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Minutes for April 4, 2011

Minutes for Monday April 4, 2011

The Presiding Officer, Mr. Nicholas Meditz, called the meeting at 4:04pm.

Mr. Meditz called for approval of last week’s minutes and agenda.Mr. Meditz said that, citing difficulties with agenda printing, we are yielding to gallery remarks.

Mr. Meditz yielded to Gallery Remarks.

Mr. Meditz moved to Financial Affairs Committee Report.

Mr. Okular reported on the Financial Affairs committee report.

Mr. Okular yielded time to organizations present to speak on behalf of their events.

Mr. Meditz moved to Executive Business.


Mr. Meditz delivered President’s Report. He cited the email students received citing the new change to student employment in the summer.

Mr. Meditz moved to Executive Vice President’s report.

Mr. Mesik reported that agendas are here.

Mr. Meditz moved to the VP for Financial Affairs report.

Mr. McIntyre delivered VP for Financial Affairs Report.

Mr. Meditz moved to Committee Reports.


Mr. Battiest spoke on behalf of the Student Life committee, reminding the body of the Goo Goo Dolls concert next week. Said we will need student help to work on the Diversity Fair. Asked that fraternities, sororities or clubs take part in this event.

Mr. Meditz moved to the Academic Affairs Committee Report.

Ms. DiBernardi said the committee is still working on the YSU 101 project, citing the lateness in the semester may make it an issue for the project to go through. Said Steve, committee and Sarah Lowry have been instrumental in this operation. Will be meeting with staff to continue this operation.
Mr. Meditz moved to Unfinished Business.


Mr. Meditz moved to discuss SRS 2011-03.

Mr. Okular asked if body was able to take a straw poll vote.

Mr. Meditz said this is not one of our allowable voting procedures.

Mr. Cooper said we may suspend rules, but straw poll likely not allowable, pertaining to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Mr. Meditz said there will be a 2/3 vote to suspend the rules.

Mr. R. Meditz said the purpose of the straw poll is to get an idea for how everyone feels.

Rules are suspended by a 2/3 vote.

Mr. Meditz asked for all in favor of SRS 2011-03: 20 in favor, 12 opposed , 1 abstention.

Mr. Meditz motioned to enter into discussion on the resolution. Mr. Beil motions, Vrabel seconds.

Mr. Vrabel said he would like to point out that the resolution is putting the stamp of Student Government on this rally, implying that SGA has an interest in this rally, financially and morally.

Mr. Beil added that we should try to remain neutral and it would be in the best interest of the body to remain neutral pertaining to this rally.

Mr. Davenport added that the language of the resolution specifies the role of SGA in the rally is about support and promotion but not money.

Mr. Vrabel said that in the safety meeting last Monday Mr. Davenport had mentioned that some neutral body in Youngstown had voted in favor for SB5. Asked if SGA would be doing the same thing.

Mr. Davenport said we as SGA would not be taking a stance on this issue by being involved with this rally.

Mr. Okular asked if SGA would be unable to sponsor the event because they had not applied for funding four weeks prior.

Ms. Passarelli asked for clarification of what exactly our support on this rally entails.

Mr. Beil said that when the Chamber of Commerce voted, they voted against what may happen from the bill.

Mr. Mesik said whether this rally was for, against, or indifferent to the SB5, the event will take place whether or not the resolution passes. Said if you are a supporter, you are entitled to support it personally, but the body as a whole should remain neutral in the matter.

Mr. Wesley said he is in agreement with Mr. Mesik. In representing the entire student body, we would not be wise to. Politics should be carried out on an individual basis.

Mr. Okular said it is better to keep our hands out of this matter. We do not yet know what the effects of this bill will be. We are better to be left out of an act that may portray us as partisan to the student body.

Mr. Davenport said the jobs budget remains in contention, but the SB5 was signed into law and we know what the implications will be on campus. He believes as of the signing, the Academic Senate will become an illegal body. Some of our faculty would be unable to meet advising the student body. Said that this affects our quality of education and wants to do anything he possibly can to preserve our education on campus.

Mr. Mesik said that when it comes to partisan politics, we aren’t entirely sure how the jobs budget will play out and it’s better to reserve our political views. Added that we should take care of issues more pertaining to campus.

Mr.Okular said we are not making good use of our time. A more substantive means of speaking against SB5 would be to be involved the referendum process.

Mr. Davenport said that the rally is not a bunch of angry people shouting. Will have voter registration tables, also collecting signatures. This is very much because he feels this act would deplete our quality of education.

Mr. R Meditz moved to close discussion. Mr. Beil seconds.

Mr. Meditz moved to approve SRS 2011-03: 11 in favor, 20 opposed, 4 abstentions.

Motion does not carry.

Mr. Meditz moved to the YSU Alert System Update.

Mr. Meditz yielded himself to questions about this issue.

Mr. Davenport asked if they received a SMS text alert from YSU campus yesterday, April 3, 2011.

Mr. Mesik said he had not as of yesterday. He gets replies saying he’s signed up

Ms. Justice said short numbers are blocked from her phone company and that may be the issue.

Mr. Davenport said if you are not receiving the emails there is an underlying issue.

Mr. Beil said that he got two emails and two text messages.

Mr. Meditz moved New Business.


Mr. Meditz moved to discuss SBF 2011-04.

Mr. R Meditz moved to close. Mr. Battiest motions. Ms. DiBernardi seconds.

Mr. Meditz moves to voted on SBF 2011-04: 1 abstention 0 opposed.

Passed by voice vote.

Mr. Meditz moved to open discussion on SB S 2011-05. Ms. Gessler motions. Mr. Everly seconds.

Mr. Vrabel asked if first six were already established.

Mr. Meditz said yes.

Mr. Meditz moved to close discussion. Mr. Battiest motions. Ms. Horvath seconds.

Mr. Beil asked who awards the awards.

Mr. Meditz answered the selection committee.

Mr. Meditz moved to approving SBF 2011-05

All in favor. 0 opposed. 0 abstentions.

Bill passes.

Mr. Meditz moved to discuss the letter to Dr. Anderson.

Mr. Meditz clarified if everyone received it.

Mr. Davenport said letter was about smoke free campus issue. Said committee collected 4 recommendations within the letter that would encompass possible solutions to the issue of smoking on campus. We expect a response in the next couple of weeks.

Mr. R. Meditz said this was a letter sent out by the University Affairs Committee.

Mr. Meditz motioned to close discussion.  Ms. Gessler motions. Mr. Okular seconds.

Mr. Meditz moved to Gallery Remarks.

Mr. Meditz moved to Advisor Remarks.

Mr. Meditz moved to Member Remarks.

Mr. Meditz moved to adjourn.

Ms. Gessler motions. Mr. Battiest seconds.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50pm.

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