Kilcawley Center, 1 University Plaza, Youngstown, OH 44505


February 26, 2018 Minutes

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Student Life:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Present: Jaylin Archie, Sara O’Kane, Olivia George, Megan Jones, Nina
    2. Absent: Jenna, Sam
  2. Unfinished Business
  3. Old Business
    1. Meet the Reps – DONE
    2. Election
      1. SGA Debate – March 22 @ 4 pm – 6 pm
        1. Questions, last year questions were presented
        2. New questions can be generated and given to Sara, 2 questions a piece, totaling 14 new questions
        3. Mr. Howard moderates- Mo writes a how to moderate
        4. Table and chair setup-reserved
    3. Marketing Video – In editing process now
    4. Federal Frenzy
      1. Bracelet Making
      2. April 21st 2-8pm
      3. Beads and thread still needed
  4. New Business
    1. Marketing Plan
      1. Requested snapchat for April 3 or 4
      2. Flyer
      3. TV with Video playing on it
        1. Jenna R will contact Vaughn M. about this
      4. Golf Cart polls –
        1. Portable Polls? – Rayann spoke with Erin about feasibility on 2/23
        2. Volunteers are needed to ride on cart to get everyone exited to vote
      5. Thoughts on how to increase voting per college
        1. Voting through YSU app, Erin Driscoll needs to be asked
        2. Student Liaison- Encourage entire organizations to vote as whole
        3. Jessica from One Stop, former VP of student life would like flyers
        4. Get Greek life or/and colleges to vote- competition, raffle off chart-well dollars, Pete’s points
    2. Parking Updates
      1. Sara and Jaylin met with Danny O’Connell about the parking services being able to change tires, students are not equipped to do a task, safety and liability issues
      2. He expressed the motorist assistance program is available, they provide tools, lockouts servicing, air pump
      3. He’d like to talk at Ignite to allow the freshman to know the service is there and what they provide.
    3. Parking Lots/fees/
      1. Tier parking
      2. Basic parking, parking decks, overnight parking,
      3. Parking deck is being demolished
  5. Last Lecture
      1. If people are thought about email idea to Rayann

Academic Affairs

    • Essay Competition
      • 2 Judges Scores In
      • Followed up with final judge
      • Awarding winners by Friday (3/2)
    • Last Lecture
      • Submit your nominations!!!
      • Tentative Date: March 27th
    • Changes to Advisement
      • Review Kent State Software for advising
      • Involves updating banner
      • Ernie to set up meeting with Jim Yukech to go over logistics
    • Student Advisors
      • Changes made in committee: adding mandatory meeting between student adviser and student, and
      • If a student has an issue with their adviser, they can issue a formal complaint
      • Working edits: filing complaints before hearing

Assessment and Enrichment:

  1. Roll Call: Audrey, Isabel, Hannah, Emma, Dominic, Teddy
    1. Absent: Faraz
  2. Old Business
  3. New business
    1. Informal questionnaire: PLEASE volunteer as needed; will send out Doodle to entire SGA body for interest
      1. Tabling: 12-2 MWF
      2. Tabling: 10:30-12:30
    2. Sustainability project: Y Cup
      1. Review design and cup chosen at last committee meeting
    3. Finals Week – Growth Mindset
      1. Design engaging posters/materials
        1. Coloring Pages
  4. Ideas/Discussion?
    1. Hannah brought up the lack of resources for moms on campus
      1. Lack of changing stations
      2. Wants to expand social support available for moms
    2. Black student retention
      1. A rep was asked about what SGA can do / is doing to help black student retention
        1. Might be something we want to focus on in the future

SGA: Financial Affairs Committee

Meeting Agenda

February 26th, 2018

Opening Remarks/Committee Updates:

  • Attendance
    • Present: Alexis, Nakia, Justin, Carson, Josh, Rocco
    • Absent: Ross

Meeting with Organizations:


Name of Event: Monster Invitational

Event Date: 3/17/2018-3/18/2018 Application Date: 2/10/2018

Location: Watts Center

Total Cost of Event: $8,810

Number of Members Attending: 12-16 softball teams

Description of Event: Softball invitational on March 17th and 18th. Enactus’s Academic Adviser Joe Angelo invited the teams to take part in this tournament. The tournament will take place over two days. We will also have concessions serving primarily pepperoni rolls and drinks. Proceeds of this event will go toward community service projects to improve the well-being of the individuals as well as businesses of Youngstown. It will also help us attend our national competition in Kansas City, Mo.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This event will benefit Youngstown State University and Youngstown itself by allowing YSU to become more engaged with other college-aged individuals from out of town, and could potentially promote enrollment of new students. It will also benefit Youngstown by promoting local businesses and tourism due to hosting this event at YSU. This event will help the student body, specifically Enactus, by helping to fundraise for our community service projects that help the well-being of local Youngstown individuals and businesses, our projects overseas such as starting a business with local Ghana youth, and to travel to our national competition in Kansas City, Mo.

