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January 29, 2018 Meeting Minutes

To download an accessible PDF of the minutes, click here.

Assessment and Enrichment Minutes:

  • Informal questionaries 
    • February 5th
    • Keep on gathering information! 
  • Had a meeting with Chartwells on the Y cup initiative on 1/30
  • Submit essays for the Harry Meshel Essay Competition! 

Student Life Minutes:

  2. Roll Call
    1. Present: Sara O’Kane, Jaylin Archie, Jenna Roesch, Olivia George, Nina Frattarolli, Sam Kulifay, Megan Jones
    2. Absent: none
  3. Unfinished Business
  4. Old Business
    1. Meet the Reps
      1. STEM-Thursday from 10 am – 12 pm
      2. CLASS-DONE
      3. WCBA-DONE
      4. BCOE- February 6th from 10 am- 12pm, McKay Auditorium
      5. HHS-Wednesday from 12 pm – 2 pm
      6. CCAC-TODAY 😊
      7. Grad-Paired with undergraduate colleges
    2. Election
      1. SGA Debate – March 22 @ 4 pm – 6 pm
        1. Set up? – TBD once we know how many tickets there will be
        2. Live Steam for people who can’t be there
    3. Marketing Video
      1. Meeting with Kati
  • Two videos:
  • one about SGA elections, to get people excited to run
  • Includes feedback from reps about why they love being involved with Student Government Association
      1. Filming starts Monday (today!!) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    1. Federal Frenzy
      1. Bracelet Making
  • Supplies
  • Coordinating with Pen Pro to get all the set up details squared away!
  1. New Business
    1. Student Org Spotlight
  • Replace with presidential ticket spotlight?
    1. Representative Spotlight
      1. Thoughts?
      2. Feature each committee!
  1. Ideas/Discussion
  • Cars that get flat tires (YSU parking cannot change a flat tire, call a tow truck)
  • “Find Taylor Fridays” post on social clues about the whereabouts with SGA prize pack incentives – advertise on YSU’s main social, YSU app and YSU first year social
  • Golf cart day – SGA will drive people to their classes during late spring semester
  1. Adjournment

Academic Affairs Minutes:

  1. Essay Competition Update
      1. Penguin Review Partnership
      2. 15 Essays so far
      3. Follow up email to Student Body this week

2. YSU Town Hall

      1. Feb 6th @ 5:00pm
      2. There will be food!
      3. Invite your friends!

3. Student Advisors

      1. Draft language for process for students to be selected to conduct boards
      2. reducing term limit to one year but with a preference for students who have participated before
      3. the first step will be an application, then an interview with Kelly plus additional information like a resume
      4. discussed the college requirement for student selection

SGA: Financial Affairs Committee

Meeting Minutes

January 29th, 2018

Opening Remarks/Committee Updates:

  • Attendance
    • Dylan Anders, Rocco Core, Alexis Myers, Justin Shaughnessy, Carson Markley, Nakia Garver, Ross Fabrizi, Josh Fromel, Mark Slavens

Meeting with Organizations:

Student Physical Therapy Association

Name of Event: OPTA Annual Conference and Advocacy Day

Event Date: 4/12/2018 – 4/13/18 Application Date: 1/5/2018

Location: Columbus, OH

Total Cost of Event: $3,349 $4,002

Number of Members Attending: 25 28

Description of Event: As a class, we will be attending Advocacy Day and Friday of the OPTA Annual Conference. Advocacy day is a day for our physical therapy program to show our support for our profession to our government. The annual conference is a 2 day event that follows. During the conference, we will attend seminars to learn about new research and the future of our profession along with events to expand our YSU physical therapy network.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: As future physical therapists, it is important for us to advocate for our profession but also our university to keep the physical therapy program involved. Representing YSU at this conference will allow us students to professionally grow through networking and education. Holding our program to a high standard in our profession will allow the program to grow and students looking into universities to choose YSU.

