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Minutes for April 27, 2015

Minutes for SGA

April 27, 2015

President Slavens called the meeting to order at 4:02 pm. Theresa took roll call. There are 35 voting members present at the start of the meeting. The minutes from the previous meeting and agenda were approved with no objections.  Executive Business President’s Report “Straight Pride Week” posters were hung on Tuesday and taken down with Jack Fahey’s permission. The Executive Committee released a statement about the situation. It’s being handled the best it can be at this point. The Budget Development Council talked about online courses. Also Blackboard vs Sakai; Sakai is an open source version of Blackboard and is better (in my opinion) at giving notifications and updates. Blackboard never sends notifications. Sakai is organized and we’re looking to switch over. There was an open faculty meeting about trying to make Interim Provost Abraham the official Provost. It was/is necessary to have an open dialogue with faculty since there was no forum to interview him before his hire into the position. Tressel did an open forum there as well. The process is continuing but the interview was impressive. At the Gen Ed meeting we discussed a First Year Experience course. It would be another division within gen ed. you’d take one either within major. New website focus meeting: rebranding with New City, a company that was brought in to, hopefully, make things successful. At the ASC meeting we decided a new program would be implemented for the summer; we want to give students a second chance to come to YSU (roughly about 200 students in the program). We talked about the changing of numbering in remedial courses from one’s to zeros for clarification (for example 1500 to 0500). Initial courses wouldn’t count to GPA; high school courses won’t count to GPA because they aren’t college level curriculum. Executive Vice President’s Report More “Straight Pride Week” poster issues; there was a Jambar article printed. Because of this there were conversations had with Ari Cohn, Esq. and with Jambar editors. The issue also had an article write up in the Huffington Post; it hit circuit in a wire scope. The Last Lecture was successful. Frank Sole gave a good talk with good life lessons. There will be emails about the VP for Student Success forums. Vice President for Financial Affair’s Report There will be a fundraising session in addition to the SGA and University Funding session at the Fall Student Leadership Summit. Final budget in regards to remaining funds: we have used 98% of our general appropriations budget; organizations still may apply for summer conferences/ events. We have used 98% of our Chartwell’s budget. With the passage of SB S 2015_08 we have appropriated to: 131 Events and 93 Student Organizations. Committee Chair Reports Chair of Student Life Town Hall meeting is Tuesday April 21 at 3:00pm in the Hub. Wear your SGA shirts please! Last Lecture is directly following on April 21 at 4:00pm in Williamson. We were approached about having a presence at Federal Frenzy. The event is Saturday April 25. Our table will be set up from 2-6:00pm. There will be football toss and cornhole, Team Tressel t-shirt giveaways (order pending) we’re not sure that the shirts will be in on time; if not, will use shirts for Welcome Week. The SGA seal will be on the back of the shirts this time. There will be an info table for SGA as well as a T-shirt raffle – students will be given tickets at the gate. Student must visit a certain number of tables, and bring tickets back. There are 180 concert shirts with Federal Frenzy logo. We also passed out volunteer signups for SGA info table, football toss, cornhole. Extended Library Hours have been confirmed by Mike Lisi. We contacted Chartwells about cookies and coffee. Know the Reps: there are rules about displaying rep information in colleges. We discussed donating and having SGA logos on bulletin boards; we’re currently looking into pricing for bulletin boards. Only Greek life service seemed promoted in PAYO even though many organizations were involved. Student Activities should contact every organization for these types of events. There were no structured events for national volunteer week; we hope this is a more campus-wide event next year. Jayne contacted someone about Ignite. Chair of Academic Affairs The Last Lecture is on Tuesday April 21 at 4pm in Williamson. Please wear the SGA shirts. The VP for Student Success has been narrowed to 4 candidates. They are all fantastic choices. SASI Update: there is a dinner with a bunch of important people to refocus suggestions. Chair of University Affairs Giveaway of Pressed donations, we’re hoping to get more feedback as a result. The Town Hall Survey Results: Sean separated complaints by committee and is making a plan to improve University Affairs for next year based on how students responded. Students recommend increasing communication since they are not aware of what SGA is doing. Students do not know who their representatives are. We want to have the deans send out emails including reps’ pictures and short biographies, maybe monthly updates sent from representatives to students. We discussed having corkboards or displays on televisions in each building to allow students to know their representatives. We suggested that students with disabilities not have to pay the transportation fee since some cannot use the shuttle or even drive their own car. Most of the transportation fee goes to the shuttle. It’s possible that only one shuttle is handicap-accessible. Some of the fee is getting stored to pay for later renovation of M2. There is inconsistency with Parking Services’ services. They sometimes refuse to help when people are stuck in the snow or when locked out of a car. Also, Auxiliary service only gets funds from fines/parking tickets and transportation fees. Alternative to constituency log: collect complaints or comments from constituents rather than just going to events. Chair of Financial Affairs There are six organizations up for appropriations on today’s bill. Representatives are present from: Youngstown Student Education Association, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, YSUscape, Kappa Delta Pi, YSU Economics Club, and Association for Women in Mathematics. Unfinished Business There is no unfinished business. New Business SB S 2015-08 Motion to open floor to discussion on SB S 2015-08: Orr first, Yazvac second. Motion to divide the question: Gessler first, Leonard second. Section 1: Youngstown Student Education Association is appropriated the sum of $1000.00 to defray the cost of the stage curtain for their Outreach to Teach Project to begin on August 6th, 2015. This event will be held at E. J. Blott Elementary School. Over one hundred (100) students and volunteers are expected to attend. YES: 32 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 3 Section 2: Sigma Alpha Epsilon is appropriated the sum of $600.00 to defray the cost of registration for the 159th Anniversary Conference which will begin on June 18th, 2015. This event will be held in Newport Beach, CA. Two (2) students are expected to attend. YES: 