Itemized Cost: Security = $770.00 total
Building = $2800.00 total
Food = $1000.00 total
T-Shirts = $1100.00 total
Softballs = $360.00 total
Trophies = $800.00 total(edited)
Umpires = $1680.00 total
Umpire in charge / scheduler = $300.00 total

Will you be charging admission? $525 per team

Fundraising: This event is our first fundraising effort of the year. We also plan to look for sponsors for the event, host a chili cook-off, and sell midterm and finals survival kits to fundraise.

Community Service: -We are currently revitalizing Enactus as it was dormant for a period of time. We have community service planned in the near future which most of our club is planning on participating in. These community service projects are both being hosted by our organization and our organization participating in larger community service networks.
-We plan to attend Relay for Life this year.
-We plan on working directly with YNDC.
-We have a project in Ghana currently in its beginning stages where we are taking six Ghana youth and teaching them how to start a business in order to allow them to start saving money for college, give back to their own community, and give them a way to participate in a good community environment.
-We plan to host workshops in the near future to teach financial literacy to people from the homeless shelter down the street from YSU.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Hallie McCaskill

Total Number of Members: 29

Recommendations: $0 Nakia, Justin $500

Final: $0 from Nakia three agreed, 2 agreed with Justin

Carson abstaining

The Economics Club

Name of Event: Spring Banquet

Event Date: 4/26/2018 Application Date: 2/12/2018

Location: Kilcawley Presidents Suite

Total Cost of Event: $684.85

Number of Members Attending: 50

Description of Event: The annual economics banquet honors academic achievement in the field of economics. We honor new inductees into the Omicron Delta Epsilon Honor Society and the winners of the Stocks Essay Contest. This year, our guest speaker is Devotha Minzi, who works as an entrepreneur in Tanzania.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: Honors current students and also expands students’ understanding of microlending in Tanzania, and the role of developmental economics in the global economy.

Itemized Cost: Event program printing cost = $100
Chartwells Dinner cost = $18.99 * 15 people = $284.85
Hotel for Guest Speaker = $150/night * 2 nights = $300

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: We have sold Daffin’s candy bars and we are planning a fundraising event at Suzie’s downtown.

Community Service: We collected personal care items for the homeless and we volunteered at the Nun Run Charity 5k, which benefits children impacted by HIV and poverty in Youngstown.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Zach Moran

Total Number of Members: 15

Recommendations: Rocco $300 from Chartwells

Final: $300


Carson abstained.

Student Affairs and Leadership Support Association (SALSA)

Name of Event: Student Affairs Summit

Event Date: 4/6/2018 Application Date: 2/15/2018

Location: YSU in Mkay Auditorium

Total Cost of Event: $650

Number of Members Attending: 50

Description of Event: SALSA will be hosting a variety of student affairs professionals from surrounding universities to come give informative speaking. There will also be a discussion panel involving all speakers and a networking luncheon after the event.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This will allow our students to attend a professional event in student affairs right here on campus. With a wide variety of speaker that should touch upon some interest of students. Meeting and speaking to near by professional could prove to be invaluable. As they can give unique insight as to what being a student affairs professional in the state of Ohio means.

Itemized Cost: Chartwells Catering: 50 people X 12.99 per person = 649.50

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: we have conducted two bake sales, and fundraising event at rise pies. We plan host a student baking competition and a fundraising event with a local business from Youngstown.

Community Service: – We participated in the Out of Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk and raised funds to be donated to this event
– We plan on organizing a club park clean-up once the whether cooperates better.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: No

Contact Person: Brian Beck

Total Number of Members: 25

Recommendations: Rocco $300 from Chartwells; Mark $300 Chartwells, $350 from General fund

Final: Mark $300 Chartwells, $350 from General fund

National Society of Black Engineers

Name of Event: NSBE Nationals Confrence 2018

Event Date: 3/21/2018-3/25/2018 Application Date: 2/21/2018

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Total Cost of Event: $ 2000

Number of Members Attending: 4

Description of Event: This event is a huge networking fair for minority stem students, at these Confrences we network, meet new people, and it is a great opportunity to engage experience within a internship or co op, by meeting others.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This will benefit the student body of Youngstown State University because it encourages other young minority stem majors about the importance of networking and working hard.