Itemized Cost: Hotel Room at conference center: 4 5 rooms x $134= $670

Registration for the event: 23-25 students x $119 = $2475 $3,332

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: Fundraising is done year round to be able to fund trips to educational conferences and in the future, our board preparation classes. Our first fundraiser was selling Handel’s Ice Cream Pint Cards. Each PT student was asked to sell to their family, friends and faculty. Our class also worked as security for Heinz Field at a Pittsburgh Steeler’s game. 25 of us participated and were paid hourly to work the gates, monitor the crowds from the stands and even on the field.
From each of our fundraisers, we donate 10% of our profits to a non- for profit organization.
In the future, we will hold more events such as a restaurant night or bowling night where we receive part of the profit along with selling possibly candy bars or coupon books.

Community Service: -Every Thursday we have 8 DPT Students, as well as 2 PT Faculty Members provide free physical therapy services through our Penguin PT Program. This program has yielded great results in both patient physical rehabilitation and reaching out to our community. All students and faculty participate.
-Purple Cat Golf Outing: Each year the DPT II students (Class of 2019), volunteer to participate in the Purple Cat Golf Outing. The Purple Cat is a local community program that houses and assists with the daily needs of adults with disabilities. These adults have disabilities of a very wide variety. Therefore, in order for them to golf on a regulation golf course they need assistance, guidance, etc. Our physical therapy department makes it possible for this event to happen each
year. It is phenomenal to see how much joy this event brings to every participant! 30 students and 5 professors will participate .
-Volunteering at Canfield Fair each year. YSU PT Students and Faculty will be at the Canfield Fair everyday, except Saturday, to provide free basic tests and examinations to those interested. We want to educate members of our community on the importance of health and well-being.
12 students and 3 professors participate.
– Volunteering at the Heart Walk. The Heart Walk at the Watts Center is a fundraiser to raise money and awareness for heart diseases and stroke. Our students and faculty are raising money (goal is $10 each) and participate in the event. We will have a tent set up to talk with people about physical therapy and living a healthier lifestyle to prevent things such as heart disease, stroke, etc. All DPT students and faculty participate.
-An upcoming volunteer event is collaborating with Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation to help clean up and board up vacant houses in the Youngstown area. YNDC has done a lot of work to make Youngstown a better area and our students will assist in these efforts during MLK Day of Service. All DPT students are asked to help out and participate.
-Other volunteering events are in the process of being planned and will take place throughout the year.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Lindsey Jubina

Total Number of Members: 90

Recommendations: Josh: $2,285 to cover registration fees

Final: Josh: $2,285 to cover registration fees

YSU Flute Society

Name of Event: 25th Annual Flute Festival

Event Date: 3/24/2018 – 3/25/2018 Application Date: 1/9/2018

Location: Bliss Hall and Ford Family Recital Hall

Total Cost of Event: $4,325

Number of Members Attending: 100

Description of Event: In it’s 25th year, the YSU Flute Festival will include a full recital, two-hour masterclass, and lecture with guest artist Amy Porter. Exhibitors from around the country will have booths offering flutes, music, and flute-related items for sale throughout the day. As a special addition this year will feature a second recital to follow on Sunday March 25 at the Ford Family Recital Hall. For more information visit

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This event is an invaluable learning experience for YSU flute students. They have the opportunity to learn from one of the nation’s top professional flutists and gain hands on experience through organizing this event. Many masterclasses and performances by YSU flute students occur throughout the day displaying the strengths of the flute program at YSU. This year we are bringing in a world-renowned flutist, Amy Porter, flute professor at University if Michigan. Ms. Porter has won first prizes in the Young Artists Competitions of the National Flute Association, Artists International, Ima Hogg, and Flute Talk, among others. The flute festival is a great recruitment tool for the university as many prospective students and their teachers attend this event. Professional and amateur musicians come from surrounding cities and states as far away as New York.

Itemized Cost: Guest Artist Fee (Amy Porter): $2500
Travel: $250
Lodging: $200
Accompanist: $800
Security: $200
Masterclass: $150
Masterclass Pianist: $175
Food $50

Will you be charging admission? Adult (both March 24 and 25)- $25

Adult (only Saturday March 24)- $20

Student/Senior (both March 24 and 25)- $15

Student/Senior (only Saturday March 24)- $10 All (only Sunday March 25)- $10

Free for YSU Students w/ID

Fundraising: We have completed a chipotle fundraiser. In addition we have applied for grants to receive funding for this event. We also have sponsorships.

