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Minutes for December 2, 2013

SGA Minutes 12/2/2013


Carney called the meeting to order at 4:02 pm.

Standohar took the roll.  There are 41 voting members present at the start of meeting.

Minutes and agenda approved with no objections.

President’s Report:

Catie Carney, Michael Slavens, and Mariah DeFuria met regarding the Student Success Committee. Goals include setting up degree completion rates that need to be in line with state standards. This committee plans to meet more frequently next semester.


On behalf of Nicole Pavlichich, Constituency Logs are due this Friday! Email Nicole if you have any questions regarding your hours (


An email regarding details of the Student Leadership Retreat was sent out today! All members are encouraged to attend, please see email for complete details.


Executive Vice President’s Report:

Continuing to work with Dr. Buckler on advising. Looked over his draft of the new advising website and gave some suggestions.


Senate Curriculum Committee met, discussed and approved most of the hour and a half worth of changes.


Senate Programs Committee met and approved changes to programs. Also discussed changes to make the system faster and more efficient.


Vice President for Financial Affairs Report:

For the Chartwells budget, we have $2,714.00 remaining in our budget.  Prior to today’s appropriation, we have 23.22% of our budget remaining.  We have funded 47 different organizations with a mean appropriation of $752.40.  $25,410.01 has been appropriated with $9,710.99 remaining in our budget.


Charesse thanks her committee for their hard work this semester!

Catie notes that the 47 events funded thus far are the most any committee in YSU SGA history has ever completed in a single semester, congratulations to the Financial Affairs Committee!

Committee Chairs Reports:

Chair of Student Life Report

The committee is emailing all the organizations we organizations who appropriated money to help us out if they could for the coat drive.  Kendal is collecting coats for her lesson plan and we are hoping to get about twenty coats from that.


There is a finals week extended library hours sign up going around.  We’re unsure if the cookies, cocoa and coffee will be donated or purchased.  Staffing the table will be distributed fairly among the committee. If any spots are open, we’ll be passing around a sheet at the next body meeting.  Marie Adams is making a Facebook event.


The committee is also working on a trifold for the leadership retreat.


Chair of Academic Affairs Report

For future meet the representative events, the committee’s general consensus is for an ‘incentive’ to attract more students.


Michael Slavens introduced a prototype web page for advising (Ken Schindler).  The prototype advising web page was discussed and written comments were submitted to faculty.  There is no new information for four year plan with more to come from further meetings.


The YSU 2020, Student Success, Completion Initiative, Committee was briefly brought up by Michael Slavens.  This will be discussed next semester.


Chair of University Affairs Report

The committee met with Andrea Tharp and Ross Morrone of Marketing and Communications.  They have a summary of YSU Social Media, including marketing different media to different audiences and ages and running ads through Facebook, Pinterest, Pandora, Google+, and LinkedIn.  The summary of Marketing Communications is to focus on areas at a time; last year was Western PA and increase in enrollment from Western PA.  This year, more money is going to focus on Cleveland (Pandora focuses on Cleveland and Akron).  They are trying to push a branding campaign, “Experience Y”.  Local news marketing is very expensive to run commercials through.  $40,000 is spent on Facebook and Google+.  They are working to mend relations between technology and staff.


Together they are:  trying to get more money, currently can track social media and its audiences, cannot track billboards, so they are limited, approximately 5-15 TV ads a year are created, YouTube is a vehicle to other websites, marketing oversees the main YSU webpage, Instagram is focused on student spotlight, Facebook pages to focus on different audiences, Looking into more Student spotlights:  YSU has unique students who balance work, school, life, etc., YSU faculty and departments can come to Marketing for help broadcasting their departments.


The committee is working on a poster presentation for the Leadership Retreat.  The Leadership Retreat is January 10, 8:30 am-1:00 pm.

Chair of Financial Affairs Report

There are four organizations asking for appropriations on this bill.  If all are approved, an additional $1,212.00 will be used from the budget.


Unfinished Business

There is no unfinished business.


New Business

A Bill (SB F 2013-07)

Motion for open floor for discussion: Bosela first, Yazvac second

Motion to close floor for discussion: Ellis first, Gocala second

Motion to divide the question: Bosela first, Andriko second


Section 1: Society of Women Engineers is appropriated the sum of $212.00 to defray the cost of the hotel fees for the Region G Conference which will be February 21st through 23rd, 2014. This event will be held at The Ohio State University. Twelve (12) members expected to attend.

