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Minutes for December 5, 2011

Elyse Gessler called the meeting to order at 4:00

Mr. Vrabel took role.

Ms. Gessler approved the minutes from last meeting

Ms. Gessler moved to Executive business

Ms. Gessler gave the President’s Report

–          Passed out Calendar for Spring Semester

–          Elyse and Justin will be on the First Year Experience

–          Reminder about Constiuency logs

–          Better relations with Jambar

Mr. McIntyre gave the Vice President’s report

–          Voiced Pleasure with the turnout for Last Lecture Series

–          No progress on the Ohio Link Budget, cuts will not come until July of 2012

–          Dr. Cooper commented on the Ohio Link representatives making fiscal changes

Mr. Okular gave the Vice President of Financial Affairs

–          Total Money left $19,800

–          Appropriated $12,000

Ms. Benchwick gave the chair report for Student Life Committee report

–          Game Plan for next semester

–          Feb 3rd Leadership Retreat Stadium Club 5:30-9

Ms. Benchwick concluded her Report

Ms. Pavlichich gave the chair report for Academic Affairs Committee

–          120 people attended Last Lecture

–          Looking at changing the assignment books

Ms. Pavlichich concluded her report

Mr. White gave the Chair report for University Affairs Committee

–          Started communicated with advisors about revising reform

–          Student discount list for area businesses?

–          Planning committee looking at changes to banner

–          Mentioned that the M2 Parking Deck Incident will be discussed at a later date

Mr. White concluded his report.

Ms. Carney gave the Chair report for Financial Appropriations Committee

–          Miss Carney asked for representatives to speak on the behalf of the groups receive funding

Ms. Carney concluded her report

Ms. Gessler moved to Unfinished Business

Ms. Gessler moved to new Business

–          Passed SB F 2011-09

–          Motion to remove Al Cutrona from body failed. Yes-4  No-33  Abstain-2

–          Talked about Student Group for tailgates and Student Section

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Gallery Remarks

Advisor Remarks

–          “Make it a habit”- Dr. Copper

Members Remarks


Ms. Gessler adjourned the meeting at 5:02

Members not in attendance:
Benchwick, Carissa (excused)
Popio, Celeste


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