34 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 1 Section 3: YSUscape is appropriated the sum of $500.00 to defray the cost of the rental of tables and chairs for their Taste of Youngstown Fundraiser which will be held on May 2nd, 2015. This event will be held in the NoveGatto Gallery in Erie Terminal. Three hundred (300) attendees are expected. YES: 28 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 7 Section 4: YSUscape is appropriated the sum of $300.00 to defray the cost of registration for the Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference which will be held May 19th, 2015. This event will be held in Detroit, MI. Two (2) students are expected to attend. YES: 27 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 8 Section 5: Kappa Delta Pi is appropriated the sum of $600.00 ($400.00 general, $200.00 Chartwell’s) to defray the cost of catering for their Initiation Dinner which will be held on April 27th, 2015. This event will be held in McKay Auditorium. Sixty five (65) students are expected to attend. YES: 32 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 3 Section 6: YSU Economics Club is appropriated the sum of $600.00 ($400.00 general, $200.00 Chartwell’s) to defray the cost of catering for their Annual Awards Banquet which will be held on April 28th, 2015. This event will be held in Kilcawley Center. Seventy five (75) students and staff are expected to attend. YES: 35 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 0 Section 7: Association for Women in Mathematics is appropriated the sum of $250.00 ($50.00 general, $200.00 Chartwell’s) to defray the cost of catering for their End of the Semester Celebration which will be held on May 7th, 2015. This event will be held in the Cafaro Suite in Lincoln building. Fifty (50) students are expected to attend. YES: 31 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 4 PASSES Orr: During this past year students have approached the Financial Affairs Committee asking if there was funding to start a new student organization. Our financial path did not allow that so we wanted to open a conversation to see if we could. We want to see if we can help new student organizations get off the ground, take their idea, and incubate it by defraying or covering startup costs of the bank account, checks, initial advertising for recruits and things like that. We’ve been talking with Home Savings on campus which is one of the locations that our student organizations have bank accounts with. I’ve been talking with Janine there and they’re looking at covering the initial $25 dollars for a student organization to start the account there. Our Financial Affairs Committee could accept applications from students who are going through the process through student activities; we would hear what their new idea is, ensure that it’s unique and possibly entertain their request. Once we’ve appropriated them we would give them a funding letter that they could take to Home Savings and from there Home savings could defray the first $25. I have not yet received confirmation on this, however I’m waiting to hear back. Changing the financial path today would allow students in the fall to be able to apply; it would also help us create this partnership with Home Savings. Meditz: Would this allow for Home Savings to open a different bank account? Orr: the partnership it just looking at Home Savings, however it would allow you the startup money to create an account? Chretien: What is the current number of active students on campus? Orr: This may be dated, but I believe it’s 2,786 as of January. Catlos: Does that count students who are doubling dipping in our organizations? Driscoll: That number just refers to individual students; it includes the student organizations but things like the students in SGA aren’t counted, the Jambar isn’t counted. There are a lot of other involvements that aren’t counted. MacGregor: In section 2, subsection D, there is a capital “O” I don’t think it should be a capitalized letter. Wolfe: I think, based on the discussion we’ve had, this is setting two different standards. It’s creating a standard for the startup organizations and what the application process is, compared to existing organizations. We have to ask questions like “What other fundraising have you done?” By changing this it’s sort of creating a two different application process. Briggs: A nascent student organization has to be recognized officially by Student Activities, then they have to go through the process from the committee itself. There is also that cap of $200. The window to apply for this is also only a month long. Meditz: At what point do they not become a nascent organization? Briggs: During the second semester of existence they’re no longer nascent. Meditz: Can they apply for funding, minus the $200 for an event later? Briggs: Yes, correct. Landgraff: In section 2, subsection E, it says Financial Appropriations Committee; it should say Financial Affairs Committee. Shehadi: So then, the organization would itemize exactly what their spending? Orr: The application would be itemized. They might list $25 to start an account, $60 for two trays of cookies for an event, and another $10 for prints at ComDoc. Gordon: If an organization forms the last few weeks in a semester could they still apply? Would that count as a semester of the organizations existence? Driscoll: For the sake of students organizations I would say to maybe think about adjusting some of the language. Just for clarification purposes. Wolfe: Do they have to have attended the student leadership summit? Gordon: In order for an organization to be recognized they have to attend. Slavens: It’s not in the language because according to protocol you have to go to the retreat. Meditz: There are some organizations that have to be established on campus before they can become national. Can the fee be waved because they have a deadline with their national standings? Briggs: Well right now we have funding for nascent and funding for existing events. So, if you have a fee to be recognized or something, than I wouldn’t know at this point. Orr: I would encourage taking this current proposal with a grain of salt. I would ask the committee to address the current language and assess it. Lingo: Wouldn’t this be at the financial appropriations discretion? Orr: It does, it has precedent. This year the committee has done so much. Motion to close the floor: Edgell first, Briggs second. Voting Yes: 28 no:0 Abstentions: 3 Gallery Remarks Thanks for your service, have a nice summer! Advisor’s Remarks Driscoll: Thanks for attending Federal Frenzy! Thanks for all who applied to be team leaders. Get your ticket for the awards banquet on Thursday. Becker: I apologize for not being at the Town Hall meeting. Thank you for nominating me for the award I will be receiving on Thursday. Cooper: (Absent) I send my regards to the body and want them to recognize that it has been a productive year and one to celebrate. Member’s Remarks Because this was passed this financial path will go into effect this coming fall semester. Announcements Motion to adjourn the meeting: Edgell first, DeFuria second. Meeting adjourned at 4:58pm.