Community Service: The Annual Dana Flute Festival itself is the Dana Flute Society’s major service emphasis and outreach to the surrounding community.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Anna Reitsma

Total Number of Members: 9

Sigma Alpha Iota

Name of Event: National Convention

Event Date: 7/26/2018 – 7/30/2018 Application Date: 1/12/2018

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Total Cost of Event: $1,818

Number of Members Attending: 1

Description of Event:
At National Convention Sigma Alpha Iota members gather to meet other sisters from all over the world. During the convention, there are workshops and seminars, activities in Scottsdale to do during free time, a new National Executive Board will be voted on, and the National Executive Board will give sisters new information about how SAI is run and all SAI offers it’s members. Sisters can give seminars on various topics such as how to teach vocal performance or new performance techniques, and different sisters will also share tips on how they make rituals and events run smoothly. The delegate we send will bring back the information they gather from these events so that we can run our chapter more efficiently.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: The delegates sent to convention will bring back information on how different chapters run events, ideas on fundraisers, how to be more connected with their university, and ideas on ritual ceremonies as well as other things. This will benefit our chapter by helping make it run more smoothly for the students in the organization.

Itemized Cost: General Attendee: $355- $325 for registration + $30 Benefit Concert
Hotel: Approximately $152.00/night (including tax) July 26-30 so $608
2 SAIs per room: approx. $76.00 per person per night 3 SAIs per room: approx. $50.66 per person per night 4 SAIs per room: approx. $38.00 per person per night
Around $150-$300
Car: $200
Parking: Self-park on site: Free for guests registered at the hotel; $14/day for others (in/out privileges available) Valet on site: $31/day (in/out privileges available)

Philanthropies Benefit Concert Patron VIP Ticket $125.00
Activities: $150
(Phoenix Zoo, Sonoran Desert Adventures, Odysea Aquarium, Butterfly Wonderland, Rawhide: an 1800s Western town. Musical Instrument Museum- 1 day pass $20 admission)
Food: $250

Registration Package Fee: $385 dollars

**Includes: 5-day Admission to Concerts, Workshops, General Events, Welcome Luncheon, Dinner of Honors, and Philanthropies Benefit Concert with guitarist Christopher Kachian

Hotel Cost: $38 x per night (4) x per person= $152 plus tax

Round trip flight from Cleveland to Phoenix Arizona= $350 per person

Food Costs: $250 dollars per person (This is an estimate)

Group activities: $150 dollars

**These activities can include but aren’t limited to (Phoenix Zoo, Sonoran Desert Adventures, Odysea Aquarium, Butterfly Wonderland, Muscial Instrument Museum)

Updated Total: $1,287

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: We have done bake sales each semester to raise money, a bath bomb fundraiser during both the fall and spring semester of this year, and we did a larger fundraising event last fall to raise money for National Convention. We are planning on doing bake sales this semester and a bath bomb fundraiser.

Community Service: Each member does 3 community service events a year. We are participating in YSU gives back in April.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: No

Contact Person: Victoria Remley

Total Number of Members: 16

Recommendation: Mark $500 and Alexis agree. Rocco recommends $550.

Final: $500 for hotel and registration.

Justin abstained.

Student Physical Therapy Association

Name of Event: White Coat Ceremony

Event Date: 5/4/2018 Application Date: 1/13/2018

Location: Chestnut Room, Kilcawley Center

Total Cost of Event: $ 1,519.20

Number of Members Attending: 80

Description of Event: At the end of the physical therapy program, students about to graduate with their Doctor of Physical Therapy degree are to have a symbolic ceremony to receive white coats. These white coats are a tradition for a any medical professional to receive when achieving the title of “Doctor”. The day before graduation is our white coat ceremony for our 2018 graduates in Kilcawley. At this ceremony, family and friends are invited to share in the excitement and honor that come with finally graduating with this degree. This ceremony allows students the opportunity to receive a white coat that will follow them throughout their careers that set them apart as experts in the field and it is an important stepping stone for all medical professionals.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This is continuing a tradition to highlight the achievements of students in one of the few doctoral programs at Youngstown State University. These students have achieved a terminal degree that allows them to go out and be successful in their profession while continuing to make YSU proud every day.

