over the weekend.


Motion to open floor for discussion on water bottle:  Orr first, Andriko second.

The station in Kilcawley will be installed over spring break.  Ashley will meet with the rec about installing one.

Motion to close floor for discussion on water bottle:  Andriko first, Edgell second.


Motion to open the floor regarding the presidency:  Andriko first, Edgell second.

The executive committee of the board of trustees will meet tonight at 6:00 pm to discuss President Dunn being offered the position of president at Southern Illinois University.

The student trustees have no comment at this time but they urge students to come to the meeting tonight and become involved.

There was no text sent out regarding the campus shooting today (only email).  Catie will contact the YSU PD for further information.


Motion to close the floor for new business:  Mraz first, Greathouse second.


Gallery Remarks


Advisors’ Remarks

Becker:  Thank you to the student trustees for their update.  Read the book The Last Lecture!


Members’ Remarks

                Wasser:  Please do not gossip and speculate about the presidency.




Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Bosela first, Gessler second.


Meeting adjourned at 5:02 pm.

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