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Minutes for April 13, 2015

Minutes for SGA Meeting

April 13, 2015

President Slavens called the meeting to order at 4:01pm. Theresa took roll call. There are 37 voting members present at the start of the meeting. The minutes from the previous meeting and agenda were approved with no objections. Guest Speaker: Marissa Mraz Outreach to Teach does community outreach, read across America, pen pals, color run, Panerathon and more. This particular event will be on Thursday August 6th, 2015 at Liberty Local School; we need volunteers, school supplies drive, and advertisement help. For more information go to the Facebook page Business President’s Report During the Academic Senate Executive Committee Meeting with Dr. Abraham President Tressel said that he wanted to make Abraham’s position as Provost full time. Abraham met with the Academic Senate for further review and did a good job. We’re currently writing a summary to be sent out. He will have a meeting with all faculties in an open forum setting. We’re beginning talks of a Polithon. It’s a hack-a-thon type event; it uses the same concept of a set period of time to create something, and applies it to policy. The ideas and policies created are passed on to legislatures. Budget Development Council talked about dropping out of state fees. There are very few students who pay this fee to begin with; it’s an extra $250 per credit hour. Other colleges are moving to get rid of this as well. If it does happen it won’t be this year because there are too many other changes already happening; however it will stay on the agenda for next year. The AVP for Student Experience Search phone interviews were last Monday. We have it narrowed to four candidates now. All will be on campus for open forum interviews. The dates for these will be announced. The First Year Experience Committee created a general education model, with a separate designation within this tag; it is tailored to each college and what a FYE course should include and the outcomes of it. Comments/ Questions Politsky: To clarify, you don’t have to take another FYE course as an FYE course. I switched from STEM in between my first and second year to business, so I wouldn’t have to take another one; it’s mandated through your college. Slavens: These wouldn’t necessarily be your FYE courses. It’s up to each college to develop one. However they want to do it to best suit their individual needs. Politsky: Is this going to be on top of any curriculum or integrated into the curriculum? Slavens: Again, it’s dependent on the college; maybe even down to department level. The talks so far have been about it being a one credit course. We’re advocating for getting rid of one of the gen eds. to decrease the number so that way you’re not adding that much more. It’s also been talked about being half a semester course. There are lots of different models on how to do this, and many other universities have something like this, we’re just a bit behind. Politsky: I talked with someone at either Akron or Kent and they have students teach them. It’s kind of like a peer mentor/ instructor program. Slavens: For parts of this it’s almost like the peer mentors within the first year, assuming that you go to your peer mentor. Andrews: HHS already has something like this set up and it teaches you things like how to calculate your GPA, how to meet with your advisors, or use the recourses on campus. Is this course going to be teaching students about their major or just about campus in general? Becker: Every college is going to be able to do what they want. If HHS has something in play they can just continue with that if they want. But other colleges may want to integrate into something. Every college is starting to do something because they were told to, but they can do it how they want. But because it’s moving to gen ed. it will have standards that will have to be met. Whoever teaches it will have to be trained. If CSP ends up on the academic side, which could happen, they could be much more involved. 96% of schools have an FYE program; we’re really behind on this. If you have further questions or concerns please contact me. Executive Vice President’s Report Academic Senate passed a dismissal policy. The university has more autonomy for students in the college. They passed Prior Learning Assessment allows student’s more opportunities to learn from. Four year plans are still being worked on; Kevin Ball has said they want to wait to release them and the e-bulletin so that they have total control of the system. Vice President for Financial Affair’s Report In regards to remaining funds we have used 91% of our general appropriations budget- summer appropriations for conferences remain. We have used 83% of our Chartwell’s budget. With the passage of SB S 2015_07 we have appropriated to 123 events and 90 student organizations. Committee Chair Reports Chair of Student Life Elections are Tuesday 10:00am – Wednesday 5:00pm. Flyers just came out and advertisements on social media will be up ASAP. Student activities digest – posted Monday morning. The Cochran rooms will be available for onsite elections. PAYO signups are continuing this week. We tied more ribbons to pass out for Poverty Awareness Week. The Wick park cleanup is Monday April 13th from 5-6:30pm. Also, the St. Vincent DePaul kitchen prepping is on Wednesday April 15th and Friday April 17th 8-10:00am. The Beatitude House cleaning and yard work is on Tuesday April 14th 12:30-3:00pm; fundraising project work Thursday April 16th 2-4:00pm. SGA wants to sponsor an International Coffee Hour this spring semester. We emailed Igor Jourin and are waiting on a response. Extended Library Hours have been confirmed for May 4th, 5th, and 6th. Know the Reps: Last year we tried to contact about posting rep information in each college. Hopefully we can get pictures in Deans’ office/bulletin. We’re making calls to align for next year’s body. We can have them on social media and the website; maybe we can make a connection with Peer Mentors? We can have an advertisement with SOAR, have reps at SOAR. A New Ignite program is mandatory for freshmen; we can try to have SGA reps present at this event. Federal Frenzy event is on April 25th. “Take Back the Night” event is on Thursday, April 16th. It is for sexual assault awareness and prevention events. Chair of Academic Affairs The Last Lecture will be on April 21 at 4pm. There is a new VP hiring process. Some questions for the committee are: what about the commuter students, how to streamline information, what is academic success at YSU to you, what would you do for advisement? The pool will be narrowed down to 10 applicants. Chair of University Affairs We will ask the Jambar to attend the Town Hall Meetings so they can help us promote for next year. On the week of April 6th an email of surveys will go out to the student body, and also go to the tables in Kilcawley. This will be from Monday, April 13th from 10 AM – 12 PM and Wednesday, April 15th from 10 AM – 12 PM. The general agenda of Town Hall Meeting: i. 3:00 PM – Start ii. 3:00-3:10 PM – Meet and greet, questionnaires iii. 3:10-3:30 PM – Committee overviews and reviews of projects iv. 3:30-4:00 PM – Open forum for questions Tyler suggested we raffle off gift cards and award tickets for participation. We want as many SGA reps as possible to come to the Town Hall Meeting! Please wear your SGA shirt! Make sure to distribute the fliers for SGA polls, too. Chair of Financial Affairs There are 11 organizations up for appropriations on today’s bill. Representatives are present from: Campus Crusade, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, CRU, Chi-Alpha, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Penguin Review, Ugandan Water Project, Food and Nutrition Students, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Youngstown Percussion Collective, and American Medical Association. Unfinished Business There is no unfinished business. New Business SB S 2015-07 Motion to open floor on discussion: Orr first, Meditz second. Motion to amend section 2 from April 23rd to April 30th No opposition: passes Motion to amend section 7 from American Medical Association to American Medical Student Association No opposition: passes Motion to amend section 7 from Watts to WATTS No opposition: passes Motion to close floor on discussion: Edgell first, Phillips second. Motion to divide the question: Edgell first, Mraz second. Section 1: Campus Crusade in collaboration with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, CRU, Chi-Alpha, and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is appropriated the sum of $450.00 ($200.00 of which is from the Chartwell’s budget) to defray the cost of catering ($350), printing, and security for their Worship Night which will be held April 17th 2015. This event will be held in The Hub in Kilcawley Center. Ninety (90) students are expected to attend. YES: 37 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 0 PASSES Section 2: Penguin Review is appropriated the sum of $300.00 ($200.00 of which is from the Chartwell’s budget) to defray the cost of catering for their Launch Party of the Spring Issue which will be on April 30th, 2015. Sixty (60) students are expected to attend. YES: 37 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 0 PASSES Section 3: Ugandan Water Project is appropriated the sum of $405.00 to defray the cost of a timing clock and other race materials for their Second Annual Ugandan Water Project 5k 2015 which will be held on April 25th, 2015. This event will be held in Austintown Park. Three hundred (300) students, community members, and alumni are expected to attend. YES: 35 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 2 PASSES Section 4: Food and Nutrition Students is appropriated the sum of $650.00 to defray the cost of registration fees for the Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Conference which will begin May 14th, 2015. This event will be held in Wilmington, Ohio. Five (5) students are expected to attend. YES: 37 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 0 PASSES Section 5: Sigma Alpha Epsilon is appropriated the sum of $100.00 for the cost of security for the Paddy Pageant which will be held on April 23rd, 2015. This event will be held in The Hub in Kilcawley Center. Fifty (50) students are expected to attend. YES: 35 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 2 PASSES Section 6: Youngstown Percussion Collective is appropriated the sum of $600.00 to defray the cost of the clinician fees, catering ($140.00), and security for the Youngstown Day of Percussion: Marching Pride Field Day which will be held on May 2nd, 2015. This event will be held in the Watts Center and across campus. Two hundred (200) students are expected to participate. YES: 37 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 0 PASSES Section 7: American Medical Student Association is appropriated the sum of $500.00 to defray the cost of the laser timing system for the 5k For Kids to be held on April 18th, 2015. This event will be held in the WATTS. Fifty (50) students are expected to attend. YES: 36 NO: 0 ABSTENTIONS: 1 PASSES Gallery Remarks There are no gallery remarks. Advisor’s Remarks Driscoll: Congratulations to all the Greek sing members. Also, make sure you tell people what’s going on around campus; help to get people involved. Becker: Great meeting today; you’re all doing lots of great things. Keep up the good work! Member’s Remarks Suzie’s concert (find date) Career Services speed interviews tomorrow in the Ohio Room at 3pm. Take back the Night on Thursday (info above) Go to Town Hall Meeting and Last Lecture! Announcements Motion to adjourn the meeting: Yazvac first, Andriko second. Meeting adjourned at 5:03pm.