Itemized Cost: Chartwells Catering: 80 people x $18.99 per person = $1,519.20

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: – We have completed pepperoni roll sales, golf outing, wine tasting, yearly super bowl square sales, bowling events, night at the ballpark. At this time additional fundraising is being discussed but nothing is planned.

Community Service: – The entire program is involved with the AHA Heart Walk
– 5 students went to Haiti in the last year to provide physical therapy care to people in need
– Each year 5-10 students participate in Go Baby Go to create adaptive equipment for children that need it.
– Each class donates money to a local organization. The 3rd year class recently donated over $900 to the Beatitude house
– Each year 60+ students participate in the Marquette challenge; a bowling event to raise money for physical therapy research

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Emily Andriko

Total Number of Members: 91

Recommendation: Josh $300 from Chartwells

Final: $300 from Chartwells

African Students Union

Name of Event: Cultural Night

Event Date: 3/17/2018 Application Date: 1/14/2018

Location: Kilcawley, Inside the Chestnut room

Total Cost of Event: $ 3,898 $3,998

Number of Members Attending: Drumers, Dancers and display of African clothes (20)

Description of Event: Exhibition of the African cultural

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This event is based on cultural and moral teachings of Africa and will be off great help to the diverse community in YSU.

Itemized Cost: Chartwells Catering: 200 people x $11.99= $2398

DJ $500

Drummers and Dancers $800

Posters $200

Security deposit: $100

Will you be charging admission? It’s free for Ysu Students and Faculties

Fundraising: No fundraising has been planned this semester

Community Service: We have planned a volunteer opportunity between us and African union in different schools.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: No

Contact Person: Nancy Afriyie

Total Number of Members: 50 Members

Recommendations: Ross recommends $750 for drummers, DJ, and $300 from General fund.

Final: $750 for drummers, DJ, and $300 from Chartwells.

Black Student Union

Name of Event: 90’s Party

Event Date: 2/23/2018 Application Date: 1/23/2018

Location: The Hub

Total Cost of Event: $1,100

Number of Members Attending: 50 YSU students

Description of Event: The 90s party is a party to celebrate the end of black history month. We like to theme it in a way everyone can feel warm and invited.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This event will benefit YSU by promoting that all cultures and backgrounds can be celebrated in one room.

Itemized Cost: $100-Flyer/posters/printouts
$100- Decorations
$100- Security
$250- DJ Rookery Radio
Promotional Materials/Prize giveaways
$200- 180ct Black Student Union wristbands
$350- 30 Black Student Union t-shirts to be given to the best 90 themed dancers

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: Last semester we raised $175 off one bake sale. $40 off of “Name the Pieces” and this semester we are planning a dinner sale, soul food.

Community Service: Our second annual Flint, Michigan water drive starts on 1/29/2018 in the lower level of Kilcawley.
We host study tables on the fourth floor of Maag Library every Wednesday at 4
We are volunteering at the Rescue Mission in March in place of our general body meetings

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Yes

Contact Person: Jaylin Archie

Total Number of Members: 189 total members; 30 active members

Already done $1,200

Recommendation: Alexis $650 for wristbands, DJ, security, flyers.

Final: $650 for wristbands, DJ, security, flyers

Men’s Soccer Club

Name of Event: Midwestern Alliance League

Event Date: 4/7/2018 Application Date: 1/21/2018

Location: Purdue University

Total Cost of Event: $750

Number of Members Attending: 4

Description of Event: Fees for participating in Midwestern Alliance League

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: Attract more students who love soccer to YSU

Itemized Cost: registration fees: 450$

reserve a hotel rooms: 200$

Gasoline+car= 100$

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: Collect dues from the members

Community Service: Food bank in Akron

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Aziz Alshammari

Total Number of Members: 60

Recommendation: Carson, $650 for fees and hotels and Nakia agrees.

Final: $650 for fees and hotels and Nakia agrees.

