Student Government Administrations

2022-2023 Academic Year

President: Nickiforos Mastorides
Executive Vice President: Maguire Franko

Niko Mastorides and Maguire Franko held the positions of President and EVP respectively in the Student Government Association for the 2022-2023 term. Throughout their tenure, they spearheaded numerous initiatives focused on improving Community Relations, Student-Faculty Relations, Campus-Life, and Administrative Transparency.

In terms of Community Relations, they dedicated themselves to bridging the gap between students and local Youngstown businesses by leveraging the YO! App. They also worked towards enhancing Student-Faculty Relations by successfully championing a Resolution via the Academic Senate that resulted in the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee. This committee produced the Reciprocal Responsibilities of Students and Instructors document, which strengthened the relationship between students and instructors.

Furthermore, Niko and Maguire expanded the Aunt Flow program to multiple locations on campus, including Maag Library, Williamson, Cushwa, and Beeghly College. They also collaborated with donors to develop and implement Solar Powered Charging Tables around the fountain and laid the groundwork for Penguin Shuttle tracking via the Y App.

Last but not least, they prioritized transparency by ensuring that administrators were present at every SGA Body Meeting and initiated a social media campaign aimed at fostering better communication between YSU students and administrators.

2021-2022 Academic Year

President: Nicholas Koupiaris
Vice President: Gianna Battaglia

Nicholas Koupiaris and Gianna Battaglia, the president and vice president of SGA, ran for office in the spring of 2021 unopposed. The initiatives that they choose to run on emphasized career readiness and improving counseling services for students on campus. In addition to this, They also wanted to implement as many student events and activities as possible, in order to foster a campus community after COVID-19.

2020-2021 Academic Year

President: Justin Shaughnessy
Executive Vice President: Avery Howard

Justin Shaughnessy and Avery Howard, the president and vice president of SGA, ran for office in the spring of 2020. Shaughnessy and Howard’s vision for SGA included improving funding for student organizations, advocating for the Penguin Pantry, increasing mental health awareness and increasing diversity and inclusion on campus.