Itemized Cost: NSBE Nationals Registration: 4 people x $200 per person = $800 total
Car Rental: 4 days x $175 per day = $700 total
Overall Total= $1500

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: Bake Sales

Community Service: Flint Michigan Water drive, we are currently accepting donations to help this community of Americans thrive with clean water

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Yes

Contact Person: Krystal A. Coster

Total Number of Members: 5


Final: $0 for not showing up

YSU UNA-USA Model United Nations

Name of Event: National Model United Nations Conference

Event Date: 3/24/2018-3/30/2018 Application Date: 2/23/2018

Location: New York City, New York

Total Cost of Event: $15,205 $14,900

Number of Members Attending: 21 (20 students, 1 faculty advisor)

Description of Event: YSU Model United Nations (MUN) will be traveling to the National Model United Nations (NMUN) in New York. Each YSU student will be responsible for representing their assigned country (Hungary or the United Kingdom) within a committee and will attempt to pass resolutions in this mock United Nations simulation. It gives the students real world experience in dealing with global issues, policy research, resolution writing, networking, and public speaking.
We are requesting funds specifically for travel to and from the conference. Conference fees/hotel costs are being covered by CLASS, delegate fees, and previous MUN fundraisers.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This is an international conference that will have students from around the world, such as students from the United Arab Emirates, Guatemala, France, etc. Not only does this conference allow for YSU to get their name out to a global audience, it also gives YSU students the opportunity to interact and network with people from around the world.

Itemized Cost: Hotel Rooms: $339 per room per night: 6 rooms, 6 nights
$339 x 6 nights = $2034 x 5 rooms = $10,170
Hotel Porterage Fee: $11 per person
$11 x 21 = $231
Faculty Fee: $135
Student Delegate fee: $135.00
$135 x 20 = $2,700
Total Cost Covered by CLASS and other: $13,236
Transportation Costs (for one week rentals [March 24th – 30th]):
7 passenger van = $475 x 2 3 = $950 $1,425
15 passenger van = $780
Gas Mileage (as calculated using university tool) = $275
Total Amount Requested through SGA = $2,005.00
Total Cost of Conference and Transportation = $15,241.00

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: We have held fundraisers in the past, such as candy grams and caramel apple sales in the fall. In the future, we hope to do more to perhaps bring guest speakers to YSU and fundraising.

Community Service: Every spring semester, YSU MUN partners with LEIMUN to host a high school Model United Nations conference for schools around this area. This event brings about 300 high school students to YSU to participate and explore the campus.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Tabitha Richmond

Total Number of Members: 20

Recommendations: Mark recommends $1,700 from general for car rental

Final: Mark $1,700 for car rental

Carson abstained.

Racquetball Club

Name of Event: Collegiate Nationals – Racquetball

Event Date: 3/14/2018-3/17/2018 Application Date: 2/14/2018

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Total Cost of Event: $1,380

Number of Members Attending: 5

Description of Event: This is the collegiate nationals racquetball competition. Everyone throughout the united states meets here to play

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This will be our first national Racquetball debut. YSU will benefit by being seen on a national level, and our members will be able to experience something that no one at YSU has experienced in the past. This is also a great recruiting point to make for the future, even if it doesn’t happen again. As the president of the club, I will personally take it upon myself to leave a great impression of YSU throughout the event.

Itemized Cost: Hotel: $100 x 5 nights = $500
Event 1 Entry Fee: $80 x 5 members= $400
Event 2 Entry Fee: $45 x 4 members = $180
Gas: = $100
Food: $40 x 5 members = $200

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: We teamed up with AMA and sold candles over the Winter, which was relatively successful. This event would be the last of the season, so we will be planning our Fall fundraisers after this event.