Ultimate Frisbee

Name of Event: Mt. Union Ultimate Frisbee Tournement

Event Date: 2/24/2018 – 2/25/2018 Application Date: 1/24/2018

Location: University of Mount Union, 1972 Clark Ave, Alliance, OH 44601

Total Cost of Event: $100

Number of Members Attending: 10

Description of Event: It is an overnight ultimate frisbee tournament at Mt. Union where play begins on Saturday, February 24th at 10:00 pm and competition continues all night till Sunday morning at approximately 4:00 am. The competition will be against other club teams from the surrounding area.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: It will be a representation of Youngstown’s sportsmanship and competitiveness. While furthering our name to spectators that may not have heard of YSU.

Itemized Cost: 1 Bid Fee= $100.00

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: Last semester a t-shirts/apparel with the club logo were sold. This semester the club is planning an overnight tournament inside the WATTS. There would be a bid fee to gather revenue and cover the costs of the tournament.

Community Service: Last semester a litter clean up was carried out at Cardinal Mooney High School area. Six of the active members attended on behalf of the club. This semester another possible litter pick up as well as possibly helping out at the Youngstown Community Gardens.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Yes

Contact Person: William C. Graham

Total Number of Members: 24- 12 attend regularly

Recommendation: Carson $100 for bid fee

Final: $100 for bid fee

YSU Equestrian Team

Name of Event: Findlay horse show

Event Date: 2/24/2018 Application Date: 1/24/2018

Location: Findlay, OH

Total Cost of Event: $1,644

Number of Members Attending: 12

Description of Event: Team members will compete on unfamiliar horses in horsemanship and reining against many other colleges and universities. The other team we compete against in the region include The University of Findlay, Tiffin University, Lake Erie College, Kent State University and many more. Each team member will have the opportunity to compete for individual and team awards both at the competition and for the overall season.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: It benefits YSU by brining awareness to the surrounding area of our diverse club sport programs. It benefits the student body by providing students with the opportunity to compete in collegiate level competition against other competitive colleges and universities in our region of the country while providing and educational and rewarding experience to work toward a common goal as individuals and as a team.

Itemized Cost: Entries: Horsemanship 12 people * $70 per person = $840
Reining 3 people * $70 per person= $210
Coaches fees: $300 per day
Hotel Fees: 3 Hotels * 98 per room = $294

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: We did a Texas Roadhouse fundraiser and are in the middle of planning many more fundraisers.

Community Service: We are currently in the middle of setting dates for community service

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Yes

Contact Person: Jessica Flynn

Total Number of Members: 12

Only has $1,065 so wants to split it up. More towards regional show.

Recommendation: Josh recommends $1,065 for entry fees, coach, and hotel.

Final: Josh recommends $1,065 for entry fees, coach, and hotel

Women’s Club Volleyball

Name of Event: University of North Carolina Ranking Tournament

Event Date: 2/23/2018 – 2/25/2018 Application Date: 1/24/2018

Location: University of North Carolina

Total Cost of Event: $ 1,496.54

Number of Members Attending: 12

Description of Event: We would leave on Friday, February 23rd during the day to begin our 8 hour drive to UNC. We would arrive at the hotel that Friday evening. The tournament would be held the following day on Saturday, February 24th and we would play in an all day tournament at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After our tournament we would go back to our hotel and spend another night. The following morning, Sunday, February 25th we would check out of our hotel drive 8 hours back home, arriving at Youngstown State University in the evening.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: It would get our University’s name out there and show that our school can competitively participate in large sporting events such as this one with schools that are well known.

Itemized Cost: Hotel: $461.54 (to accommodate our entire team of 12 players for 2 nights)
Entry Cost for Tournament: $375
Enterprise: $180 (for a van big enough for 12 players)
Gas: $240 (approximately- around 1200 miles total trip)
Food: $20 per person (total of $240)

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: We are selling 40 boxes of Gorants Chocolate bars, looking to do restaurant take-overs, and are asking for business sponsorships.

Community Service: In the process of planning volunteer activities helping younger volleyball players in the area.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Krista Johnson

Total Number of Members: 12

Recommendation: Josh $1,015 for entry, hotel, and van. Alexis $835 for hotel and entry.

Final: $835 for hotel and entry

Student Investment Fund

Name of Event: Quinnipiac G.A.M.E.