Yes: 41                                    No: 0                         Abstentions:  0

Section passed.


Section 2: Student Recreation Advisory Committee is appropriated the sum of $350.00 to defray the cost of food for Endure for the Cure which will be April 26th, 2014. This event will be held at various locations on YSU’s campus. More than one hundred (100+) participants expected to attend.

Yes: 41                                    No: 0                         Abstentions:  0

Section passed.


Section 3: YSUnity LGBTQIA is appropriated the sum of $350.00 to cover the cost of the DJ, security, parking, and entertainment for the YSUnity Welcome Week Drag Show which will be January 17th, 2014. This event will be held in the Chestnut Room. Two-hundred and fifty to three-hundred (250-300) people expected to attend.

Yes: 40                                    No: 1                        Abstentions:  0

Section passed.



Section 4: YSU Ballroom Dance Club is appropriated the sum of $300.00 to defray the cost of the ballroom rental for Cinderella’s Royal Ball which will be April 10th, 2014. This event will be held at the Tyler Historical Center. One-hundred and twenty-five (125) people expected to attend.

Yes: 35                                    No: 0                         Abstentions:  6

Section passed.


Water Bottle refilling Stations

Motion to open discussion on water bottle fountains: Orr first, Bosela second


Orr: SGA members recently distributed surveys to approximately 80 students regarding potential water bottle filling fountains and received positive feedback! Now Ashley is requesting that the body give feedback on this developing idea.

Wasser: Definitely supports this idea. Has seen many campuses with this feature.

Edgell: What would the cost be to install these fountains?

Orr: Can range anywhere between $350 and $500 per station. Kilcawley will host the first fountain, and then eventually branch out to other campus buildings. Fountains will ideally have a ticker to monitor water bottles filled. Based on the ticker statistics, SGA can then apply for grants that will aid in obtaining more fountains.

Wasser: Has SGA contacted Kilcawley staff regarding this idea?

Carney: Yes, details have been discussed and they are in favor of it.

Gocala: Requested photos of fountains be displayed on the projector for body to see, Orr displayed photos of various station models.

Vrabel: Concerned where the money would be coming from.

Carney: Our SGA budget, no relation to appropriations budget.

Vrabel: Would future grants reimburse our initial investment or simply cover future fountain expenses?

Carney: Future expenses only.

Brlan: Suggested holding a fundraiser to raise money for first fountain purchase.

Wasser: Notes that Dr. Becker has expressed concerned about sanitation.

Carney: Assures that new advanced model would not present this issue if we choose to invest in it.

Meditz: Notes similar models are at Planet Fitness

Wasser: Pondered whether or not this responsibility should be assigned to a specific committee at this time.

Motion to further pursue the idea of installing water bottle filling stations in Spring 2014: Orr first, Bosela second

Yes: 40                                    No: 1                         Abstentions:  0

SGA will be pursuing this idea after Winter Break


Motion to close discussion on water bottle fountains: Ellis first, Koury second




SGA Sponsoring International Coffee Hour

Charesse Hagan was approached by Anette El-Hayek in hopes that SGA would potentially be a sponsor for one International Coffee Hour this upcoming Spring 2014 semester. This event is held every Friday at the YMCA from 2:30-5:00. It is open to all students and an average of 60 people attend per week.


Hagan to body: Is SGA interested in sponsoring one of their International Coffee Hours?

Shehadi: Feels we should support them, brought up that a large amount of international students attended out Homecoming Tailgate.

Banks: In favor as well, personally works closely with their organization.

Hagan: Also noted that this will be a great opportunity to network with the student body and for international students to meet our representatives.

By Carney’s request of a show of placards:

Yes: 38                         No: 0                         Abstentions: 3

SGA is in favor of sponsoring an International Coffee Hour in Spring 2014



Jambar Article Discussion

Justen Vrabel asked if a follow-up article will be written in response to the recently published and highly debated SGA article in The Jambar.


Orr: Feels SGA just needs to continue serving our constituencies well, use the article as constructive criticism, and start spreading good word about SGA.

Brlan: Believes Leadership Retreat will be very informative and helpful.

