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Minutes for April 18, 2011

Minutes for April 18, 2011

The Presiding Officer, Mr. Nicholas Meditz, called the meeting to order at approximately 4:06pm.

Mr. Meditz moved to Executive Business.


Mr. Meditz yielded himself to questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to the Executive Vice President’s Report.

Mr. Mesik discussed compiling a year- end report, comprehensive reflection of what their committee worked on throughout the year.

Mr. Mesik yielded himself to questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to Vice President for Financial Affairs Report.

Mr. McIntyre delivered report.

Mr. McIntyre yielded to any questions.

Mr. Meditz added that there were 3 or 4 organizations that requested during the summer. The maximum amount allowed during the summer is $500 per organization so it should work out pretty well.

Mr. Meditz moved to Committee Reports.


Mr. Meditz moved to Student Life Committee Report.

Ms. Sarich delivered Student Life Committee Report. Announced Diversity Fair coming up and asked for SGA members to attend. Added that there will be a Sodexho food service meeting at 5:15 today.

Mr. Meditz moved to Academic Affairs Committee Report.

Ms. DiBernardi delivered report. She announced Last Lecture Series with Jack Fahey as the speaker will be this Thursday at 4pm. Added that committee is compiling First Year Experience report.

Mr. Mesik added that one of his concerns is the Arlington Street area in regard to parking and the closing of the M-2 Deck. He added that there are no parking sections with signs up from the city. Believes more students will be trying to park illegally and this also presents a safety hazard. Asked if University Affairs could address this with Danny O’Connell.

Mr. Mesik yielded to questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to University Affairs Report.

Ms. Wise delivered University Affairs Report. Announced that Wick Pollock Garden Cleanup will be coming up this Saturday. Parking will be right by the garden.

Ms. Wise yielded to questions.

Mr. Meditz moved to Financial Appropriations Report.

Mr. Vrabel delivered report.

Mr. Vrabel yielded time to organizations present.

Mr. Meditz moved to Unfinished Business.

No Unfinished Business.

Seeing none, Mr. Meditz moved to New Business.


Mr. Meditz motioned to discus SBS 2011-06.

Ms. Gessler motions. Mr. Jarvis seconds.

Mr. Mesik said in Section 2 there is a spelling error with “Peaberry’s”

Mr. Mesik asked for a friendly amendment for section 2 of this bill.

Amendment passes unanimously.

Mr. Mesik motioned to vote on SBS 2011-06.

Ms. Stahl motions. Ms. DiBernardi seconds.

All in favor (voice vote). No abstentions.

Bill passes unanimously.

Mr. Meditz moved to Gallery Remarks.

Mr. Meditz moved to Advisor Remarks.

Mr. Meditz moved to Member Remarks.

Mr. Meditz motioned to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 4:26 pm.

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