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Minutes for April 12, 2010

The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. Zachary BROWN) called the meeting to order at precisely (4:10pm)

Mr. O’NEIL took roll call. [See: Attendance list is attached.]

Mr. BROWN summarized the meeting’s agenda and advised that previous meetings minutes will be approved at next meeting

Quorum was reached with 20 of 33 voting members present at 4:25

Mr. Brown Moved into Executive Business


No new Executive Business

Mr. Brown moved into Committee Reports


Mr. Brown Yielded to University Affairs

Ms. Peterson was present to give report today

Ms. Peterson gave report from previous week meeting

Mr. Daugherty advised of volunteer signup sheet

Ms. Koneval gave report on Academic Affairs

Ms. Koneval informed students about Last Lecture Series

Ms. Koneval advised that there were MyYSU posts and it was in the vindicator

Mr. Brown yielded to Ms. Gessler for Student life report

Ms. Gessler gave Student Life report about May Day event

Advised that there will no longer be a dunking tank due to ROTC going to war

Mr. McIntyre was able to give Financial Appropriations Report

Yielded to members of:

Psi Chi – Present

Youngstown State University Exercise Science Club – Not Present

Residence Hall Association – Present

Greek Campus Life – Present

Mr. Brown closed discussion on Committee Reports and moved into Unfinished Business


Mr. Brown opened Unfinished Business

Mr. Brown moved for discussion on SR S 2010-01

Mr. Meditz 1st Ms. Gessler 2nd

No discussion

Mr. Meditz 1st Ms. Twyford 2nd

Moved into vote of acclamation, Ayes have it

Mr. Brown Closed Unfinished business and moved in New Business


Mr. Brown moved to discussion on SB S 2010-06

Mr. Meditz 1st Ms. Twyford 2nd

Ms. D’Orio asked about increased appropriation

Ms. Stafford advised that if banner account is recipient there is no problem

Mr. Brown moved for discussion on SB S 2010-06

Ms. Koneval 1st and Mr. McIntyre 2nd

Vote by acclimation was inconclusive

Mr. Brown moves to Placard Vote

14 in favor 0 nays and 7 Abstentions

Motion carries

Mr. Brown moves to discussion

Mr Meditz 1st Ms. Cullen 2nd

No discussion on SR S 2010-03

Ms. Twyford 1st Ms. Cullen 2nd

Vote by Acclimation Ayes have it, 2 Abstentions

Mr Meditz 1st Ms. Cullen 2nd

Mr. Brown moved onto Advisors and Member Remarks


Mr. Brown began the gavel pass, so that students may give their remarks

Dr. Manning advised that we are beyond the halfway point now for this semester

Dr. Cooper gave his words of encouragement


Included in Advisor and Member Remarks




Multiple motions and affirmations for adjournment

School Last Name 12-Apr 3-May
Williamson College of Business Alderfer 0
Health and Human Services Bollas 0
STEM Berdis 0
CLASS Shaw 0
President Brown 1
Health and Human Services Cornman 0
STEM Cullen 1
CLASS Daugherty 1
Health and Human Services Davis 0
STEM DeMaiolo 1
Trustee DeMaiolo 1
STEM D’Orio 1
Education Frank 1
Freshman Rep Gessler 1
Health and Human Services Johnson 1
CLASS Jones Excused
CLASS Koneval 1
STEM Lipp 0
Education Louk 1
Education Mankey 1
CLASS McIntyre 1
Freshman Rep Meditz 1
Business Meditz 1
Secretary of Technology Mesick 1
Graduate Studies Montecalvo 1
Health and Human Services Nmekeh 0
Fine and Performing Arts Notareschi 1
CLASS O’Neil 1
Education Peterson 1
Health and Human Services Rauscher 1
Graduate Studies Sovesky 0
VP for Financial Affairs Stafford 1
STEM Sujka 0
Executive Vice President Twyford 1
Fine and Performing Arts Vietmeier 0
Health and Human Services Volepe 1

33 Voting Members of SGA

20 Voting Members Present

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