Wasser: Thinks explaining at Retreat will be much more beneficial than retaliating in the form of an article.

Vrabel: Clarified that he is not suggesting a negative retaliation, but more so suggesting an informative article to present facts.

George: As News Editor of The Jambar, he is considering this option and will be in touch with us. Cannot make any guarantees though.

Shehadi: Reminds body that if someone feels they were misquoted then they need to address it.

Andriko: Was upset by the article, but feels we should move forward and focus on explaining the funding process at the Leadership Retreat.

George: Advises body members to be careful about misquoting claims because everything is recorded on audio.

Malsch: Feels that responding in writing may not be the best route to take because informative procedures would not make for an interesting read.

Brlan: Thinks it is in our best interest to not say anything.

Meditz: Disagrees with Brlan, thinks something needs to be said. As Dr. Cooper always states, it is all about marketing. What The Jambar wrote is really tarnishing YSU’s image, not just SGA.

Vrabel to George: What do you mean by “Can’t guarantee?”

George: Length of Jambar is determined by ads sold, not stories written. Could range from 6-10 pages. News comes up suddenly, depends on available space.

Hagan: Thinks focus should be redirected to our own resources on our SGA website, promote ourselves better in that way.

Kridler: Mentions that at least people are talking about SGA, whether it be good or bad. People are interested now!

Wasser to George: Can anybody buy an ad?

George: Yes.


Motion to close discussion: Andriko first, Multiple seconds


Jambar Ad Purchase

Motion to open discussion to purchase multiple ads in The Jambar all next semester: Vrabel first, Multiple seconds


Phillips: Calling on pricing details.

Wasser: Feels informational procedure should be in ad.

Malsch: Alternatively suggested that we should do a positive individual SGA spotlight! Highlighting achievements of SGA representatives.

Phillips: Believes ad would be beneficial.

Bosela: Notes that ads can be somewhat limited in space and words

Wasser: Mentions that Erin Driscoll thinks a good route to take would be highlighting events held by organizations that used our money, would be a positive way to validate what we do.

Vrabel: Has a personal opinion that if we are able to spend $500 on water bottle fountains then spending money on an ad that will promote SGA is worthwhile.

Mraz: Agrees with Bosela, wants to keep it short and sweet. Also feels it should be a positive reflection, not an attack. Students need to know that SGA is here for them.

Hagan: Proposes that we vote as a body to decide whether we want an ad in the first issue of the Spring 2014 semester.

Shehadi: Thinks it would be best to send topic of discussion to a specific committee.


Motion to close discussion: Ellis first, Multiple seconds

Yes: 38                         No: 0                         Abstentions: 3

SGA is in favor of pursuing purchasing a Jambar ad at some point in the Spring 2014 semester


Motion to close discussion: Greathouse first, Gocala second

Motion to close New Business: Ellis first, Multiple seconds


Gallery Remarks

Jordan Wolfe: Complimented our meeting, said it was a very productive discussion. In favor of the water bottle station idea. However, feels The Jambar has a very targeted audience and suggested we take another route to advertise SGA, such as an online outlet.


Advisors’ Remarks

Erin Driscoll: So many organizations and administrators are thankful and impressed in regards to all we have done this semester. Good luck on finals! Take advantage of resources on campus such as the Library, the Rec, etc.

Dr. Becker: Enjoys editing, would like to help with the advertising and public relations effort of SGA. Proud of us, wishes good luck on finals and a nice holiday to all.


Members’ Remarks

Wasser: Video conference call with Japanese students to discuss politics in Cushwa Hall Room 3140 tomorrow at 7:00

Reghetti: Congratulations to Catie Carney and Melissa Wasser on Moot Court successes!

Andriko: Congratulations to Kat Ellis on graduating! We will miss you!

Edgell: “May the odds be ever in your favor” …Catching Fire reference for finals week!

Rassega: Asked Joe Mikolay what the status was on our SGA t-shirts

Mikolay: Should be in by our first body meeting of Spring 2014 semester

Politsky: Christmas is in 23 days! Happy holidays!

Standohar: Reminder that coat drive is still going on through Friday of Finals Week, informal Christmas party suggestion?! Will be sending out an email to the body.



            Carney motioned to adjourn the meeting: Greathouse first, Phillips second


Meeting adjourned at 5:05 pm.

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