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Minutes for April 14, 2014

SGA Minutes 4/14/14

Catie called the meeting to order at 4:01 pm.

Guest Speaker:

James C. Zupanic, YSU Part Time Faculty Association

The association is trying to put forth a proposal to create a delegation to Academic Senate for part-time faculty members.  They would like SGA’s support for the proposal.  36% of undergraduate courses are taught by part-time faculty.  There are approximately 600 part-time faculty members.  The association also wants to communicate to the students regarding the compensation of part time faculty members (They have not received a raise in 22 years.).  There will be an ad in the Jambar tomorrow (4/15) regarding this for more information.

Nicole took the role.  There are 36 voting members present at the start of meeting.


The minutes from the previous meeting and agenda were approved with no objections.


Executive Business:

President’s Report:

Catie spoke with Matt Novotny regarding the installation of the water bottle refill stations.  Unfortunately, there have been many maintenance issues that have delayed the installation such as: fire panel issues, HVAC motor replacement issues, etc.).  The English Festival last week also slowed down the process.  The goal is to have emergency repairs done by today or tomorrow.  For the water bottle refill station for the rec, the installation is more complicated and there is currently no time frame for completion.  Kilcawley Center is the main priority.


Catie and Michael went to a meeting with YSU union leadership.  They wanted to open up the lines of communication and will report on this later.


Catie has spoken with Dean Mosca (HHS) about the lack of student lounge in Beeghly Center.  He has expressed interest in pursuing this initiative.  He will be meeting with a couple of our HHS representatives to further discuss the issue.


                Executive Vice President’s Report:

                                Thank you to everyone who attended the Last Lecture last week.

Ving! Is a new system that YSU has to get information out to students.  Michael is looking into it to see how we can utilize it.


The Academic Standards Committee meeting talked about +/- grades again and the committee wants to delay this topic.  They also want to change the “good academic standing” designation from 1.75 as freshman to 2.0.  They are also looking at scheduling guidelines where they believe that timing of specific courses is the problem, not the guidelines.  They are in talks with Dr. Riley (interim provost).


The Academic Senate meeting discusses a President’s list for those students who receive a 4.0 in a semester.  They are also revising of the YSU Statement of Ethics which hasn’t been done since 1998.


VP for Financial Affairs Report:

As of today, there is $2,067.94 remaining in the general budget.  75 organizations have been funded a mean appropriation of $578.83.  There is $110.00 remaining in the Chartwell’s budget.  21 organizations have been funded with a mean appropriation of $235.90.


Committee Chair Reports:

Chair of Student Life Report

University Affairs and Student Life had a joint committee meeting.  The SGA retreat will be Friday, May 2 from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm in McKay Auditorium (Beeghly Hall).  Afterwards, we will paint the fire hydrants.  Caroline will send out an email with more details.


Chair of Academic Affairs Report

Veterans are having issues with priority scheduling.  The committee will be looking into this.


Chair of University Affairs Report

The University Affairs committee met with the Student Life committee to collaborate on the painting of the penguin fire hydrants.  They will do a trial run through (either: April 14 after body meeting or April 21 during committee meeting).  After the SGA retreat, we will work on the hydrants as a group.


The area proposed for a dining area is Bliss Hall does not have water access.  The committee discussed potentially moving the Corner Café.  However, the hours that area would need to be open to accommodate students is an issue.


Chair of Financial Affairs Report

There are two organizations up for appropriations on today’s bill.  There were representatives present from YSUscape and YSU Soccer Club Team.


Unfinished Business:

There is no unfinished business.


New Business:

Motion to open the floor for discussion on new business:  Bosela first, Greathouse second.

A Bill (SB S 2014-05)

Motion to divide the question:  Meditz first, Tancabel second.

Section 1: YSUscape is appropriated the sum of $475.00 to defray the cost of supplies for the Mural Project which will be May 2nd, 2014.  This event will be held in Youngstown, Ohio.  Twenty or more (20+) students are expected to attend.

YES:  32                               NO:  0                   ABSTENTIONS:  4

                Section passes.


Section 2: YSU Soccer Club Team is appropriated the sum of $75.00 to defray the cost of the entry fee for the IUP International Soccer Tournament which will be April 27th, 2014.  This event will be held in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  Fifteen (15) members are expected to attend.

YES:  36               NO:  0                   ABSTENTIONS: 0

                Section passes.

Transition Meeting

Motion to open the floor for discussion on the transition meeting:  Carney first, Greathouse second.

Slavens:  There are seats that still need filled for the body.  In the past, executive committee would fill the spots over the summer.  However, this year, we want to take applications now so that the seats will be filled prior to the transition meeting.

Tancabel:  I like that idea.

Pavlichich:  The only problem is that the new executive committee is not formed until the transition meeting.

Malsch:  Is that enough time?

Orr:  It would be nice to get them engaged for the leadership retreat.  Does this affect freshman representatives?

George:  Which administration would make this decision?

Motion to close the floor for discussion on the transition meeting:  Bosela first, Greathouse second.


Motion to open the floor for discussion of by-law amendments:  Bosela first, Richey second.

Bosela:  We would like to change the language to state that the director of student activities shall serve as an advisor to the body.

Motion to close the floor for discussion of by-law amendments:  Wasser first, Adams second.

Motion to vote on amendment:  Wasser first, Shehadi second.

The vote passes unanimously.


Motion to close the floor on new business:  Yazvac first, Leonard second.


Gallery Remarks:

There are no gallery remarks.


Advisors’ Remarks:

                Driscoll:  Good job to everyone who participated in Greek Sing.

Becker:  Ving! is a local initiative.  Phi Kappa Phi is collecting used textbooks so contact Dr. Becker if you have any.

Depoy:  The new president and provost will set the direction of the university for years to come.  SGA should figure out what we want a president to do to help SGA.


Members’ Remarks:

Orr:  Kent Salem has food providers come in for certain hours of the day.  Maybe this is something we could look into.

Gocala:  We need to talk to Chartwell’s about this.

Politsky:  There will be a dining concerns committee meeting in the next few weeks to discuss this.




Motion to adjourn the meeting:  Edgell first, Gessler second.


Meeting adjourned at 4:56 pm.




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