Penguin Pantry

The Penguin Pantry is currently closed until the start of the Fall Semester. Please email and see the “Summer Pantry Hours” section of the website below with any questions regarding access to the Pantry over the summer season. Thank you!

Our Mission

The Penguin Pantry is a collaboration with the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Outreach and Support with the goal of serving our students by providing them with basic food and hygiene necessities.

Summer Pantry Hours

*The Penguin Pantry serves YSU students in need of food and other basic essentials. This resource is available on an as-needed basis over the summer months.

*If you are in need of assistance, or would like to volunteer or donate items, please contact the Office of Student Advocacy and Support at

If you have any questions regarding the Penguin Pantry, please reach out to Michael Cline, SGA Vice President for Assessment & Enrichment, at

Are you a student looking to access the Penguin Pantry?


If you are a student that is need of emergency access to the Penguin Pantry, please contact Student Outreach and Support at 330.941.4721

Are you looking to donate to the Penguin Pantry?

First of all, THANK YOU! The Penguin Pantry started only a few years ago and relies entirely on generous donations like yours.

The Penguin Pantry is currently closed due to the Summer break season. If you would like to make a donation, please email our Vice President for Assessment & Enrichment, Michael Cline, at

Would you like to volunteer at the Penguin Pantry?

The Pantry is currently closed. If you would like to volunteer in the Fall at the Penguin Pantry, please email for more information.