Event Date: 3/21/2018 – 3/24/2018 Application Date: 12/3/2017

Location: New York City

Total Cost of Event: $325 per ticket for the event, not including other costs

Number of Members Attending: about 20 people

Description of Event: The three-day forum, held annually in the spring, gathers some of the most successful people in finance together to share their knowledge, expertise and outlook for the future with graduate and undergraduate students.There are conferences and one on one discussions with professionals and students. On day one, keynote panels will discuss the global markets, corporate governance, global economy and global investment strategy. Day two will include a variety of breakout discussion panels, workshops and keynote perspectives. The forum concludes on day three with panels discussing career opportunities within the financial services industry.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: Youngstown State will be represented by the students going and participating in this event and hopefully competition, if qualified. It will allow us, as students, to utilize the knowledge gained from YSU to be able to participate and grow as we reach the end of our education. Students will gain new perspectives not only from speakers, but also from students across the country and from overseas who look at world events through the lens of their own experience.

Itemized Cost: Rental car: 4 cars x $130 = $520
Hotel: 5 rooms x( 230 (per night) x 3 (nights)) = $3450
Gas: 4 cars x $100 = $400
Parking: 4 cars x ($50 (per night) x 3 (nights)) = $600

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: None at this time

Community Service: Recently volunteer work at a local camp for K-5th grade kids (5 participants)
Volunteered for WCBA events such as:
The accounting and finance day (5 participants)
College Fair (3 participants)
Meet the Professionals (4 participants)
Our organization participates in a wide variety of charity and volunteer work.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Ashley Kirila

Total Number of Members: 50 active participants

Recommendation: Carson $500 for rental cars. Ross $1,000 parking and rental car.

Final: $1,000 for parking and rental car

Josh abstaining

Student Affairs and Leadership Support Association (SALSA)

Name of Event: NASPA Annual Conference

Event Date: 3/5/2018 – 3/6/2018 Application Date: 1/22/2018

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Total Cost of Event: $1,904.30

Number of Members Attending: 8

Description of Event: The NASPA Annual Conference is the largest event for student affairs professional development event. Over 5,000 student affairs educators attend the event, making it a great opportunity for SALSA members to network with seasoned student Affairs professionals. With over 500 educational sessions there will be no shortage of activities for members to participate in and learn about more functional areas of student affairs.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This event will serve as a great opportunity for student to experience more about the world of student affairs and bring that information back to YSU and share with other interested students. Not to mention the professional experience and networking opportunities that can be gained from attending the event.

Itemized Cost: The total cost of lodging for two nights will cost $464.30.
While the admission fee will be $180 per member, with 8 members participating that come to $1440.

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: We have organized two bake sales during the fall semester. SALSA also organized a fundraising event with Chipoltle. In the Spring we plan to have a chili cook-off fundraising event.

Community Service: During the fall we participated in the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention walk and organized and fundraising event where all the proceeds were donated to a suicide prevention organization.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Brian Beck

Total Number of Members: 20

Recommendation: Josh recommends $1,000 for lodging and admission.

Final: $1,000 for lodging and admission

Order of Omega

Name of Event: Scholarship Celebration

Event Date: 2/13/18 Application Date: 1/26/18

Location: Chestnut Room

Total Cost of Event: $871.20

Number of Members Attending: 20

Description of Event: This event will celebrate the incredible scholastic achievements of Greek Life Members, and provide a way for faculty members to become familiar with the types of success our students are involved in.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This will serve as a

Itemized Cost: Assorted Desserts will be 2.99 each.  This includes: Cheesecake, Double Chocolate Cake, Lemon Crème Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie and Cookies and Cream Pie.

Coffee is 1.39/person (I would recommend 80 servings)

Hot Tea is 1.35/ person (I would recommend 20 servings)

Lemonade is 1.35/person (I would recommend 100 servings)

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: We have not put much effort into fundraising this past year, unfortunately, but hopefully that’s something that we do more effectively in the coming years.

Community Service: Every spring, Order of Omega organizes Greeks in the Streets, which is an event in partnership with Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, and it is a day dedicated to beautifying the Youngstown area. In the past, we’ve had 200+ members of Greek Life come out for the event.
We are planning Greeks in the Streets for April this year, and are excited for the event to keep growing!

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Lindsay Heldreth

Total Number of Members: 50

Recommendation: Josh $300 from Chartwells. Already gave Greek Life a ton.

Final: $300 from Chartwells