Community Service: We like to team up with other organizations as individuals that would like to attend and volunteer. Some of the things that we’ve done individually in the past:
Alzheimer’s Walk
– 2 people from the club as individuals
Family Giving Tree
– 1 person donated to give presents to impoverished children

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: No

Contact Person: Rhen Weaver

Total Number of Members: 10

Recommendation: Josh $1,00 for hotel and entry fees

Final: $1,000 for hotel and entry fees

YSU Bass Club

Name of Event: National Championship

Event Date: 5/24/2018- 6/3/2018 Application Date: 2/23/2018

Location: Shreveport, Louisiana

Total Cost of Event: $ 1,540

Number of Members Attending: 2 members

Description of Event: This event is the national championship for the 2017 FLW season. 2 anglers (one team) who qualified last July will be competing against 200 plus other teams.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This event will help the student body and YSU in general by giving them publicity at a nationally televised event. Also this will give the students something to follow while the tournament is going on.

Itemized Cost: Hotel- $390 7 nights @ $56 a night
boat and truck gas- $1,000
boat oil – $50
food- $100

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: We have competed a pepperoni sale this fall and are currently doing a rod giveaway with help of a club sponsor.

Community Service: We have worked with the ODNR over the summer to help with there night shocking programs for fish management. Also we have helped with habitat structure. We have gave a helping hand to the local veterans chapter at their yearly tournament. In the future, we plan to help with x-series bass circuit and also the Disabled American Veterans association with their annual tournament. in helping with these tournaments we help set up for boat checks and weigh in at the end of the day.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Jared Latone

Total Number of Members: 22 members

Recommendation: Josh $1,450 from general for hotels, gas and oil

Final: $1,450 for hotels, gas, and oil

YSU Flute Society

Name of Event: 25th Annual Flute Festival Special Guest Artist Recital

Event Date: 3/25/2018 Application Date: 2/25/2018

Location: Deyor Performing Arts Center

Total Cost of Event: $1,500

Number of Members Attending: 50

Description of Event: To celebrate its 25th flute festival, YSU Flute Society is hosting an additional guest artist recital on Sunday March 25 at the Deyor Performing Arts Center. This recital with Amy Porter, flute, and Katie Leung, piano, will feature works by Hue, Djupstrom, Gaubert, and Caliendo. For more information visit

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: This event is an invaluable learning experience for YSU flute students. They have the opportunity to learn from one of the nation’s top professional flutists and gain hands on experience through organizing this event. This year we are bringing in a world-renowned flutist, Amy Porter, flute professor at University if Michigan. Ms. Porter has won first prizes in the Young Artists Competitions of the National Flute Association, Artists International, Ima Hogg, and Flute Talk, among others.

Itemized Cost: Guest Artist Fee (Amy Porter): $1000
Accompanist: $500

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: We did a Chipotle fundraiser and are in the process of a Handel’s fundraiser. In addition we have sponsorships and have applied for grants.

Community Service: The Annual Dana Flute Festival itself is the Dana Flute Society’s major service emphasis and outreach to the surrounding community.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: Unsure

Contact Person: Anna Reitsma

Total Number of Members: 22 members

Recommendations: Ross $1,500, Nakia $750 for half, Carson $1,000

Final: $750 for performer


Name of Event: Buddies Not Barries

Event Date: 3/25/2018 Application Date: 2/25/2018

Location: YSU Watt’s Center

Total Cost of Event: Approximately $350

Number of Members Attending: 100 People

Description of Event: We are hosting an event for YSU students and members of the DSAV and Rich Center for Autism. It will be an event that allows YSU students and volunteers to buddy up with members of the two communities to hopefully break the barrier between the two. It will be a day full of crafts, scavenger hunts, and food! Autism and down syndrome awareness will also be spread throughout the event with the help of informational stands and speakers.

How will this event benefit YSU and the student body: It will unite the two groups and YSU students so there is not a barrier between “normal people” and special needs people.

Itemized Cost: Water Bottles $4.00 per case x 6 cases= $24
Pizza $20 per sheet x 10 sheets = $200
Cookie Tray $20 per tray x 2 trays = $40
Chip bags $10 per assorted mini bag x 5 assorted bags = $50

Will you be charging admission? No

Fundraising: We asked for business sponsorships and also Neomed is providing us with additional funds for non food related items

Community Service: The point of HPAC/HCOP is to pick health disparities and try to solve them in our communities so each and every persons project is community service. We also volunteer at local hospitals, soup kitchens, rescue mission and nursing homes.

Applying for future appropriations within this academic year: No

Contact Person: Stephanie Rivera

Total Number of Members: 40

Recommendations: Carson $300 from Chartwells for food

Finals: Carson $300 for food